Recreating Iconic Celebrity Couples Photos

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  • This is probably my favorite video this far! The Britney and Justin one, just yesss! Loved it 😂 so cute please cont.!

  • Nicole Fetcenko says:

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  • ImJessicaOlivia says:

    Subbed for fashion as I’m curvy and adore your tips! When you said there’s a statue of the sailor kissing a woman in your city, I knew you must be in the same city. Even more cool! Going to sub your vlog channel too! TFS great videos!

  • Jennifer Miles says:

    Sierra the a star is born photo of you and Stephen is also my favorite, you two look so cute together, it would be cool to see Stephen do more videos with you on your channel and not just the vlogging channel

  • Ohhh my gahhddd!! Allison!! That’s so crazy I went to high school with her she’s so incredibly talented in Theater and the arts!

  • I'm glad you addressed the consent issue. I've seen the photo before but not given it too much thought. However, when I was looking at it in this video, I realized that the body language was rough and she looked dominated. I'd never noticed the way his arm was hooked around her neck. That looks truly awful. I appreciate you realizing that too, researching it, and discussing it! And I'm glad y'alls kiss was a consensual, safe one.

  • I live in Sarasota FL and we have a statue of this as well! You did a great job explaining the consent issue and I’m glad you knew about that! All 3 of the photos are absolutely wonderful and you both look amazing, your love for each other definitely shows!! Love these videos and all your videos, can’t wait for the next one!!

  • Thank you for acknowledging that the original sailor photo was not consensual on her part. That is why she isn't touching him. She wasn't expecting it. She didn't know him. That was very acceptable behaviour then. If a man wanted it, then who was she to say no. It was a moment of overwhelming euphoria, an iconic moment of history. It's important to note the story behind it.

  • Anna Elizabeth says:

    The "kissing sailor" just passed last month:

  • Kimberlee Rose says:

    I love your body positivity! I am also your size and short… I feel so body conscious all the time and try to hide it but your photos make me feel like you know what I can look sexy at my size 😊

  • Veronique Winter says:

    Your recreation of the 'A Star is Born' photo is absolutely incredible. You can really just see the love you share on both your faces.

  • Crystal Radcliffe says:

    Thank you for sharing the history of the WWII photo! You explained it perfectly, and I agree your and Stephen's recreation is beautiful because it was consensual <3 You guys did a great job!

  • I would like to point out that if you really look at the women's pose in the WWII pic, its obvious that it's not consensual, as you pointed out its uncomfortable and if she had known him that dangling arm would more likely have been on his shoulder for support. It's a classic example of a woman enduring till its over, and as a person who has had this happened to her, Men hands off. The worst part for me is that I had people who witnessed it ask me why I didn't kiss the guy back, gee I don't know maybe because I don't know him.

  • Thank you for acknowledging the kids photo but look into it some more and try to put yourselves in their shoes. The woman was not offended because when the war was over the man just saw a nurse and was so thankful. Back then people were WAY more affectionate towards each other then now and at the time it was not looked down upon. This does not make the action right but it’s unfair for people to paint it as how it would be in today’s political climate.

  • I just keep thinking you need better bras . . . i'm all about huge bras but i'm sure you could find firmer support?

  • I discovered your channel last week and I have to say I love it. I love the style of you video's and the work you put in to it. Also the message you're trying to give to your viewers, is beautiful just like you are. You became my favorite youtuber.

  • Love these photo's! Thank you for addressing the picture being non- consensual and giving a bit of history. And also.. Where did you find those oxford heels?! I'm obsessed!

  • Samirah Bacai says:

    It’s great that you mentioned the lack of consent issue as looking at it I kept wondering the same thing.

  • Rays Editing says:

    You’re so underrated and such an amazing YouTuber!
    Any time that there is a teachable moment you teach your viewers valuable lessons unlike some youtubers these days. You inspire thick/curvey/big girls that you can rock your curves and be beautiful and big. There needs to be more people like you! Have a nice day ❤️

  • Very interesting to watch the "behind the scenes" stuff. I didn't know the last photo, for me the iconic picture of a kiss is Le Baiser de l’Hôtel de Ville (The Kiss by the Hôtel de Ville) by the French photographer Robert Doisneau. Could I suggest that for the next series?

  • OMG I love you!! I have been watching all of your "recreate" photos videos and I love them. I am a victim of rape and sexual assault and was kind of bummed when I saw you choose the kissing photo because the #metoo movement has really documented how women have been sexually assaulted since forever and no one really cares to see that. So I am SO happy you talked about it!!

  • Rogene Castro says:

    Okayyyy… I know that this video is about recreating celebrity couples photos but likeeee….. can we take a moment to appreciate her friend who is a seamstress and made her a freaking dress?!! Also, can we appreciate how dang pretty she is?!!!! Although, to be fair, they're all pretty sooooooo….

  • Thank you so much for addressing the fact that the kissing pose was nonconsensual. I think it was made even more clear by how awkward and uncomfortable it was for you to recreate the pose. Thank you for clarifying on the history of the photo for your viewers 🙂

  • It was weird to hear you talk ab how awkward & uncomfortable you felt & how she was not putting much into it like he was. Knowing the history of the photo plus seeing it being recreated w/o you having that knowledge before hand I think highlights more how uncomfortable & awkward it must have been for her. I’m so so glad you talked about it though.

  • Savannah Tatianna says:

    Who else noticed that he did not say “I’m so glad he did”. His lips were not moving LOL hahahahaha 7:14–7:17

  • Melissa coviello says:

    So classy and important that you acknowledged that the kids by the soldier wasn’t consensual. I appreciate that that mattered to you. You guys looked stunning in a three photos. So much fun!!!

  • This was such a fun video, please do another one! I would love to get Will on board to do one of these but not sure I could get him to lol <3 – Sheri

  • i was so hoping that you'd mention the sexual assault that occurred with that picture and i was very happy that you did! i recently learned about that a few years ago and it made me sick to my stomach how overly-romanticized the image had been. there's even a gigantic statue in a neighboring city to mine where tourists often take photos recreating it and i've even taken a photo in front of it as a child without knowing the true story. i admire you speaking up about it and continuing to include it in the video rather than scrapping it completely or just not mentioning it. as someone who's been a victim of this sort of sexual assault, being grabbed and kissed without my consent, that was a really important moment for me so thank you.

  • Elizabeth Johnson says:

    I had no idea that the WW2 photo was non consensual, thank you for speaking up about it and educating your audience!

  • Love your A Star is Born outtakes. Just showed your genuine love of one another!!! Hope you made a collage of those on a wall somewhere

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