She insisted I wore the hat today it looks good. I like it Can I call you Frank tahquitz canyon right Take me to talk with scan Yin getting directions Okay, so you heard Siri, we’re going to talk with scan Yin today It’s kind of a add on to our indian canyons. This is a total separate place Supposed to have a waterfall so we’re excited to share this with you So I took my hat off and I have this reverse Mohawk going Nice paved road in the center of your head Nobody recognizes who we are Huh and leaving the the landscape on nobody recognizes who you are that way either grandma got her beach hat on Kaymer else it’s about an hour – no income off Hickerson elevation gains a single 50 feet continuous oversee Stop starting from 8 to 18 inches big. We recommend clean on the right. Don’t come back down the other way So one mile in it’s a 60 foot waterfall Then I’ll back up. Is that flowing today? Yes or no – $20 It’s warm out alarm was supposed to get to it We’re this far we’re about what do you say 10 15 minutes in yeah, probably yeah It’s that so we went yeah teen Supposed to be a mile up in a mile You never think of a mountain there is like this because they’re having so many birds We’ve seen numerous hummingbirds on the way up here already and other birds could hear him singing One thing Michelle and I were standing here talking about And we thought we’d share with you this and already we’ve been through a lot of places that probably would have never been to in our lives if we didn’t start full-time our being What we’re saying is or two months in and we’ve already been so many places We would have probably never been to because when we were looking for an RV park RV resorts, we were gonna start out in Texas but we ended up here And we might not have ever came here ever. I Think what triggered our love for traveling? From the beginning is and was working the disaster recovery field and we Realized then it wasn’t for that job. We wouldn’t have been to a lot of places that we went to We’re thankful for that Really Again now are we there yet? I gotta go potty. Are we there yet? We just smelled develop you babylip you a beautiful case am I not Another marker Along the trail, you will notice some painted rocks that symbolize certain points of interest Each of these areas will be detailed on the map provided to you by the Visitor Center So be sure to stop and read each of these and take in the history for a moment Please tell me that’s not the waterfall What do you think We’re coming to this spot get out of the Sun and all of a sudden the air gets really cool. Oh It feels so good. Amazing. I I have to drop to at least 10 to 15 degrees Sounds like there’s a waterfall you can see it from here we can hear it This is chocolates Falls that named by the leader of rocket ride This is a place of power. We enter you’re tired and heat can leave you are rejuvenated and energetic If you can hear that it’s cold probably because it’s really cool back in this area Obviously the going down is much easier than up, but There’s a quite a bit of rock steps. I guess you’d call them. There’s a workout on your legs yeah, you wouldn’t be careful because the it’s like a fine powder fine dust on some of the rocks so it can be Slippery not too bad though. No Hikers by any means so if we’re doing it Late Michelle’s winnin three slips – how many slips have you had one done? Today, yeah, none today. Yeah, I’m losing I Haven’t failed, but I did almost hit my head I am following Shelley Grylls. We’re off to adventure going back to our car Big one chief, where are you? If we stick right here if we probably see something move somewhere Nope Hi, I’m mr. Hummingbird hi there buddy all there’s two of them right here sitting What’s the temperature in Palm Springs, California right now About Seventy seven point nine nine once we crossed we went around the creek that runs down through here channel, whatever you want to call it and we cross back over the The creek and now we’re back on the trail that we came up on part of the way. Would you like to move better today? What? Yeah Oh Yeah We were staying at Palm Springs Oasis RV resort and they had some coupons there so Thousand Trails Palm Springs chef They had coupons there too. So if they don’t offer them to you look around they might have some coupons for Different attractions, you may want to see It’s a little different than I mean it’s different indian canyons murray canyon and indian canyons has you know all That was very pretty My son used to say when he was a little boy little off I can just hear him right now, oh god No, it’s actually the Hat he probably quit watching a long time ago because of this You’d be like, what the heck Slippery spots If you really mess around pretty soon, you know the thing When you’re walking along the trail here Sometimes there’s there’ll be a little trail going off if you over trail Sometimes it’s hard to tell if that’s where you’re supposed to go or if it’s just a little area that goes to a photo shoot area a scenic area Sometime you can see right away, but one like this Can’t tell where that goes, but this is the way back hiking sticks yeah, these are our own but they have them in the reception center and They’re open to the public that wooden sticks. Some of them are very heavy some of them or not But we have a season pass to all the indian canyons and rings Yeah, so it’s great and and you get a chance check out the Indian can did okay They are beautiful. Wonderful. Yeah, there’s some great trails over there recommend it highly and here it’s Right, we see big one sheep here frequently that we I particularly this Canyon I Make sure myself And this folks is the waterfall that we were waiting for biscuity Lead off, you know some of them you can tell you think some up you can tell that the bird does flew over us Let me try that again Be quiet meal wabbit, huh I’m thinking this would be a good afternoon. It doesn’t cool Yeah, and how am I gonna get out? No, oh No, it was a question, I just thought it was like a Okay meself good you need help good time margarita


  • One thing that we feel is VERY important in order to give GOOD advice, is to be fully familiar with what it is you are giving advice ON. That being said, instead of traveling from one place to the next as if we are in a rush, we have decided to stay in each area of the country however long it takes to get familiarized with that area, so that we can give GOOD advice. We have now been in Southern California for a little over 2 months, and we can tell you that there is SO much to see, discover and learn in southern California alone and there is NO WAY we would of been able to give good advice if we only spent a week or two or even a month in this one area.
    Spending a lot of time in each part of the country, may also enable us to truly know years from now, which area of the country we love the most, if we ever decide to stop full time RVing. We have SO much more to share with you in this area alone as well as how to videos, tours, mishaps etc. So far, this has been on the top of our list of favorite places in America…and we have traveled a lot throughout our lives.
    Feel free to leave a comment below if there is anything in the area that you would like to know more about or any other ideas you may have that would interest you while we are in Southern California.
    Thanks again for watching our channel and if you haven't yet…please Subscribe, as it truly does help support us in creating this content.

  • I spent 15 years living in So. Cal. Lived in Long beach, Manahattan beach, Redondo beach, Lakewood, Corona – all over the place! Went to college in LA, met my future wife there, got married had our first child there, started my career there and finally left in 93 after the LA riots to come back to the mid west to be with family and a slower pace of life. A great vast place to live for a while, certainly good to visit, but wouldn't want to live there again. Too many people, cars, congestion, traffic, wild fires, earthquakes, mud slides, crazies… and the list goes on. Where you're at is kind of removed from all of that in the LA/Orange/Riverside county area though.

  • I have watched all of your videos. I think it is great that you decided to do this. I was just wondering, What do you two do for a living. My husband and I want to travel, but we both still need to work a while longer, I am in Technical Support and could work remotely. Is it hard to find work like that? I love all of your videos! Keep up the good work.

  • Looks like a nice hike. At least you can say you were there. Everyplace is worth checking out. It's too bad you didn't see any long horn sheep. Take care and be safe.

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