Recreational Flyers: Get Airspace Authorizations with LAANC

Recreational Flyers — if you fly your
drone for fun, you can now get a near real-time airspace authorization with
the expansion of the LAANC capability. For many of you, this expansion means that you
will have greater access to controlled airspace. Along with our industry partners, we are
committed to integrating drones safely into the airspace, and we have
worked hard to develop automated airspace applications for Recreational Flyers. Today, I’m thrilled to announce that AirMap,
UASidekick, and KittyHawk have been approved to provide LAANC services for Recreational Flyers. To learn more, go to our website where you
can find links to our service providers, and also access our drone webinar series, that
contains a lot of important information about how to operate safely. Fly safe and have fun! Website:

Drone Webinar Series:

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