RoadTripOK: Ep 23 – Norman OK  | Oklahoma Tourism & Recreation Department | TravelOK

RoadTripOK: Ep 23 – Norman OK | Oklahoma Tourism & Recreation Department | TravelOK

– Hey guys! We just showed up in Norman
at the Sam Noble Museum. Then we’re gonna go to Midway Market, and we’re gonna finish the day off with a cool little art
gallery right here in Norman. – Let’s go!
– Let’s do it! (intense upbeat music) – [Narrator] This is
the Oklahoma Road Trip. From Welltown Brewing in Tulsa, the team heads West to Norman. Our first stop of the day
will be Sam Noble Museum, located on the campus of
the University of Oklahoma. – [Josie] So, we are at the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum
of Natural History, which is the State Natural
History Museum for Oklahoma, and we are currently in our
Clash of the Titans exhibit in our Hall of Ancient Life. So, our Ancient Life exhibit
is set up like a timeline, so you can literally walk
through the history of Oklahoma, and see it develop. Behind us, we have our Apatosaurus. We have the longest Apatosaurus
that’s ever been found. We are designed to serve the community in the state of Oklahoma. So we try to tailor everything we offer to that large community demographic. We have things for little children to do from our hands-on exhibit here at the museum called
the Discovery Room, all the way up through
our adult-only programs, and then a variety of family and programs for people of all ages. (roaring softly) – If you haven’t been here, if you like animals, you need to come. – That’s gorgeous! They did a great job in here. Some good artists. – [Josie] We love to
have people come here, and kind of experience it as a group, as a family, and really as a community. It’s kind of hard to beat. It’s really a
once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. – That museum was awesome! Now we’re gonna go get some lunch, and there might be a special guest. Let’s go!
(rhythmic rock music) – [Narrator] After a
full morning exploring the Sam Noble Museum, the team heads North to have lunch at a local
hotspot, Midway Deli. – It’s midway between the
university and downtown. That’s where it got its name. It’s a place most everyone
has been in Norman, and a lot of the coaches
at the university, they come in here and it’s kind
of an out-of-the-way place. – Yeah. – Midway was a grocery
store back in the 1920s, built a long time ago when
Norman wasn’t a very large town. In the 80s, I would come over to the grocery store to get some ice cream. – [Jason] Get out! – Yeah, I did, Bob’s working
behind the counter there, and no one in here, and I said, I want to tell you something,
if I had this place, I’d put me a bunch of tables,
and I’d make this a deli. It wasn’t a month later, he did that.
(laughing) And that was years ago. That’s how it happened, and I’ve been eatin’ here ever since. And every kid that goes
to OU probably eats here. – I remember he came in one day and said, You gotta get these groceries outta here. The students are gonna be back, and they’re gonna need more places to sit. And we made the move. – [Man] You did it, that’s awesome. – I think that what makes it special is that when you come in, and everybody acts like
they either know you, or they wanna know you,
and they wanna help you, we’re completely different
than any other place in town. – [Jason] Tell me about the
signatures all over the walls, what’s that? – Part of that was the school kids that write over here by the front door. – Should I sign my name before we leave?
– Sure, sure. If you can find a place, yeah. (rock music) – [Narrator] After
having a delicious lunch at Midway Deli, the team turns west to our final stop of the
day, Tribes 131 Art Gallery. – So, I specialize in Native American art, specifically the Oklahoma tribes, but I also have Southwest,
some Alaskan, other areas. And I have a few
non-Native artists as well. Some of the artists started coming to us, asking if we would form something down here in Cleveland County in Norman to help promote their art. So that’s kind of how it came about. A lot of people have a preconceived notion of what Native American art is. I think that when they
come in the gallery, and they look around at the variety, from traditional, abstract,
contemporary, pop art, they’d be pleasantly surprised. – I like to say that my art is who I am. A lot of my art depicts
from where I grew up, which was from the Comanche Tribe. The history of my tribe
is what I like to paint. – There’s a great mix of artists here. It’s nice to rub shoulders with artists who are just kinda startin’
out to the established artists. You know, people who I looked up to, just a phenomenal variety of artists here. – And the gallery here is wonderful. The artists are incredible. They bring you in, so it’s just a family atmosphere here at the gallery. It’s a great place. – Oklahoma, you gotta come to Tribes 131. The art is amazing! The people are just as amazing! (upbeat rock music) – [Narrator] On today’s road trip, the team spent the day
having fun in Norman. We started off the day
exploring the Sam Noble Museum. This natural history museum is located on the campus of the
University of Oklahoma and is celebrated for it’s
wide variety of exhibits that take visitors through
the history of Oklahoma as well as other parts of the planet. Next, we made our way to a
local favorite, Midway Deli, where we learned the story
of this iconic hotspot and tasted some of the sandwiches that keep customers coming back. We definitely recommend
their signature sandwich, The Vulcan. Finally we ended our day
at Tribes 131 Art Gallery. This gallery is known
for their celebration of Native American art and
culture, as well as a variety of other art pieces
from non-native artists. The gallery hosts a variety
of events throughout the year. So, you can plan your visit now. And while you’re visiting Norman or any other Oklahoma destination, don’t forget to share your photos with us using the hashtag #RoadTripOK for a chance to be featured on the show. And be sure to add our new photo frame on Facebook.
(dinging) Join us next time on
the Oklahoma Road trip, where our team will take
you Southwest to Lawton. We’ll visit The Holy City,
eat some amazing barbecue and explore the Museum
of The Great Plains. We’ll see you then. (upbeat rock music)

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