Recreation’s New Look

Recreation’s New Look

(Old fashioned music plays) Recreationally useful to the public… (Modern music breaks in) The future is here. Recreation in America has a new look on our
public lands. It’s about time our government got up to speed. Over the last fifty years technology has changed
the way we enjoy the outdoors. We need to keep pace to give our visitors
to our public lands the best experience possible. This means everything from better facilities
to improved wi-fi coverage. And it means improved access . Our public
lands must be accessible to everyone and enjoyed by all. So go out and enjoy our public lands. At the Department of the Interior, recreation
is back. (music ends) (sound of motorbikes)

37 thoughts on “Recreation’s New Look”

  • Better WiFi you say? Seems odd. Great message and I hope that it holds true. Great video and thank you for hearing all of us in our need for equal access.

  • AWESOME!! As an aging American, I am unable to hike and depend on motorized recreation for my responsible use of our PUBLIC lands!!
    Hooray and Thank you!

  • Richard Schmidt says:

    Very happy to see the "open arms" for motorized vehicles! Let's continue to promote safe and responsible motorized vehicle riding!

  • Thank you, DOI for moving into the 21st century. Great video. For many of the forest and public land users motorized access is the only method they have to access the back country.

  • We appreciate you speaking to the importance of ADA/equal access and for the clips showing off-road vehicles. There is no question that OHV is a great way to encourage families to visit public lands and to recreate together. Those children will grow up appreciating the outdoors and all of its forms of recreation. OHV also allowed my wheelchair-bound mother to access some of these amazing places. Well done!

  • Finally! so refreshing to hear the federal government finally listening to a majority of the public rather then special interest groups..!!! Great video

  • Great to see our public lands being enjoyed by all types of recreation. It's a big country to share. Families that play together from infants to elderly rely on many modes of recreation good to see the DOI recognize how important this is. I see 2 thumbs down already don't worry we will still share our trails with you mid age hikers and cross country skiers.

  • Well Done! Really encouraging to see all forms of outdoor recreation represented and a common sense approach.

  • Great video. Thank you for showing all of the different methods to how we can access our public lands! it is imperative that we have equal access for all types of transportation so that everyone can enjoy what this great country's land has to offer.

  • Ty VanHooydonk says:

    Dirt bikes in an Interior video? MEGA COOL. So good to see all kinds of outdoor recreation recognized and encouraged across our great country. Happy summer!

  • Finally!!! I have a crippled leg and the only way for me to see the backcountry is on my dirt bike. Ive been watching our trails get closed over the last 25 yrs, this is really good news.

  • Thank DOI !! Fantastic !!! This is our land and about time we are able to see and enjoy it. Thank you again ! And thank Mr Trump for us too.

  • carl atamanczyk says:

    Now we need to get the Department of Agriculture / US Forest Service on board to reopen OHV trail opportunities that have bee closed over the past 40 years.

  • Love this new direction! Well done DOI, there are many ways to enjoy nature and our public lands and you've captured them well.

  • Great video – recognition of off-road vehicles access to public lands and "real" people. – good job and refreshing to see.

  • RideNow Austin says:

    This is awesome. A big thank you to the US Department of the Interior for recognizing there are millions of us that love and enjoy powersports, and we need more access to the great public lands our country has available (especially here in Texas). We are responsible riders who tread lightly and respect these environments. Keep it up!

  • Jennifer Stubblefield says:

    It is refreshing to see all forms of recreation included. Hiking, Biking, Horeseback, Climbing, Hunting, Fishing, Rafting, OHV Access, ADA/Equal Access, and Dog friendly. Keep those public lands open for all to enjoy !

  • UAR OFF ROAD AND ROCK HOUND of Utah now know why we voted for President Trump. We hope this will extend to opening the Angels Arch Road, Canaan Mountain Road, Paria Canyon Road and many others closed by so called Wilderness, Wilderness Study Areas and Government agencies. Thank you for considering the young, handicapped, and old.

  • Curt McDowell says:

    Thank you for supporting all forms of land access including motorized which is very important to me and many of my friends. We don't need Wi-Fi though. 🙂

  • Blaine Schuttler says:

    Great to see them recognizing that we all need access to public lands for recreation, whether it be mechanized or non-mechanized. Now they just need to instill these same values and visions of future uses to each state and ensure that access remains to "ALL" rather than catering to one special interest group.

  • The video and messaging is great, but don’t fool yourselves… the BLM is still actively taking trails away in Arizona and not developing new ones to address user demand. Just another political message with not substance.

  • What a great video! So inspiring. Thank you for including dirt bikes and motorized vehicles. It's a great way to see the outdoors. Plus, most of us are also very keen about keeping the area open and nice for others. TREAD Lightly!

  • Jess McKinley says:

    Wow! Kudos to the DOI for finally listening to THE PEOPLE! Responsible use and motorized access and enjoyment of our public lands can be a beautiful and harmonious thing!

  • Chris Waller says:

    Ryan Zinke is a bad ass who supports our motorized recreation and I'm proud to have him as our Secretary of Interior.

  • I’ll believe it when I see it…Congress keeps giving legislative power to small agencies, and they regulate everything to death. “What’s that you say? You want to do what? Enjoy the outdoors? Not if we can help it! We make everything illegal until nothing is left to regulate!”

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