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– Hey Oklahoma, in today’s episode, we’re gonna be doing some
rock climbing out at Quartz Mountain, and then we’re
gonna head into Altus to eat some awesome Japanese
food. So… get excited! (rock and drums) – This is the Oklahoma Road Trip. – From the Wichita Mountains,
the team heads west, through Lone Wolf, until we reach the famous Quartz Mountain. Located near the shores
of Lake Altus-Lugert, the Quartz Mountain area offers visitors a wide variety of
activities, like fishing, golfing and even an amusement park. With over 100 different
campsites, as well as a full lakeside resort,
the area offers visitors not only a chance to relax
and unwind, but to have some adventures of their own. So let’s catch up with our crew as they begin this morning’s adventure at the base of the Quartz Mountain. – This is actually one of the best climbing areas in the state. It’s a big, slabby dome formed by erosion. – So there’s a nice little community here of climbers that take care of this area and that climb here, right? – Exactly, yeah, even though they’re all spread out, when you climb here, you tend to meet people from all around. – It’s not just rock climbing around here. Driving in, we saw the lake. – So, what’s a few other
things to do around this area? – So, you can actually
go swimming in the lake. There is a lot of beautiful hiking all around. You can actually walk all the way around Quartz Mountain. You can get to the top, it’s a little bit of a scramble but not
quite actual climbing. It’s a beautiful day to
be at Quartz Mountain. – That was awesome. – Such a good climb. Man, that’s like one of the best in the state, no doubt. – Ray, Daniel, all like hungry now? – So, we’re headed into Altus, we’re going to a Japanese restaurant called Sakura. – Wooooo! – Which is Japanese, I
believe, for Cherry Blossom. – Really? – So, that’s a pretty
exciting thing, yeah, really. – We are at Sakura’s – In Altus. – Yeah, get some Hibachi, and sushi. We’re gonna go for the sushi today. – They actually have a lot of options on these sushi rolls, there’s
like three or four pages dedicated to it. – This place is really on a roll. – Oh-ho-ho. (laughing) – I am gonna get the
house special Angel roll. – I am gonna go for the
vegetable fried rice. – I think I’m gonna get
the dinner Bento box. I’m drinking my miso soup. – Does that hit the spot
after a day like today? – Yeah, it’s warming my soul. – Ooooo. (laughing) – That was a Daniel line. – Thank you. – This lunch Bento box with
all this stuff, only $10. And it’s good! – Mmmm, I’m psyched you guys. – Cheers – Cheers (light techno music) – Bro. – Bruh. – I’ve gotta say, that was the best Japanese food I’ve ever had. Every single bite of
everything I took was flawless. – I thought the food was incredible. I was just immensely satisfied, you know? – H. G. Ya feeling good? – I am feeling good, I’m feeling full, I’m feeling refreshed, do you guys mind if we stop around, and
just, I wanna go shopping. – No, let’s check it out. – Shopping at the local stores. – Yeah, this place is cute. (piano and bells) – There is a shop, right over there, called Abbey Lane, like
Penny Lane and Abbey Road together, I want to go in. – Right now we’re in Abbey Lane, it’s a really cute little store down here in Southwest Oklahoma. It’s been featured on Discover Oklahoma, lots of little booths and lots of fun stuff. – Very cool. So how long have you lived in Altus? – All my life. It’s a great place to be. We’ve got a lot of beautiful things. Quartz Mountain Lodge,
we’ve got a really nice museum here, a great
downtown that’s historic. On the southwest corner over here, a brand new bookstore,
it was just shambles and they renovated and
did a fantastic job. Go upstairs and you can
over look the whole downtown area so, we’ve got a lot to offer. (light techno music) – On today’s road trip,
the team experienced a few of the places
that make the Lone Wolf and Altus area so unique. First we spent a fun morning visiting Quartz Mountain Nature Park. The unique terrain found in the park, make Quartz Mountain a
favorite among hikers and climbers around the country. But if climbing isn’t your thing, the park also offers over 100 campsites, golfing, fishing and
even a lakeside resort. Quartz Mountain Nature Park truly has something for everyone to enjoy. Next, we made our way into
Altus for lunch at Sakura. This Japanese hibachi and sushi restaurant really hit the spot, and everything the team had was delicious. We highly recommend their Bento boxes and their house special, the Angel roll. We finished off the day
exploring downtown Altus. Don’t be fooled by the small-town vibe, Altus has plenty for
visitors to experience, like the Museum of the Western Prairie, as well as a variety of
events throughout the year that take place in the downtown square. And the next time you’re
traveling through the area, or visiting any other
Oklahoma destination, remember to share your photos with us, using the hashtag #RoadTripOK for a chance to be featured on the show and be sure to add our new
photo frame on Facebook. Join us next time as the team continues north towards Sayer. We’ll explore the Washita Battlefield, and enjoy The Brick
delights, we’ll see you then. (guitar)

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