Recreation Center Tour

Recreation Center Tour

Hi everyone! My name is Isabelle and I’m a UCSB Department of Recreation student employee. Today we’re going to be taking a virtual tour of our UCSB Recreation Center. Alright, here we have our recreation Student Employee Office where you can learn more about sport clubs and intramurals. We’ve got our Customer Service Center where you can buy memberships, as well as passports, classes, and intramurals. Remember to check in at the Rec Cen with your student ID. Next up we’ve got our Rec Cen store where you can rent equipment, as well as buy any snacks. Alright! And here in our main hallway we’ve got tons of cardio equipment from treadmills to stair steppers, as well as bikes. And in addition, we’ve got our racquetball courts. Across from Fitness Center 1, you’ll find the Main Gym where tons of Gauchos come to play pick-up basketball. We’ve got our Pavilion Gym where you can enjoy free quarterly yoga nights, as well as pickup basketball and table tennis. Here we have the MAC, also known as the Multi-Activity Court, where you can play pick-up basketball, indoor soccer, as well as futsal. We’ve got a second set of locker rooms located in the MAC. Here we have one of two fitness centers where we’ve got tons of treadmills, cardio equipment, weightlifting equipment, and stretching areas. We’ve got our Climbing Center which is free for all UCSB students where you can do trapeze as well as aerial silks, hoops, and of course, climbing. Next we’ve got our pool where we’ve got an Olympic sized pool, as well as the 25 meter pool, a 16-person jacuzzi, a diving center, as well as log rolling. We have four Rec Cen fields where we have our club teams play, our intramurals play, as well as tons of Gauchos who come to just play pick-up. Here in Rob Gym – Room 1430, several of our fitness classes are held. Finally, we have Rob Gym where we hold intramurals, annual events like the dodgeball tournament, men and women’s volleyball team practices, as well as ES classes. And that concludes our tour today. Thank you for joining me and I hope that you get to experience all that Recreation has to offer!

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  • Nice video. It would be great to have a more in-depth review of some of the new equipment in the MAC, like the floating balance discs, 45 degree mini-trampoline, metal ladders, etc. I went in the other day and had never seen this equipment before in any gym. The internet didn't seem to know much about it, either.

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