Red Dirt Roots with Spoonbill Wreckers

Red Dirt Roots with Spoonbill Wreckers

hey welcome to red dirt roots outdoors
TV now if you’re wondering if I’m under bridge yeah I’m under a bridge but we’ll have
more about that on an upcoming show Oh today’s show West Hill is going to Brian
Baker of spoonbill Records now if you follow bran on Facebook you know that
guy has a good time in the outdoors all the time and anytime you go with him you
can’t help but have a good time set the pallets or feed or hay or
shavings wherever the customer needs us to put them the delivery route truck
runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays and it’s $20 for a delivery to your place within
20 miles from the store if you have any Brian is when the hardest-working guide you’ll ever find
he not only guides for spoonbills on the late winter and spring in the
all in winter he operates Frederic one of the best known sandhill crane hunting
operations in the nation but if you follow him on Facebook you never know
what he’ll be doing Brian truly lives the outdoor lifestyle
whether he’s hunting waterfowl in Argentina our deep-sea fishing in the
Gulf Brian’s always having a good time [music] spoonbill snagging guys man it’s
something I was introduced to probably three four four or five years ago by
Kenneth Whitehead the one of the only Kenneth Whitehead so he took me out on a
river one day and Perry Faulkner was there filming and it was my first
experience with it you know it was one of those things that I had heard of
spoonbill snagging I knew what Spoonbill was but I told Kenneth one time I wanted
a good fight on a fish and he said okay why don’t you meet me and let’s go snag
some spoonie’s all right we get some good video from different direction
there he’s gonna take another run and his lifts up really they’re light
too yeah especially the little ones own first
spoonie Brian Baker is one of those guys that I had heard of threw a spoon built
for Spoonbill snaggin I’d heard of him a few times and I was greatly looking
forward to actually getting to go out and do it with him I had some buddies
who had never done it before they wanted to get out of the house they called me
and said hey man do you know a place we can go
striper fishing or something I said I got an idea what about spoonbill
snagging let’s go snag some bills my son had never done it before so we
decided we’d contact Brian and get something set up and once we set the
data up we were really excited and ready to go on our next adventure [music] now one of the problems with spoonbill
snagging here in the state of Oklahoma is it’s that time of season where you
have no freakin clue what the weather is going to be like it just so happened
that the night before we were supposed to go a nice front came in towards the
negative and I believe it was around 10 to 12 degrees when we first set out to
meet Bryan that morning about halfway so the bigger ones out here and the smaller ones up closer it don’t matter no they that was a big one ok guys I want to explain something to you there is going to be a lot of fish there was a big spoonbill right there that was a big one yeah ok guys just so you know between here in that Bank there’s three
or four big log piles under the water about 10 foot won’t catch fish here just
like we saw that one when you can’t stop this way you don’t want to go real close
to the bank there’s a lot of fish that there like we were seeing but you will get hung up. but anyway that’s cast away keep it eye
Bryan started the new guys off by letting them know how we were gonna do
this what was the proper technique some of the laws and regulations when it came
to spoon bill of snagging here’s what I’m going to do, I’m gonna grab one rod and demostrate you’re gonna be the first one to catch a fish other things well you can tell by those
splash so what we’re gonna do you know fish these rods here yeah what we are going to do is pitch it out this way where that fish is you are gonna let it set you’ll feel it go to the bottom there it’s at the bottom you’ll reel up the slackdrill down
to it like that now you’re close to the boat so just pulled up like this dope
some jerk with you’re real close to the boat do the hero come flying out a boat
so we’re using the we’re using this is about a three and a half ounce sinker bullet shaped goes through the water real easy
we’ll check those to the water real easy for no barbs on the hooks so once you
hit a fish hold pressure on it he’s going to take off the next order of business is
check your drag ok that’s what we want to hear and we are going to hear that all right and we’re going on there you
go all right now you’re gonna be snagging off this way now you like I say
what won’t throw real close to that Bank when you get close to the boat just
reel in. theres another one I’m going ot get you set up going to cast upriver a little bit
because you got a little bit of a current on this side got it buddy little further
that’s all right give it a second you may catch one right by the boat rip low
now remember go slow now all right sir yep you’re good you’ll snag one doing
nothing man that’s a good one Steve that’s good one in this time of year
fish haven’t spawn here they haven’t once a spoonbill spawns he get lathargic and doesn’t put up a fight whenever he was in great shape so I
caught seven fish for an hour last three days ago and I caught seven fishing and
none of them had spawned out they were getting fairly close fairly close and you know with Brian and
spoonbill records i all before the spoon is starting to
catch release the trolling motor will have to follow him that’s a big fish alright
guys if you would really in a on and stay on it loading don’t don’t just hang
in there just watch the show take a short break you want we’re now we’re
going towards it so we’re better off loes yeah just try to keep the slack oh
yeah yep yeah I see you coming up really REO no don’t don’t lose any laxity there
you go real real real there you go just you tired son don’t go swimming with him Brian i’ll take the rod now you have to lift it up alright grap him right here by the gill don’t go real deep long as I am talking
saying a whole lot he’s as long as I am tall be sure to turn up lift up lift up as
tall as you can so we can see his tail and just take a few just that’s bigger
than you think boys that’s let record is the trick you keep are you
releasing Australian okay it’s your desicition are you keeping it or releasing it congratulations good job what did you
think of our your first experience spoonbills nagging oh it was just
fantastic I mean the whole experience experience it wasn’t just you know going
fishing you know which is great and all but Spoonbill fishing with Brian was
just such an experience it was wonderful I really appreciate Brian for helping me
out and really helping everyone out well you and you and the two guys that
were with us had never snagged before that was y’all’s first time so yeah it
was it was really fun it was a heck of a fight to I mean that’s the cool part
about and you’re not using bait you know you’re literally throwing a hook out
into the middle of a river and you’re you’re it takes a lot of core strength
to do it as well you’re throwing the hook out into the middle of the river
and you’re just you’re ripping with a large hook and you’re hoping to snag
that’s why they call it snagging and you’re hoping to snag one of those big
prehistoric animals so and you did yes it snagged your first one there pretty
light animals hard too hard to lift up right very it’s good bragging rights
though right you caught a fish who’s as tall as you were I think at the time so
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you not hooked it you just got it oh look at it that’s a big one too come on Damien you fish before act like
you know what you’re doing easy fighter hard fight Damien hey and
we can keep him I don’t I didn’t bring a cooler but we can we can buy one or
something I’m in a loner as well you should have kept that one long because
I’d like to try one for big fish this is a smallest fish you got him wrapped he
ain’t going nowhere you nosed him you get your line you got him wrapped he’s not going anywhere you nosed him know his job the babies are the fighters
bro the adults are like they’re gonna throw me back grab the nose turn and
face me and I got your photo Steve’s over here too he’ll kick but just be sure this is like
a catfish sideways 3 – yeah at least – Oy swing see the fish is smiling you’re
not a fish are you keeping it is tomorrow a catch and release day also lasso him lasso him those are cow fish no way I can put Bambi [laughter] [music] go get him Steve I’m pulling for Team
Steve he’s a one-man wrecking crew so [laughter] they meant when the top water popper
wasn’t working what you two switched over to you a worm in a bobber that
sealed the deal then he caught him came in hot heavy judge bud bobber and a worm worked you have got to stand up straighter Logan reel down to it keep it down low they are laying in the water spend the hook the other way
yeah well because the way we were doing it your squatted down and you’re bending
over the entire time and you’re back to starts to burn a lot of like stay in
that line and you can see the tip Bend a a lot of lackaty in that line son you can see the tip bend a lot more when you do it that way like
Damien fish here well it looks like a shed
everywhere [boat motor ] as big as they are bring them reals I
like that all my bass right there looks like
no big fish do you want to add weight that will make it harder to pull in yeah it heavy keep it steady Steve that’s a beautiful color Steve that’s a keeper that’s a keeper oh oh oh did you snag him or what that is a very good color Oh [fish splashing] there Steve Weaver I reeled him in you want me to help you pick it up slide your hand underneath him grap him there you go turn and look at Logan all right I took somewhere in know not tell me about your experience it was this big we taped his mouth shut with some duct
tape back pain and there’s like selfie back pain I need a ciropractor you want to release that one yeah you know if yall had keep them I would be the only one fishing now oh look selfie selfie holding a camera out with one hand keep recording is the biggest stick
you’ve ever seen that’s the biggest one in the game boy you spun look at that hey there wasn’t much fight in that bad
boys spawn outlet and it is [music] once again another adventure that I’m
thankful to have been able to go on with my son and my two good buds I’ve known
these two guys since we were five years old
it’s amazing to get to share the outdoors the great outdoors and share
the great state of Oklahoma with friends that you know are part of my life and a
kid that’s part of my life so and there is no better way than to go out with
with Brian it’s probably my son’s second favorite thing beside going you know
duck and goose hunting with a brad al back looking forward to next time you
get to go out oh yeah and if we go out again you want to go out with Brian
right yeah boom bill records he wants to go out with Spoonbill records so all
right man fantastic time looking forward to the next adventure but my son had a
blast he had a great time Brian was very very good with them taught him how to do
it helped him out it was really really cool my son’s really into that and my
friends were too they wanted to learn they wanted to see what it was all about
it’s not just about the snagging although we did get to snag some
monsters right some prehistoric beasts but it’s about the adventure it’s about
learning it’s about getting outside with friends and family and this is one of
those adventures that I’ll never forget lucky lure Tech Oklahoma’s premier
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the web at ll tackle com we’d like to thank our sponsors 88
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can be I say yes sir say yes ma’am
and I’m proud to be Who I am

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  • Okie Outdoorsman says:

    Ive always done it from the bank.
    Ft Gibson dam or the low water dam by pryor.
    Its more of a fight and a hell of a workout

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