Recreational Flights In Controlled Airspace – Remote Pilot 101

Recreational Flights In Controlled Airspace – Remote Pilot 101

“music” Hey RemotePilot101, Jason here We’ve known for a long time that you shouldn’t just directly call up an air traffic control tower and ask for permission to enter or fly into their airspace. There is a system for that. This is why the LANCE System was created This is why we have authorizations and even waivers for long term airspace authorizations. So, the FAA recently had this, we’ll call it, secret memo surface and it essentially said just that, but it was talking about in reference to recreational pilots. Let me show you that memo here and I’ll read it to you real quick. I’m skipping down to paragraph 3 Air traffic facilities should not authorize or approve any recreational flight. The purpose of this implementation plan is to diminish the need for calls to towers from any recreational operator requesting to fly in controlled airspace. The authorization restrictions for recreational UAS operators will be the National Authorization for fixed sites and controlled airspace as detailed below and it goes through to detail where we can actually fly, model fields, everything else in the systems we can go through. This is talking about recreational pilots. We know we go through LANCE or some sort of authorization system The problem that was happening was all these Rec pilots we’ll call them were wanting to operate in this little Class Delta airspace and picked up the phone and call the tower and the tower operators, the air traffic controllers, were complaining they were spending more time on the phone talking to Drone pilots then they were looking at the Radar or looking outside for manned airplanes as well, which is what they were paid to do. They’re really paid to control all the airspace so they have to balance all those plates is what they’re really doing. Where they want to focus though with the Part 107 operators, their authorizations, if they even need to speak to them at all. Usually you don’t, so recreation pilots, there’s this memo, I imagine the FAA is going to announce it soon, this came out on May the 11th, it was leaked. We don’t know when this will become law or how this will become law, but it’s something I want you watching for. Most of you watching us are Part 107 commercial operators but I know that you have some friends who fly recreationally who might be calling tower. Let them know that, hey you’re not going to get away with that much longer, there’s other ways to get through this. There’s going to be a link to this “secret” memo we’ll call it beneath this video as well if you want to read it in it’s entirety. I know you’ll have some questions about this just like last week when we dissected ADSB and everything else, so please leave myself and this great team here at a comment on YouTube, on Facebook and you know you will get a response from us and we can’t wait to read you comments. We’ll see ya.

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  • I have a question: Using the FAA remote pilot visual map for the Charlotte Class B airspace it shows what altitude the recreational pilot can fly his drone correct? Areas within the class b show 400ft ceiling for drone operators and some show zero. Am I reading this correctly?

  • Thanks Jason. Can you do a video about reporting illegal drone operations and how to stop them. I know 3 different people flying commercial without a license and really burns me up.

  • The trouble with the LAANC as I see it is that most still are not LAANC cleared. 75% still say "coming soon". Two years now?

  • I believe that the FAA recently stated that LAANC is for part 107 certified pilots only. Recreational operators/pilots aren't "allowed" to use it at this time. (please correct me if I'm wrong)

  • The FAA's Before U Fly and Kiithawk are about to combine together with the LAANC, I think it will be a good thing. I have my part 107, but to be honest all these constant rule changes are a bit overwhelming. But it wil be good to have one solid app people can use instead adding this one for this , that one for that etc etc. They are making it hard for people who are trying to play by the rules, hobbyist and 107 pilots. And i am sure its affecting a lot of people interested in just purchasing a drone, knowing they have to go through all these changes, If i wasn't already invested, i would certainly say, F-IT hahaha


    Ok so we try to be compliant by calling and then we became a problem so FAA SHOVES US IN A CLOSET AND SHUTS THE DOOR. THANKS FAA. Mr. Shappert. Please forgive my negative comment. I have been thinking about getting my part 107 license more for the educational learning experiance than for any kind of work or buissness. However I’m not sure if I want to be that heavily involved with the FAA and the government in general. Do you think someday your team will come up with a recreational pilot learning program for a reasonable price that will give us the knowledge we need as well. I would love to have that knowledge without being involved with the FAA. I realize we would not have the same rights as commercially licensed pilots but at least we would be as well educated about our airspace in general. Maybe it could be called an advanced recreational pilots license. Just a thought. Please let me know what you think. And thanks so much for stepping forward for us as sUAS pilots. It would be nice to have a card that you could show you took that extra step to be safe. Thanks for all you and your team do for us. Scott Collins Naples Florida.

  • The question i have about class d airspace. That airspace starts at 4000 ft. And up. Im flying 400ft or less. My question is. Do i still need permission if im flying "under" class d airspace sector that is 4000 ft and up. Technically im not in the airspace. Unless im real close to the airport which has it going to ground level. (Upside down wedding cake). My location is under the higher limit.

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