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– Today we’re in Clinton, Oklahoma. We’re gonna stop in at
an awesome coffee shop, experience Route 66, and
eat at White Dog Hill. Let’s go! (upbeat guitar music) – [Announcer] This is
the Oklahoma road trip. From Elk City, the team heads east up Route 66 and into Clinton. Our first stop of the
day is a local favorite, Strayhouse Kitchen and Coffee. – Alright, Geoff, how you doing man? – Good man, I’m good. – Talk to me about where we are right now. – You’re in Clinton, Oklahoma. It’s a cool little community, strangely a place you wouldn’t expect to see a coffee shop. And we weren’t sure if it
would go over well either. This community just ate it up. Our coffee roaster is
called Casual Coffee. Coffee got real snooty there for a while, and it got real hard for
new people to jump on. There were so many rules like, “Hey, you come in and say this wrong, I’m gonna scowl at you
and make you feel stupid.” – And you know, we were just like, “Wow, that’s so lame,” and so we threw it out and that’s kind of what we brought ourselves on. We don’t care if you’re an aficionado or if you’re just like
a dude off the street who’s never had coffee before
and wants to try it out. We’ll kind of walk you into it. So that’s kind of our thing. We do all kinds of slow-roasted
sirloin sandwiches, that we make all from scratch ourselves. We make all of our sauces ourselves. I think we got really creative with the menu and most
people pretty well dig it. If you’re coming from either direction on I-40, Route 66 we’re kind of the oasis. You’ve got a long trip either
direction, so swing in. We’re excited to see you and I think you’ll have a good time. – This food is so good, and now we’re going to go to
the Oklahoma Route 66 Museum. (funky guitar music) – [Narrator] We are here
in Clinton, Oklahoma, at the Oklahoma Route 66 Museum. And I’m with Pat, hi Pat. – Hi. – Tell me a little about how this museum came to be here in Clinton. There became a need for a museum to really tell the history of Route 66 because it was no longer
a main road to travel. But Route 66 is the most
famous historic highway in America, so what a perfect place right here in Clinton,
Oklahoma, for this museum that was actually the
national headquarters for many, many years. Our museum tells the history
of Route 66 by decades. From the conception of
the road in the 1920s, to the end of the road in the 1970s. So right here, we have
people working on Route 66, you can see that we’ve came a long way. This is the kind of
vehicle that they would travel to California and Arizona in, and you can only imagine they could only take a
limited amount of items. Of course in the 1940s,
what stands out in our mind, is World War II. Over-the-road trucking to
haul military supplies. And as you can see, we
have a really neat truck in one of our exhibits to represent over-the-road trucking. In the 1950s, the war was over, and many of the military fathers wanted to take their families on Route 66. So, the diner really came into place. Even though it’s no longer, you know… a main road to travel, we have thousands of people
from all over the world to visit and travel Route 66. And so, it is becoming a
very popular road again. (upbeat pop music) – [Announcer] From the
Oklahoma Route 66 Museum, the team heads east up Route 66, to our final stop of the day, dinner at White Dog Hill restaurant. – Right now, I’m here with
Nelson at White Dog Hill. This is a unique place, I can tell. – It’s been here almost a hundred years. It was built in ’25 as the original Clinton Country Club and Golf Course. I got it in 2000, and
decided somebody needed to step in and at least save the property. It was a long haul, but it was worth it because it’s a great old building. And you’ve got the best views in the area. It’s on the hilltop. – [Narrator] So, tell
me about the white dog? – [Nelson] He was just, he
was always a little gentlemen. When it came to have to
name it for something, he’s just been my good
luck charm all this time, so I needed to just
bring the name with me. We sold the farm and moved up here. And I just needed to bring the name too. – [Narrator] Tell me now about your menu. – [Nelson] The basic menu is
steak, salmon, catfish, shrimp. A beautiful steak salad, chicken salad, couple of sandwiches, some kiddie things. The chef every week will do a
certain main entrée special. And then changes all the sides every week. So, even for the locals
there’s something new to try. The Beany Bar was the
old caretaker’s house. To be fair, White Dog got the restaurant, so Bean should get the bar. So that’s were that came from. Because people were going, “Beany Bar?” That’s named for the dog. And each one has their studio portrait framed in the bar and the restaurant. – This charcuterie board is magnificent. – Alright, we got a nice little slice. You see those blueberries? – I can live on that. – [Nelson] There were people saying, “As soon as I got up here I wasn’t sure where I was, I knew I wasn’t in western Oklahoma, but I wasn’t sure where I actually was.” And that was kind of nice, it’s just a departure, it just
applies for anybody to come and hopefully just have a pleasant evening and a nice meal. – [Announcer] On today’s road trip, the team had a blast
exploring Clinton, Oklahoma. First, we enjoyed some delicious coffee and sandwiches at Strayhouse
Kitchen and Coffee, located within a historic,
century-old lumberyard. Strayhouse has been serving locals and Route 66 travelers since 2016. We highly recommend their
coffee and espresso, or any of their slow-roasted
sirloin sandwiches. Next, we made our way to the
Oklahoma Route 66 Museum. Where Pat walked us through
the history of the road, from its humble beginning in the 1920s to the international
icon that it is today. After experiencing the tour, guests can also find a wide
variety of Route 66 gifts and souvenirs available for purchase. Finally, the team settled in for dinner at White Dog Hill restaurant. This historic country
club turned restaurant has become a staple among both locals and Route 66 travelers alike. This restaurant is famous
for its incredible food and scenic views. And it’s open for dinner
Wednesday through Sunday, so you’ll want to make your
reservation as soon as you can. And while you’re visiting
the Clinton area, or any other Oklahoma destinations, remember to share your photos with us using the hashtag #RoadTripOK. for a chance to be featured on the show and be sure to add our new
photo frame on Facebook. Join us next time as we
visit Hinton and Weatherford. We’ll check out Red Rock
Canyon Adventure Park, Gloria’s Kitchen, and finish off the day at Stafford Air and Space Museum. We’ll see you then. (upbeat guitar music)

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