RuneScape Behind the Scenes #102 – Road Trip!

RuneScape Behind the Scenes #102 – Road Trip!

Behind the Scenes
#102 RuneScape Road Trip Behind the Scenes couldn’t help but notice that
May’s calendar is looking particularly bonus-tastic, so we grabbed Mod Moltare to see what’s occurring. Pick up your passport and catch the first flight to Gielinor,
the Runescape Road Trip is on the horizon… We’re aware that May is a very busy time of year,
both at work, at school and at University. So we’re making it easier to get all that work done
without missing out on any of that scapey’ goodness. The runescape road trip is a host of
limited-time content available throughout May – the core of which is essentially a limited-time only task set. THE JOURNAL Members can claim from the challenge mistress in burthorpe
a road trip journal form which they may activate and complete one task a day
for experience and cosmetic rewards. Task you will be asked to complete range from the whimsical –
feeding many ducks within the time limit, through the mini-game based, completeing rounds of heist and
cabbage face punch bonanza, to the more core skills such as smithing your way
through a stack of metal bars. Every task you complete from the list will
grant you an experience lamp, every fifth task will unlock a piece of the cosmetic hiker outfit, and completing every task from the list will unlock the monkey pet. Players will also be able to find J-mods on duty at
various worlds at various times throughout May, be on the lookout for the schedule. J-mods will be able to
stamp off one extra task for you every day if found. Mod Infinity will provide you with a details of
how the community team will be helping you out in-game. COMMUNITY EVENTS The community management team will
be all over the runescape road trip, we’ll be hosting our very own social media star passport
where you can get involved on facebook, twitter, vine and Instagram to
earn your very own social media stamp. More details about this can be found on
our forums and homepage so be sure to check it out. Another cool thing across the whole month is that
there will be loads of in-game activities and events, including passport stamping sessions where you can
get your passport stamped by a variety of different j-mods, and after those sessions we’ll be hosting games like
castle wars and clan wars, so be sure to stick around for that as well. All you got to do is turn up, set which task you
want to be completed and let us do the rest. Full details of the events and stamping sessions
can be found on our forums so check it out. BONUS WEEKENDS During the month there will also be a number of
limited-time only boosts to a wide variety of content. On the 3rd and 4th is slayer weekend. Double slayer reward points, 50% bonus
slayer xp across the board, improved drop tables, additional charm drops,
and increased benefit from the ring of wealth! The 10th and 11th is skiller weekend. Artisans workshop offers double experience and reputation, the runespan gives more points and more persistent nodes, pyramid plunder will give you a greater chance
of black ibis gear, sceptre parts, and jewelled relics. Divination enriched nodes will spawn every 10 minutes, fishing, divination, woodcutting and mining
resources will last longer and spawn quicker. And the big chinchompa will give 50% more experience. The 17th and 18th is mini-game weekend. Castle wars will grant an extra ticket per game, stealing creation, pest control, conquest and
soul wars will give double reward points, and for every boss you kill in the dominion tower
you’ll score two towards unlocking rewards. From the 17th until the end of the month all ports
voyages will grant 30% extra trade goods and resources. And extra voyages every day. And during the final week of the month in conjunction
with the ninja team, dungeoneering week! Floors and sinkholes will offer double tokens. And sinkholes will give a 50% experience boost. We’re bringing all of this to you to make sure there’s plenty
to get stuck into in May, no matter how busy you are, so get yourself in gear, get yourself a
road trip journal and get stuck in! Last week’s frame competition had a flurry of entries,
but alas, there can only be one winner. Or three. Let’s go with three. Congratulations to King Jimmi, im a jogger and MissWabbit
for spotting a sad looking elf. T- shirts are on route to you! Keep an eye out for next weeks BTS,
where we’ll be looking at the month ahead, hit the subscribe button and
you’ll know as soon as it’s released. And don’t forget to like and share!

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  • Please support these new suggestions in the forums. Copy the quick-find-code (QFC) and paste them in the 'jump to thread' search box for RuneScape 3's forums.

    Removal of Duel Arena stake limit for free-to-play users: 
    QFC: 185-186-283-65358185

    Borrow/lend items from Grand Exchange:
    QFC: 185-186-438-65342917

    Portal-Designated-Server for mini-games:
    QFC: 185-186-798-65356020

  • Pretty glad I've already graduated university now, heh heh heh. I get what people are saying by making time in RS more valuable during a busy exam period but, the more time you spend in it you're kinda getting x2 value compared to doing the bare minimum of RS whilst studying.

  • I still remember when I first saw Mod Molatare – I think it was in a farming update one or something – and I didn't really like him, but now I think he's one of my favourite mods, along with another one I can't think the name of (yeah, I understand that sort of makes you question how he can be one of my favourite mods!) It's the really enthusiastic lore-obsessed guy though

  • this stuff is awesome but theres still somethings that this game needs like you should be able to decide your new players starting places when they first begin runescape and you should be able to decide what god you would fight for in the game and races would depend on what god you fight for certain races should depend though that certain races depending thing was just a suggestion though

  • jagex keeps banning me for no reason, i have never macrod, never recieved an offense for swearing and every time i make a new account i get perma banned, do not play this awefull arse shit game that steals your money and your life.

  • Buff elite void before the minigames weekend, because it sucks so hard right now. (Low hp, low defence, like adamant, and big requirements)

  • You should also make the dungeon journal pages easier to find during the dungeoneering week as they are way too rare for just lore items that don't even effect the comp cape or trim reqs. Would be nice to find them and the strange token & it might also get more people into the story of Demonheim

  • The reason for this months' events are simple. Jagex wants money, but because of exams, people want to temporarily cancel their memberships/ quit. Jagex doesn't want lose money, so they wheel them in with these events so they continue to pay $$ for membership. It's so obvious…


  • TheEnglishKing says:

    In simple terms this isn't going to help runescape attract new players and really ticks off the current players they prefer a challenge to level but jagex hasn't figured it out yet…jagex needs to  go back to the originality of the game and actually make it so players can earn stuff thats on solomon in game than having to buy the stuff…earn through continuous game play is more fun than just buying…

  • I used to love playing this game so much. 7 years of my life well spent getting 99's, questing, pvp and minigames. The number of people that play it or even logged on at a given time has significantly decreased. 

  • omg everything is gonna crash so much, i just bought my drygores after making money for months. thanks jagex for ruining my bank

  • why don't they wait for the summer for all of this?
    do they want their players to fail their exams? we can't play in summerschool js..

  • Hello Runescape, how's the Anti-Bot system going? We're running fine, with minimal ban rates. 😉 Check us out.  

  • Just read that it's double amount of rare drops.. does that mean like nex, kk, rago, gwd? like every rare drop you get 2 off them?

  • Harrison Shaw says:

    I dont even play this game anymore, but this would piss me off, all the extra exp and shit given in the month of exams…. thats some bullshit you pulled right there jagex….

  • I must admit, I was against this. But the task system is a good idea for we can log on for short amounts of time and still get good XP. However, I am still against these themed weekends… Not as a concept but WHY May?! The Roadtrip tasks were good because it was a time saver, but Skiller weekend? Granting double XP on artisan skills? When we're all busy? How is this a good idea? Most of us cannot take advantage of half of these weekends. So overall, mixed opinion. Tasks are good, but the weekends should have definitely been in a different month.

  • im almost done with it need to do 6 more tasks and dose anyone know if the party hat is cosmetic or something or its real plz tell me

  • 5G will kill us unless we dont stop it says:

    Mod Moltare 0:25 needs to be saying all the BTS material. His voice is calm and he speaks clearly and professional. He's very easy to listen to unlike this guy 0:10 with his painfully annoying voice, that does all the BTS video material. Please replace this guy with Mod Moltare.

  • TheRabbitFear says:

    gnome air teleport is so obnoxious it is just too big for a teleport animation and people use it to troll with because of that

  • Quit throwing xp at us for no reason. There's absolutely no justifiable reason why 20 hours of slaying time one weekend should be worth 30 hours of mine, back when I got 99 slayer. Let xp be a constant. Throwing it at us for no justifiable reason does nothing to further game content and devalues past achievements

  • The whole premise of this video is ridiculous. If we are to believe you that everyone is going to be really busy in May, why would we want a bunch of time specific activities that must be done in May? How is it rewarding to give busy people more stuff to do? Seriously, did nobody actually think about what was being said? It's just so … stupid?

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