RUSSIA TRAVEL for First Timers – what YOU NEED to KNOW | Moscow & St. Petersburg

75 thoughts on “RUSSIA TRAVEL for First Timers – what YOU NEED to KNOW | Moscow & St. Petersburg”

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  • Лучший Момент says:

    Нихуя… то есть по-твоему в России должны разговаривать на английском?

  • I’m going to Russia next August as a part of a students’ exchange program .. are there any Russians here ? I could really use some help

  • Dating for disabled from Saint Petersburg Russia says:

    Good place for that people who get into problems in Russia

  • Портал Стройка says:

    Hello! It's really good to watch video about my country and city! Thanks! Well, I hope you enjoyed the trip and Russian cities) Go back as soon as you can! Sorry for my English. You was right we are not speaking English well enough) but we're trying … thank you for opportunity to practice!

  • Жалко, что в России в качестве туризма можно рассматривать только Москву и Питер. Потому что в остальных городах и регионах «Pizdec Nahuy Blyad”

  • That's a shame you missed out on the armory, that was the highlight of our trip I thought. I went back in 2010 with a group and I don't know, did things change with the metro? Our tour guide told us not to gawk at the artwork or take photos because we would label ourselves as targets for… pickpockets? Some other nefarious activities? I mean I get it, I do, don't be conspicuous but I see youtubers shoot video of themselves in there all the time now. I snuck my camera for a quick photo and everyone f l i p p e d out, omgomgputitawayputitaway like I had attracted the Eye of Mordor or something, it was over the top. And nothing happened, I grew up in one of the largest US cities so I'm not a city noob either, certainly not new to riding subways.

    Anyway, I loved Russia, I hope I can go back again. We went during March, not the best time for weather BUT there were almost no crowds. I would love to spend more time there and met some lovely people.

  • Sibole Staline says:

    A little detail for UK citizens who want to go to Russia: 1 you can get the necessary invitation coupon online …cost £20. Visa at London Manchester and Glasgow ( or Edinburgh *) can take 3 weeks and costs £101. That’s for a single entry exit lasting 30 days max. There aren’t any ferries from Tallin anymore to St Petersburg and the Cruise to Petersburg is 3 days including the voyage , so 2.5 days cruising the bay of Finland and 12 hours in St Petersburg. Price of Cruise £650. The cruise ship doesn’t stop in Riga or Tallin. It’s a cruise from Helsinki and is only for the wealthy who think over £600 is worth one day in beautiful historic Petersburg. Sad. It was easier to travel to Russia during so called Cold War. Reciprocal visa requirements and cost compounded by the west’s Russia phobies . Sanctions , éjection of diplomats by London and general propaganda means only the most determined backpackers see Moscow . A free world for the rich who are the least likely to meet the real people of Russia.😭

  • Morphine Time says:

    put more clips and snapshots of how moscow looks like, we are not interested in your Face. next time, make your voice as background only.

  • Why should Russia or any countries communicates with you in English despite it being the language for business and travel? I have used the universal hand gestures and non-verbal cues but have since becoming more respectful of the country I am visiting by learning to speak a half dozen phrases (privet, pasiba, WC…not so hard!!) in the host language. One gets more doors opened and respects from the natives–anywhere. Don't be an ugly American! Other than that, this is an enjoyable, informative video. Thanks for taking the time making and posting it!

  • Людмила Гайбург says:

    Это правда, что большинство россиян не знают английского языка и не имеют желанию его учить. Они думают,что куда бы они не поехали, все обязаны понимать русский язык 👅. Ага, сейчас! Наивный народ. Зато дети чиновников и алигархов учат по 3-5 иностранных языков: английский, французский, китайский, испанский, итальянский и т.д. А рабам нужно знать только 1 язык.

  • Carlos Fernandez says:

    Good video.

    You covered many topics.

    Straight to the point , No BS.

    I liked you said you wish you’d rather done this than that !

  • Английский язык то прошлое учите Русский язык то будущее
    English language of the past teach Russian language of the future

  • joshua bartko says:

    Just found out my great great grandfather was from Russia and came to America very interested in Russia now

  • Vladimir Vladimirov says:

    Thank you for the great video! There are not only the Kremlin and Red Square. Beauty of Moscow is in pedestrian streets and preserve-museums too. For instanse, the Kolomenskoje, the Tsaritsino, the Arkchangelskoje preserve-museums.

  • please get the fucking text from the middle of the picture? are u a fuckin retard? god ruined my mood…thumb in your arse

  • It’s ClaregamerLPS! says:

    I’m planning to go to Russia but I’m too young :p so I still have time to learn Russian

    Привет меня зо вут Clare
    =hello my name is Clare=

  • Varvara Korzh says:

    Россия топ вообще. А если вам дорого то сходите в Ашан. Русские поймут😂😂😂

  • Good thing I learned russian 😊, truly beautiful language I’m looking forward to visiting the country in the future

  • Thanks for this video. I live in St. Petersburg, and I really like it when people from other countries are convinced personally that the Russians are not so scary, and in Russia it is even safer than in many European countries. And of course, in Russia there is something to see.

  • Ирэна Петрова says:

    Про погоду в Москве неправда. Девушке просто нужно смотреть прогноз погоды.
    Про фото правительственных мест тоже неправда. Если съемка не запрещена, есть разрешение, фотографируй сколько хочешь. Тем более она была в самых туристических местах.

    Иметь копию паспорта и визы нужно не потому что могут спросить документы, их могут спросить в любой стране и ты можешь показать оригинал. Копии нужны на случай потери оригиналов.

  • Kshitiz Chopra says:

    Russia is one of the scariest countries of the world. I have goosebumps all over my body whenever I see any russian or talk about russia. Will never go to russia in any life.

  • If you think about it, Russia has 2 of the best/ major cities of Europe: St Petersburg( 5 million pop) & Moscow (12.5 million pop) so that makes Russia one of the best & most important countries of Europe! How many other countries in Europe has a 2nd biggest city with a population of over 5 million?

  • I had solo travel to Russia on May 2019 for two weeks and it was really great. My experience was a little different. I will be happy if you read it:

  • Hi.your much valuable. Dear I am coming in moscow.and st pet this month . Can you become my host just for explore me Russian historical places, food culture and night life.
    I know I am stranger for you but I can told you , you can believe and trust on me at any kind. Coz I am traveler in your country I can provide you any things for your assurance like my identity Amy iternery.plan my passport copy .
    Please provide me your ph. No. At my mail [email protected] Thank you

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