Recreational marijuana sales at Exclusive Ann Arbor

A lot is going on today. So it’s the
first day of recreational sales and we’re very, very excited about it. We’ve
made that, we made that first transaction and so it’s now open to all adults 21
and over with a valid ID and we’re really excited for it. Everything was
transferred properly from the medical to the recreational side. It’s just been
a long road and we’re very, very thankful to all our employees, the entire staff
and team here at Exclusive because they just absolutely did a phenomenal job. We
had to transfer our inventory from medical to recreational. That was the
only way to get products on the recreational side and so in order to do
that we had to make sure everything was logged properly in our systems, in metric,
which is the statewide monitoring system and then make sure everything was
transferred over. Transfers were supposed to be done at 10:00 a.m. this morning so
it’s what we did. So we got that transferred over and we got that first
transaction made right at ten o’clock so it was amazing. On the recreational side there
is a chance that there will be a shortage just with the popularity with
the excitement and everything that’s going on. It will be our number one
priority to keep the medical side completely safe, adequately stocked.
We’ll never starve the medical side to feed that recreational side. So if there
is a shortage on the recreational side that will be very unfortunate but it’s
our number one priority to make sure the medical side never has a shortage.

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