RoadTripOK: Ep. 1 – OKC  | Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department | TravelOK

RoadTripOK: Ep. 1 – OKC | Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department | TravelOK

– [Narrator] Our state is
one of the most beautiful and unique states in the USA. With diverse geographies,
the historic Route 66, unforgettable restaurants,
and some of the greatest people on the planet. With so much to see and so much to do, living in Oklahoma means one
of the best vacation spots is right in our own backyard. Doesn’t this story need to be told? As filmmakers and
photographers based right here in Oklahoma, we thought so. And hey, who doesn’t
like a good road trip? So we packed up our cameras, teamed up with Lieutenant
Governor Matt Pinnell and the Oklahoma Tourism
and Recreation Department, and that’s how this series was born. We want to show you why
traveling within the great state of Oklahoma is a great idea. So come join us for thousands
of miles over the next year from Broken Bow to Black Mesa. This is The Oklahoma Road Trip. – Okay guys, let’s pull together. So, we are talking about a road trip across Oklahoma for the next year. So I just want to follow up with you guys and talk through what
we have put together. Laci, I know you’ve been
working on the content. – I’ve been doing a lot of
research, mainly on TravelOK. I’ve compiled a list of 52 episodes and three features per episode. – Realistic expectations,
it’s going to take us exactly one day to film one episode. So you guys will be on
the road for 52 days white water rafting and spelunking and all these crazy things so I think you guys are
going to have a blast. – And we’re going to be
running around Oklahoma with all of our gear. We’re gonna have the drones,
we’re gonna have the Sony’s, Canons up on gimbals, chasing sunsets, sunrises, and you know losing a little bit of sleep,
but it’s gonna be worth it. – All right, well let’s go
tell the Lieutenant Governor what we have in plan and hope he sends us on our road trip, okay? – [Jacob] Let’s go.
– [Brandon] Let’s do it. – When I heard we were doing
a road trip documentary about Oklahoma, it just sounds like an awesome, awesome thing, and I mean there’s a lot that goes into
it that people don’t realize. We’re out there finding these
places, making the calls, making the schedules, and
setting it up for success. – You can script an outline for it and do as much preparation as possible, but some of the best moments
are going to come from our team ad-libbing on the
road or just little moments we find in editing that just kind of make these cool little pieces of
the puzzle come together. (upbeat music) – Hey Lieutenant Governor Pinnell! – Hey Jason.
– How are ya, man? – I’m doing well.
– Good to see you. – So good to see you. – Well, I’m so excited to
be here at the Capitol. How are things? – One of the best state
capitols in the country. Things are going really well. – Absolutely. Well you know we’ve been putting together this little road trip. – I’m really pumped for this. Yeah, it’s time to show
Oklahomans Oklahoma. – I’m curious, are you going
to join us in the trenches? – Wherever you need me. – Maybe a little rock climbing. – Come on. – Maybe some spelunking. – Yeah, I’m ready. I’m ready for all of this. – Yes, all right, well we’ve
got a map put together. Do you wanna go inside
and I can show it to ya? – Yeah show me, let’s go. – All right, let’s do it. (upbeat music) – Oh that is beautiful. Wow. – We’re going to be going there soon. – We’re gonna be going there, that’s gonna be me next week. Oh my gosh Laci. Oh my gosh. – Okay Lieutenant Governor Pinnell, we are just so excited. We have been digging through
the state of Oklahoma and I’d love to hear
some of your thoughts. – It’s time to show Oklahomans
how great this state is. I would argue that no state
can match our heritage and our history. I would start with Route 66. Certainly it’s one of our
greatest assets that we have from a tourism perspective. We have more drivable miles
of the most famous road in the entire world than any other state, so let’s double down on that. Western Oklahoma is so unique. It’s one of the best state parks that we have in the country. Tallgrass Prairie up in the Pawhuska area, Pioneer Woman, and then
of course Broken Bow, one of the prettiest parks of our state. – Oh yeah absolutely. I just wanna show you kind
of the general trajectory of this road trip. So we’re gonna start in Tulsa, we’re gonna come toward Oklahoma City, spend a little bit of time there. We’re gonna cruise all the way back east, we’ll go kind of in the
Tenkiller, Greenleaf area, south through Robbers Cave, all the way down to McCurtain County with the pine trees and Broken Bow Lake. Then we’re gonna turn west, go over towards Turner Falls, up into Oklahoma City, then we’ll go southwest
and go all the way over to the Wichita Mountain Refuge, which I’m really excited, we’ll
do a little rock climbing. Then we cruise north from there, we’ll get into the space
where the Gloss Mountains are, Little Sahara, we’ll turn west, go
all the way to the very end of the panhandle out to Black Mesa, and then we’re gonna make a U-turn, cruise all the way back
east through Ponca City, Pawhuska, the Tallgrass Prairie. After that, I think we
have spent almost a year road-tripping and telling
Oklahoma all these cool places and why they need to plan their
next vacation in Oklahoma. – And they should. There’s no reason why we should be crossing invisible
lines into other states. You can get any experience
that you want in Oklahoma, so you have been blessed, send you guys off on your way and I look forward to joining
you out on the trail, man. – Perfect. All right, we are driving
back from Oklahoma City, from the Capitol. We met with Lieutenant
Governor Matt Pinnell. He loved our overall
plan, which is awesome. So now we just gotta
go back, pack our bags, and hit the road. – [Narrator] Next time on
The Oklahoma Road Trip, we’ll start our trip
off in Tulsa, Oklahoma with some downtown energy. We’ll catch up with Lieutenant
Governor Matt Pinnell and Governor Kevin Stitt
as they face off in one of our nation’s most
grueling bike races, the Tulsa Tough. We’ll also visit a local brewery and have some of the best
food in downtown Tulsa at the Tavern. We’ll see you next time.

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