Riding Down A 55-Foot Waterslide + Olympic Bobsledding In Austria  | Travel Dares S2 Ep 3

Riding Down A 55-Foot Waterslide + Olympic Bobsledding In Austria | Travel Dares S2 Ep 3

Aj Caldwell: Yeah! Caroline Aghajanian: On this
episode of “Travel Dares,” Aj: I’m taking Caroline to Area 47, where we’re going down a
massive, 55-foot waterslide. Caroline: And I’m taking Aj to a former Olympic bobsled course, where we’ll see how fast we go. Come join us on our adventures on this episode of “Travel Dares.” This is “Travel Dares,” the show where we do daring
activities all across Europe, empowered by my Marriott
Bonvoy Boundless card. Aj, where are we? Aj: We are in Innsbruck, Austria. Innsbruck is located in
the heart of the Alps, and it’s perfect for anyone
looking for an adventure. And speaking of an adventure, are you ready for your first clue? Caroline: I am so ready, I’m so excited. OK. OK. Flying over Austria. How high are we flying, though? Aj: Just enough to make
you nervous. [laughs] Caroline: I am, like, 100% sure that we’re gonna be
jumping off of something. I think we might be bungee jumping or we might be skydiving. Aj: This slide is known for shooting people super high in the air, and I’m excited to see if
Caroline can stick the landing. Caroline: Oh gosh, why
are these steps so steep? My heart is beating now. Aj: Now, stay right here. OK?
Caroline: Where are you going? Aj! Aj! Aj: Yeah? Caroline: How much longer? Aj: It’ll be a while. Caroline, take off your blindfold! [Caroline laughing] Aj: Woo! Caroline: Oh, my God! Oh, my god! [laughs] That’s gonna be so much fun! OK, I’m so excited,
what do I need to know? Michael Auer: So, you just
lie down on your back, cross arms and legs, keep body tension, and when you’re in the air, you go forward with your upper body so you can land on your feet. Caroline: I am so ready to
just, like, fly in the air! I am so excited, can we
get up there already? Aj: Let’s get to the top. Both: We’re at the top. Caroline: We’re at the top. Aj: Woo!
Caroline: We’re at the top. Whoa, that’s pretty steep. Aj: It’s a little
nerve-racking from up here. Caroline: Yeah. So, you pick up speed down
here, and it curves you, and pew, pushes you up? Aj: Throws you in the air, absolutely. Caroline: That’s gonna be fun. OK, I just go? Did you start off sitting? Aj: Yeah, you have to. Caroline: OK. OK, I’m just gonna do it. I’m just gonna go, OK. All right, bye! [screams] [water splashing] Woo! [laughs] Oh, my god, I forgot how to swim. Oh, my gosh, my body is still shaking, and my heart is beating, like,
a thousand beats a minute. Like, this is, it’s so scary, you guys! It’s actually really scary. Aj: Caroline, how did it
feel flying through the air? Caroline: It was so much fun, it was, like, so exhilarating,
I’m ready to do it again. Aj: Let’s do it.
Caroline: Let’s go. [Caroline screaming] We went down, good job. I would say good job to me too, though. Aj: Good job, good job to you, you slayed the dare. Caroline: I’m getting a five out of five. I can feel it, I can sense it. Aj, that was such a thrill, but I have a feeling yours
is a little bit more. Aj: Give me that clue. I can hold on tight. Caroline: OK, I hope so,
because you’re gonna have to. Aj: I don’t even have a guess for this. I don’t know what to think about it, but my stomach is tingling
just a little bit. Innsbruck is known as a destination for all winter sports, and it’s one of the only places where you can bobsled in the summer. OK, we’re gonna stop here, you’re gonna take a really big step with your left leg, a
little more, a little more. Aj: Wait, wait, oh, like this. Caroline: Yes [laughs]. OK, now sit down. I’m gonna have you hold on to something. Aj: OK, so this is the “hold on tight”? Caroline: Yes, now take
off your blindfold, because we’re going bobsledding! Aj: Oh, what?! Oh, I’ve always wanted to do that. Caroline: Really? [both laughing] Caroline: Yes, look at this!
Aj: It’s gonna be like “Cool Runnings”! Caroline: It’s gonna be
so fun, so hold on tight. Aj: All right. Birgit Knauseder: This is
the official bobsled track for the Olympics, built in 1964. It’s the only track in Austria where guests can go down in a bobsled with a professional driver, and it’s about 100 kilometers per hour. Caroline: I am super stoked. They said it’s gonna take about a minute and five, six seconds to go down. I think we can beat that. Aj: I think we should
shoot for under a minute. Caroline: OK, under a minute, got it. Aj: That’s the goal. Caroline: Safety is first, guys, so. Aj: Safety first. Caroline: Gotta put on
our…whatcha call them? Aj: Sock hat. Caroline: A sock hat.
Aj: They’re sock hats. Caroline: OK, here we go. Aj: That is the professional,
technical, official term. Caroline [groaning]: Is this correct? I feel so professional. Aj: Oh, yeah. Caroline: Oh, I got a big head. [both laughing] Aj: I am so ready for this. I’m going to crush this dare, I’m gonna get my five stars, and I’m gonna have a great time doing it. Here we go! Caroline: Here we go. Aj: Nice, slow start.
Nice and easy, Caroline. We can handle this part. Caroline: OK. OK, we’re picking up. Aj: Coming up on curve No. 1. Caroline: We’re picking up. Aj: Here we go.
Caroline: Oh, my god! Oh my god!
Aj: I can handle that! Oh, it’s a big one! Caroline: Oh God, it’s
picking up really fast! [both screaming] Aj: Whoa!
Caroline: Oh, my God! Oh, my God! [both screaming] OK, one minute feels like 500 minutes! Oh, oh! We made it! That was so much scarier than
I thought it was gonna be! I am sweating out of
every pore in my body! Lisa, did we make our time? Aj: What was the time? Lisa: One minute, 20 seconds. Caroline: Aw. Lisa: You were pretty average. Caroline: We’re pretty average, it’s OK. The speed was fast. Aj: That was such an adrenaline rush. It was awesome! Caroline: Innsbruck is one
of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited. Aj: Yeah, and it’s really
packed with adventure. Caroline: It has such an
amazing view of the Alps. Aj, I slipped and I slid
down the ramp to the water, how did I do? Aj: Caroline, you were
so excited for the dare, you went down the slide a million times. You did flips, cannonballs, spins, and you really made a
splash with that dare. So, for that, I can’t give you anything other than a five-star rating. Caroline: Whee, yes! I love a good five
stars. I was born to fly. Aj, you took bobsledding like a champ. I always knew you were
a competitive person, and you really, really wanted
to beat that average time, and we didn’t quite get there, and for that you’re gonna
have to get a silver, you’re getting a four out of five. Aj: I can take a four. I can take a four.
Caroline: It’s still good, you still get a medal. Aj, I’m having such an amazing
time traveling with you. Aj: I’m having a great time, too. Thanks for showing me around Europe. Caroline: Thanks for
finding such awesome dares. Aj: Cheers.

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