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(dramatic music) – [Narrator] Our state is
one of the most beautiful and unique states in the USA. With diverse geographies,
the historic Route 66, unforgettable restaurants, and some of the greatest
people on the planet. We wanna show you why traveling within the great state of
Oklahoma is a great idea. So come join us for thousands of miles over the next year, from
Broken Bow to Black Mesa. This is the Oklahoma Road Trip. (calm music) – All right, we are starting
today’s road trip off. We’re leaving Sequoyah
State Park and we are headed to the Porter area, also
known as the peach capital of Oklahoma for over a hundred years. – My name is Brenda Livesay. And we’re at the Livesay
Orchards in Porter, Oklahoma. There was a family, Mr.
Marshall, who originally started the orchards in Porter. He had went to Pennsylvania,
and learned how to grow fruit. Came back, started an orchard, and there’s been orchards here ever since. When I was growing up there were a lot of orchards in Porter. And there’s probably around
80 some varieties of peaches. And each variety lasts just a few weeks. And then it’s finished and then another variety’s getting ready. So we are able to have peaches oftentimes from the first of June until
sometimes first of October, depending on when they start ripening. – [Laci] We got to see
thousands of peach trees. It was so beautiful. We stopped by the Porter Peach Festival. And it was super fun. – [Narrator] Fun fact,
Saturday at the festivals they give away free peaches and ice cream. – [Laci] I got to talk
to an older gentleman at the peach festival who’s actually been to
every single festival. I think there’s been about 60. That’s a lot of peaches. Tell me what the Porter
Peach Festival is like. What do people do? – Have a ball. (chill music) – [Narrator] From the
Porter Peach Festival we head east to Lake Tenkiller. Our next stop, Burnt
Cabin Marina and Resort. – All right Bryce, where are we? This place is awesome. – You’re at Burnt Cabin
Marina on Lake Tenkiller. – [Man] What are some of
the things you guys offer that people can come
and take advantage of? – So like behind us we have
rental boats that we provide. We do kayaks, paddle boards, jet skis. Kinda anything that’s lake related. We got bluffs you can jump off of. Cliffs everywhere. It’s just a very pretty lake. (upbeat music) – We’re about to go cliff jumping. – About to do some serious stuff. – Come on, Dan. – [Dan] Let’s do it. (splashing) – [Man] And that was the
last time we saw Hightower. – Jumping off the cliffs
here at Tenkiller. Here we go. Woo! (gurgling) Woo! Woo! Woo! – [Man] All right Bryce, make it pretty. – Woo! (gurgling) (calm music)
– After drying off, we decided to take a look inside to see what else Burnt Cabin has to offer. – Hey Karen.
– Hi. – How are you today?
– Just fine, how are you? – Thanks for having us out.
– You bet. – I love your store. I know you have a marina. You have this huge ship store. There’s a restaurant right over here. So talk me through the
history of this place. – Well we’ve actually owned the marina, this is our 10th season. We’re Burnt Cabin, so
the history goes that before they filled the lake that there was actually a cabin that
burnt down in this ravine. But now we’re basically
standing over that now. Well we completed this
expansion last year, 2018. So this is our second season
in the new ship store. Just tried actually to do something a little bit more upscale, something a little nicer for the area. Because we’re Burnt Cabin we tried to do something a little bit more rustic. I call it rustic elegant. You know, I think we
offer some unique things. Obviously we’re a marina so
we’re very water oriented. They would like to come
and stay in a cabin, we offer that, camping. But it can be as simple
as coming out for dinner. We have, you know, a
floating restaurant here. – So we are here at Le Grubs Restaurant. I’m here with Justin, he’s the owner, master chef, mastermind. This place is awesome. Can you
tell us a little bit about it while we walk around. – We’ve been here for going on two years. Coming from a food truck. Started in Tulsa, got approached
by the owner of this place. She wanted the food to
match the aesthetics. So we took it over and
we’ve been here ever since. And it’s going really good. But we do random stuff from bacon crusted meatloaf sandwiches with a smoked cherry tomato ketchup, to a vegan taco with plantain. More hometown like kinda home cooking but I just kinda put my own spin on it. – So what is the one menu item
that we have to try today? – That’s the puffy taco. Le Grubs famous puffy taco, man. – [Laci] I love tacos. – One time we ran out of taco shells. And we had our flour went
above the fryer and it fell in. Me and my friend we kinda
looked at each other, and we stuck something in between. It came out big nice puffy. Gave it to somebody, man,
it started from there. And now people ask for ’em all day long. They gotsta have ’em. – It’s incredible, cooked to perfection. Crunchy on the outside,
soft on the inside. – Ah, well that was delicious. We are gonna go check out the cabins now. (happy music) All right guys, it was a
long day out on the lake. We jumped off of some cliffs, we got some really really good food. Now I’m gonna check out this cabin. See what we got here. Ooh, it’s nice and cold. Okay, yeah. I like it. Oh it’s nice and spacious. We got a big kitchen right here. Do a lot of cooking. Got a nice bed, we got a twin size on top, queen on the bottom. – [Man] Walking around the cabin here, and I must say they’re quite impressive. This one has two queen
size beds downstairs. And then two upstairs in a loft. Which is pretty awesome, so. I’ll roam up here and you guys can see. Kinda fun. – Very cozy. Looks like we’ve got a full kitchen here. – This is living the life. I’m gonna get some good sleep tonight. (upbeat music) – [Narrator] On today’s
road trip we had a blast spending the day at Lake Tenkiller. But first, we made a pit stop in Porter. The town of Porter is known as the peach capital of Oklahoma. And for good reason. The annual Porter Peach
Festival celebrates the town’s rich history
with outdoor concerts, arts and crafts, and of course, peaches. From Porter we went east to Burnt Cabin Marina and Resort. Located on the shores of Lake Tenkiller. Burnt Cabin provides guests with a variety of outdoor activities. As well as shopping, lodging,
and dining right on the lake. We definitely recommend the
puffy tacos at Le Grubs. Join us next time on
the Oklahoma Road Trip, where we’ll visit the
Cherokee Heritage Center, kayak the Illinois River, and enjoy a Cajun experience
at Linney Breaux’s. We’ll see you then.

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