10 thoughts on “REI Presents: Venturous Voices”

  • Herman Panzerwerfer Horkheimer Picklekopter says:

    ::rolls eyes:: Congratulations, you found four women that can teach/provide tangentially related things to "outdoors" to suburban soccer moms almost as well as men could do. "Ok, class, now this is how you assemble a tent pole." lmao What is this need in women that they HAVE to be able to do everything a man can do? Ok, ladies, you can do EVERYTHING just as well as a man. You're the best ever. Please let us worship you. /sar Heads up, you CAN'T. In general there are things a man just does better, and there are things a woman does better. You get respect by DOING, not by yelling about it and trying to force it.

  • Thrive Fitness Adventures says:

    Thank you. As a new female entrepreneur in the outdoor industry, this video truly inspired me to keep going. Sincerely, thank you.

  • I really appreciate that REI is making a push to engage women to experience the outdoors independently, and I appreciate the effort to showcase women working in so many sectors of the outdoor industry. Yes it's marketing, and it's working on the target audience, who are appreciative. It's too bad the dudes complaining in the comment section can't seem to make way, and space for women in the infinite outdoors. Please keep it up REI, thank you.

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