Recreational marijuana is now legal in Michigan

Recreational marijuana is now legal in Michigan

all righty can thank you it is 6:30 to and if you mentioned the numbers 420 a lot of people will think about weed well after today the numbers 12 6 might become popular well that’s because that is today’s date and that is the official date that recreational use of marijuana and Michigan is legal but there are so many stipulations that you need to know local force where I Bologna joins us now with all the details good morning Rob yeah good morning ruddy you know this is sort of like when medical marijuana first came upon the scene and there were a lot of things that weren’t understood a lot of rules that changed at the last minute sort of a moved goalpost the rules were a little squishy and law enforcement was having difficulty doing the enforcement people didn’t understand it well same things happening here today as marijuana becomes legal recreationally today last night at Kelly’s Irish pub and Dearborn they served up drinks but a lot of the patrons there were thinking about this morning December 6 2018 means what for you hopefully relief done Barnhouse is among the men you voted to make recreational marijuana legal in Michigan you grow it in your house or have about two and a half ounces sounds like you’re ready I’m ready but our use police want smokers to know there are clear restrictions William Riley is Inkster is police chief if you go out here and you feel that you got you got a dry and play puff or pass all I can tell you is so sad too bad you’re gonna wind up blocked up Riley warns those looking to light up joints this new freedom is the same as any other recreational substance treated like alcohol and in your chances of running afoul of the law very very slim and that means you must be 21 to smoke and like alcohol smoking and driving under the influence will get you jailed and just as important puffing in public can get you locked up as well you cannot go set in the park and open up a slit and drink that in public so you can’t go set in depart and fire up a joint now other states like Colorado have found this out it’s gonna take some time to sort of figure out the ground rules on both sides law enforcement and the user side and so this will get probably quite interesting as the days proceed as we try and figure out what the rules really are back to you well and while you can grow it and smoke it in your home you can’t sell it and you can’t buy recreational marijuana right right exactly you you have to get it from somebody else who has it or grows it you can’t pay for it which begs the question then why was it legalized if they were looking to tax it and make money off of it so like I said there is a lot to work out here yeah that may be something down the road in the next couple of years as we’ve seen in other states that have legalized it to definitely stay on top of it rod thank you

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  • I don't understand how they treat weed like alcohol when it comes to driving I know marijuana effects people differently but if your a veteran smoker you know you can drive just as well high as you can sober and I'm sure before too long we will have lab test to prove that

  • We used make pretty good cars, toys, clothes and manufacture all sorts of things here in the US. Now we make weed for taxation purposes, yay! Proud to be an American.

  • Look on the bright side the tax dollars will go to the schools and maybe a few less potholes. Also, think about all the different strains you can by your stoner friends for Christmas. You can finally get your son or daughter that bong they always wanted, providing they're 21 of course, but hey what's a couple of years.

  • SandiandBodiandI Bodi says:

    How hard is that? Dont smoke and drive and the shops will be open in 2020. A shop owner in Michigan explained that

  • Ever notice it starts where the population is mostly white 🤔 its so funny the gov’t allows you devils to benefit off something African Americans and hispanics were, and still incarcerated for selling 😂😂😂😂😂 They set you guys up with big grow houses, mobil units and clinics……. let you make a lot of money, while saying its good for the economy. Hypocrites!!!!!!! Must be Christians as well, 👌🏾👌🏾. Make America Great Again 😇

  • There is no science that explains its benefits, unless you consider this to be science.

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  • Finally it is realized that marijuana is not harmful but that will not stop our local gov from becoming the worst drug dealer on the block. Cheaper on the black market till it hits a reasonable price!

  • Dr.philgud 4.24/7 says:

    How dare they in Michigan compare marijuana to alcohol it's okay to smoke cigarettes outside but not marijuana I know you can drink in public but getting drunk and stoned are two totally different mindsets

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