Recreational Weed Coming To New York

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  • I'm like Kyle Kulinski. I don't care how my ideas are implemented or by who. 1930s and 1940s literally Hitler himself could bring in Medicare 4 All and I'd give him credit for that.

  • Here in Washington State, I've helped friends on the black market for years and now I take them to pot shops. Every time I've gone into a shop for recreational marijuana, it's full of older people getting advice on how to treat their illnesses. Frankly, it's awesome.

  • The Rεal Hal Jordan says:

    blacks get caught with weed more often because they are arrested for other crimes and happen to have weed on them. White people don't commit crime as much and tend to leave their weed at home

  • If you're approaching this from the perspective of criminal justice, you would need to include all drugs…just like if you want to save lives from addiction (since marijuana isn't killing anyone)…Can we please expand the discussion with reference to Portugal's decriminalization of all drugs? Is that possible in "law-and-order" America?

  • they should let people who have weed convictions have legit businesses. they should let them out of prison and give them business admin classes and licenses to sell. that would be 2018-2019 reparations.

  • We set free everyone incarcerated immediately, freeing up all the costs of imprisoning non violent pot smokers. And then we pay restitution to the broken families caused by this unjust law with the taxes collected from pot smokers….lets try strengthen our society for once

  • I've said it before, I'll say it again. All recreational drugs need to go. They cause nothing but pain, misery, and death, all in the name of lining some corporate parasite's pocket. Marijuana is no different.

  • Anthony Betancourt says:

    I’ll believe it when I see it TYT! NY law enforcement lobbies will throw fits because legal weed means less crimes to arrest making it harder to get promoted 👮‍♂️👮🏻‍♂️👮🏾‍♀️

  • Space-Cadet David 'Spanky Bonespurs' Dennison : says:

    New York also plan to overturn their Nunchuck ban from the 1970s (because of popular Kung Fu movies at the time). I’m looking forward to watching stoned nunchucking nutcracking videos in the new year on YouTube.
    Girl Scouts Cookie Cartel rubbing their hands in glee, probably stocking up right now…

  • RealWorldNews247 Real News, Progressive News says:

    He misspoke, he said Medical MJ.. The report didnt say medical it said Recreational… Smoke another one! LOL

  • Zokizzy Foshizzy says:

    When they legalize it, they better let out every fucking non-violent convict who was incarcerated for simply being in contact with marijuana. Sick sadistic bastard cops!

  • When the racist weed law is mentioned it should be repealed because before the early 1900's weed was legal since the universe began. Cannabis was made illegal as a tool to punish minorities because white people in power felt threatened by blacks and Hispanics. Anybody that keeps cannabis on schedule 1 is a freaking racist and it's illegal for me to say what should be done to them.

  • Cuomo never wanted to legalize marijuana.upstate ny never wanted to legalize it.. nyc and Long Island wanted to legalize marijuana..Cuomo played the daddy game on the issue until Cynthia Nixon showed him that the majority wanted legal marijuana.. he even opposed medical marijuana… look at the medical law.. he made it almost impossible

  • Should those abolisionists convicted for transporting fleeing slaves be released from prison afyer Lincoln confirmed their positions? Should Germans who refused to gas Jews be freed from German prisons after Hitler lost? Should Jews who support genocide against Palestinians be hung as war criminals when/if Palestine is finally established? Should Bush be tried as a war criminal given the lies leading to Iraq? Should Trump be hung for dooming humanity to extinction due to his position on global warming? We have many reasons to prosecute or pardon criminals, and if we're to thrive as a society, compassion, peace and forgiveness should guide our way. After all, everytime I click a TYT link I have to be prepared to forgive Cenk for his non-stop childish slash cenk speech when we all know its supposed to be slash brooke to avoid last…just not be last…and I'm always prepared to forgive John for not discussing "The Worst" possible schedule of climate milestones, which every good risk management analysis should do…but he won't. Need help pal?

  • I hope and pray that my generation the last of the baby boomers born between 1960 and 1971 are the last generation to see this bull s***. The laws were never written for people of color… black men… or the non property owner. We have always been criminalized from the Fugitive Slave Act to Stop and frisk. Now after all of the land is in the hands of the majority and all the hard property and financial currency is in the hands of the suppressor the best the Gov, of New York can do is say hell yea now you people can stay in a cannatonic state HIGH for now on. We should get a set aside of at least 75% of the business in New York…..for at least 99 years so that we can heal our wounds from slavery …Jim Crow… Civil Rights/wrongs….. Stop the bait and switch. There is always a catch to this agenda and we are always the ones getting our head split at the end of the day….just my opinion,

  • Looks like Cynthia Nixon's campaign for governor at least had the effect of moving Cuomo way to the left on some issues. In fact, in that statement about legalizing recreational marijuana because of the effective two-tiered criminal justice system its prohibition has created, he could almost be quoting from her campaign speeches. As a NYer I wish she'd won, but this is still a good start. Now when do we get free tuition at CUNY?

  • Keeping people in jails and prisons for pot offences after legalization would be like making slavery illegal but deciding everyone still a slave at that point would remain so until they die or ending the death penalty and still killing off those who already were sentenced to death.

  • See.what nikki freid? The agri commish for fl did thus far..
    Btw she got heat for banking canna biz. So lame that pos rik scott.

  • Funny how libtards hate big corporation and capitalism but there up in arms with government taking advantage of them everyday

  • I smoked weed once. It made me go crazy and let a group of homeless guys run a train on me behind a Dunkin Doughnuts dumpster. Don’t smoke weed , it will make you gay for homeless dudes.

  • This is so boring just legalize it already and move on grow up it's not hard to figure out if you treated like alcohol you buy it you go home you smoke you mind your business common sense

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