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(upbeat rock music) – Our state is one of the most beautiful and unique states in the USA. (energetic music) Diverse geographies,
the historic Route 66, unforgettable restaurants and
some of the greatest people on the planet. We want to show you why traveling within the great state of
Oklahoma is a great idea. So come join us for thousands of miles over the next year. From Broken Bow to Black Mesa. This is the Oklahoma Road Trip. (lighthearted music) From Molly’s Landing in Catoosa, we travel southeast
towards Sequoyah State Park for some fun in the sun
at Paradise Cove Marina. – We’re at Paradise Cove Marina, on Lake Fort Gibson in
beautiful Sequoyah State Park. We’re one of Green Country’s, northeast Oklahoma’s, hidden secrets and we’ve been here for 30 years, we’re a family-run operation. We love being a part of the state park, there’s so many amenities
in the state park, with The Lodge and the nature
center and the golf course, and the horse stables. The park’s open 7 days
a week all year round. If you haven’t been here you
ought to take the short drive from Tulsa. We’re about 35
minutes away from the Tulsa area. We have rental boats that we
rent out on a daily basis. We have aqua trikes and pedal
boats and some picnic areas where you can picnic with your family if you just want to come out to the lake and just enjoy the afternoon. – Well, you mentioned aqua
trikes so I think we’re going to try these things out and
see what happens, right? – Okay. – So these, these must be the trikes. These are the trikes, right? – You an orange fan or a red fan? – I’m either way, Hightower
you got a preference? – Which one do I get? – I’ll take red then. – You get the hydro bike. – Oh yeah, yeah that’s
great for you, Hightower. – Why do I get the hydro bike? – That’s great for you. – That’s the easiest. – All right, we’re going
to go out on the water and see what happens. – You ready? – No. (laughs loudly) – See you out there, dude. – See you on the water. – All right, Hightower. – Alrighty. – Don’t mess with me, Hightower. – Oh boy. This is a quadricep workout. How you feeling, Ice T? – It’s like a little trolling motor, further down you stick
it the faster you go. See you later. – Unbelievable. – Takes a little, oh there
we go alright you got to get a little momentum going. – How you feeling, Lace? Watch it, watch it, watch it. – I’m on the hydro bike. – Let me tell you. This thing has been fun. – [High Tower] This lake is awesome, brings back a lot of great memories as a kid. I love it. (twangy music) – All right, we just
finished the aqua trikes. What’d you guys think? – It was awesome. – Pretty awesome? Now we’re
going to go to Urban Station, grab some lunch and then we’re going to come back here tonight to stay at The Lodge at Sequoyah State Park. – Cool – Alright, let’s get out
of here. Let’s keep going. After drying off, we hit the road and readied our appetites
for the next stop. – All right, we are now in Fort
Gibson at the Urban Station which is state-wide known as
one of the best pizza places and it has a lot of cool history so we’re going to go
inside and talk to Neil. Hey, Neil. – Hello, Jason. Welcome to Urban Station. – Thanks for having us out,
we were driving through Fort Gibson and got so
excited when we saw your place here on the corner. You walk inside, it’s even
cooler than the outside. – Well yeah you’re just
in the first room – – Yeah, what is this? – of our cool building.
Now this is Urban Station, we opened in 2017. The
building was built in 1906. We’ve taken the old drug
store, right through here… This is the old pharmacy. We’ve turned it into a
market and boutique area. We try to maintain the original look. The stenciling is original, 1906. Underneath four layers of paint. This used to be a mercantile
on this side here. Now it is our toy market. We do desserts, old time
pop, over here in this area. We’ve tried to just make
it as unique as possible and to try to maintain the
original style of the building. – Yeah. And we haven’t
even brought it up yet, we got a phenomenal pizza place upstairs. – Yes we do. – So tell me, what should
somebody look forward to if they’re going to come here? They get one chance to get one thing. What do they get? – You got to try the Redneck. – [Jason] Got to try the Redneck. – [Neil] Got to try the
Redneck. It’s barbecue base, bologna, bacon and little smokies. Everything that an Okie redneck loves. Hey guys, first one
I’ve got coming up here this is a Chick Magnet. Alfredo base with chicken and spinach. Next, we have a pesto pizza. – Ah, that’s right here. – We have the unique alligator
pizza. Real alligator meat, Cajun seasoning. You’re
going to want to try that. And then we have our signature pizza everyone is required to try, is our Redneck pizza. So I’ll sit it right over here. – Right by the redneck? – Right by the redneck. – Alright. – There we go. – If you live in Oklahoma, and you haven’t been to Urban Station, you have no excuse. It’s right here. – After Urban Station, we head north, back up to our final stop of the day, The Lodge at Sequoyah State Park. Located off the banks of Lake Fort Gibson, visitors travel from far and wide to treat themselves to
the variety of activities that Sequoyah State Park has to offer. – We have our swimming
pool and splash pad, if you need to cool off. We have horse stables. You
can go horseback riding. – I read you guys are the largest lodge in a state park in Oklahoma. – Yes. We have 104 hotel
rooms, 6 cabana suites that are located by the swimming pool. We also have 45 cabins and
a 3-bedroom lake house. So they can find everything here. Once they check in, they
never have to leave. We have a restaurant
on-site for entertainment. We also have a recreation department, and they do scheduled
activities throughout the day for the young and old. They can just find everything here. – Whoa. Very nice. Okay, so I’m standing in suite 223 at The Lodge at the Sequoyah State Park. It is very cool. A lot of
mid-century modern furniture, makes sense, matches the lobby. It’s very spacious.
Yes, I’m really excited. I think this is going to
be a great place to stay. (fast-paced rock music) – On today’s road trip, we
experienced some of the fun and excitement that the Hulbert and Fort Gibson area has to offer. First, we had some fun in
the sun at Fort Gibson Lake. We had a blast at Paradise Cove Marina and definitely recommend taking
the aqua trikes for a spin. Next, we made our way to Urban Station. After exploring their shops, we went upstairs to sample
some delicious flavors. We definitely recommend
their unique alligator pizza, as well as their signature
pizza, the Redneck. Finally, we made our way
to Sequoyah State Park to check in to The Lodge and check out the variety of activities
The Lodge has to offer. Visitors to The Lodge will
often make reservations up to a year in advance,
so you’d better make yours as soon as you can. Stay tuned next time, where
we’ll take you boating on Lake Tenkiller. We’ll also unleash our
appetites at LeGrubs, have some outdoor fun at Burnt Cabins and finally, we’ll make a pit stop at the Porter Peach Festival. We’ll see you then. (upbeat rock music)

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