7 thoughts on “Recreation at the BLM”

  • Michael Foster says:

    The BLM is just like any other government office; two faced liars that want people to think they are doing a good thing with our tax money.

    We don't want you spending our tax money on depleting our Mustangs! We want you to get your lazy ass out there and feed them! That's what we pay you for! We don't pay you to take them away! You are the Bureau of Land MANAGEMENT ! Manage it! Not change it! America has had enough of that stupid change. We want our country and our Mustangs back!

  • Hey Michael, you are very misinformed. Did you know the BLM actually brings in more revenue then it spends? BLM has a 1 billion dollar budget, and brings in more then 5 billion annually in revenue. I would say the BLM is far from being a lazy and worthless government organization.

  • michael grace says:

    stop charging people to graze on american owned land we are americans and pay our taxes. you go bundy in navada stand strong with them arms!!

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