PUBLIC LAND BUCK at 10 YARDS! On the board in IOWA! – DEER TOUR E23

PUBLIC LAND BUCK at 10 YARDS! On the board in IOWA! – DEER TOUR E23

we’re late like real late on that you do just
spooking my fire they get to curious my oh we are I think we might just walk straight in
and set up on this trail I think it’ll fit you can’t see anything but we can shoot well it’s just after five o’clock and
like I said at the car we are late what was there seven deer on the field when
we got your logan they were all those and I just tried to spook them as fast
as we could I don’t wanna get too curious and then they start blowing and
running around but they just trot it back in the woods and as soon as they
did Logan and I just kind of rushed up here because I knew that they probably
just come right back out and sure enough we had two fawns comes here already as
we were setting up so our winds get it’s kind of just blowing right back out
towards this field and I’d expect these does that we spooked off earlier to be
back out any minute here I can actually see one on the field right now but we
got a northwest wind and last night had drove by this field when it was just
about dark there’s five bucks out on the south alpha field and all of them looked
like something I might shoot one for sure that I would shoot in fact I got a
camera up on the private kind of the way we access to get in here closer to the
road on the field I checked that the other day and I know that there’s for
sure a buck in here that I’ll shoot so hopefully he’s coming off the public
here and he comes by tonight this is the spot that we got permission to access
the public land through and we’re right on the border of it tonight just based
off the way things have been going this year kind of learning that we probably
don’t have to push in quite as far right off the bat here especially if it’s a
spot that we don’t think it’s been pressured and I think this one
definitely hasn’t been based off what I saw last night on that field we got a
fence opening with a couple scrapes right back behind us where these deer
going through and we’re kind of sitting right at the top of the ridge where
these deer filter out on this field we got this drainage to our east that kind
of pinches them up within 20 yards and then the big main trail on the ridge
here is about 25 yards so should have at least somebody come by and range tonight
and there was well used buck bedding areas on both sides when we scouted it
two summers ago this summer we saw tons of Bucks out on this field and it just
seems like this pretty high density of nice Bucks in here this great weather in
October is continuing and I think somebody’s gonna have a legit chance at
something tonight sounds like there’s another one coming
Logan Right here Logan little bit nice buck best
maybe shooter that’s that goofy one you on him you on him good yeah watch listen I
might fall right there did you see him walking yep this is soon after I kept it I just
gotta watch for a bit here I’m trying to learn from me and debts
miss mistake there he did walk away and I never did see him fall and I had it
tucked right up against that shoulder we got plenty of time here so we’re
probably just gonna get down I think and wait til Greg and Zach and Ted get back
to the house here tonight and watch this footage on the big screen but just it’s
awesome I haven’t been able to do an update but I guess you guys can see
those dogs were real sketched out because Logan and I made a real big
mistake when we walked in here I wanted to set up a little bit further into the
timber but we went too far this was the right tree help me come over the fence
and just came right straight to this tree we wouldn’t been fine but we got
our ground set out in front of us there and they were all acting kind of funny
and I was worried that have a nice buck came in that he would really get funny
but you walked right over the top of it we see that a lot it seems like to just
be the deers personality some bucks even big bucks just don’t seem to care for
him in Iowa when we’re in Missouri last year we had that big one come in that he
shot at he got kind of sketched out and then a couple minutes later we had one
rock walked right by right through our ground scent so I’m pretty jacked I
didn’t have time to get nervous and that was one that we had on camera right up
by the road there that’s actually gonna be my first public land buck with a bow
we’re gonna have to go back and watch it again how would I like to see him fall
right there I mean he just slowed down and he looked like he was hurting pretty
bad but I don’t know I’d like to see him go down he will stop there for a while
and then I just kind of walked off so we’re gonna have to kind of be a little
cautious here all right well we’re gonna go grab the
arrow maybe look at a little bit of blood but I last saw I’m not too far
away so we’re just gonna sneak out go watch the footage kind of consult with
the guys and we also want to get out of here just because every single deer
walked by within 20 yards on that same trail so I think this would be a pretty
good spot for Greg to come in here and whack one with the recurve it’s pretty
bright I think it exited maybe through liver but that’s that looks good up
there we got in here and there’s all these fresh rubs we had walked kind of
to where that one was didn’t see a tree we hop back up in this oak right over my
shoulder not very high up but I was just facing where I could shoot sitting down
Logan was right over my shoulder on the backside of the tree we knew that was
right tree but like I said we just kind of messed up walking through there but
ended up working out still I’m just gonna kind of look at some blood here
then we’re gonna back out it’s real brights got bubbles in it so Logan and I
are pretty pumped ready I’m probably just gonna send that picture to him and
not answer him for a little while make him wonder I got that goofy thing I
think yeah oh probably 40 minutes ago oh yeah he’s like
he was like 10 yards we didn’t see him fall but I mean there’s good bright red
blood and hit him like perfect up-and-down it might just be just a
touch back but I could see blood I can see blood pouring out of him when he was
walking away ten yards well Logan and I are gonna head back to town
I think Mindy’s got some food we’re gonna be tracking tonight so if
let’s just got it done so Logan and I can eat and then when everybody else
gets back we’ll be back down here so we’ll see you at the house yeah ready
get ready cuz we gotta track I told Greg when he left who’s like you know they’re
gonna shoot one tonight it’s a cold and rainy it’s probably like five miles back
in there no he ain’t you better okay unless you’re in real far which I hope you might as well make it I think we
good okay you know it’s cold enough out that we probably other guys know yeah yeah there’s a lot of blood just that
point now where I was wondering cuz he is quarter to a little bit coming in
close yeah coming in hot what about perfect for your recurves and I never
did that but I wish it was a little bit close to the shoulder need a higher you
know few inches up and a few inches forward I didn’t I didn’t know he was
accorded to that much when I shot but I never saw anybody really right not as
quartering to it and we’re low in the tree so like the angles good the back of
the left lung and it’s I thought to probably liver and there was a stomach
manner yeah there yeah it was like half the the top half the air was bright red
and the bottom at the Arrowwood still well it’s starting to spit a little snow
and we’re just trying to get this deer card situation figured out got one pin
don’t have the other one so I think we’re going to try to Ratchet it
together it’s been about four hours and we’re gonna go try to find them now it’s
starting to spit snow like I said so these guys went and got what five six
coffees so we’ll all be caffeinated and ready to drag this thing out hopefully
if just we can get this together we might have to drag it and set a roll it hey there folks were loaded up we got
hot coffees put a little bit of vanilla in there for this one going kind of the
wimpy version but you know what a little sweet drink warm up here we go or
looking to track what do you think about the snow I hate it
wow man I’m mad about it yeah I’m sitting in the heat
letting the snow and my rollers window back up I can’t handle it I wish I could get dragged out like this
cuz out that’s gonna have to be taken to the stand every time we hunt now
alright you know I think that’s it Hold’em let’s do this well we’re gonna start slowing down now
I think it’s just gonna be me and somebody else kind of working up front
and then everybody else will stay with last blood why didn’t ox right up there
in the blood just went pretty much straight north and I can see him for 80
yards so we got a pretty good idea of where you want yeah there’s a lot of bubbles in there
okay bunch of it here I see this track right there and blood well
we’ve learned about 80 yards and bloods good I wouldn’t say it’s great but he’s
kind of just found this main deer trail so the covers starting to get the
thicker up here and we’re hoping he just laid down in this thicker cover and he’s
gonna be right over this hill there’s some blood here it’s a fair
amount right here Greg some more blood here he’s kind of going on this trail right
here it looks like I’m just gonna start tracking it no I think so too Zack you maybe go that way I’ll go this
way we got something here more up here I think he’d go up there to set up for the wind
better cuz I’m gonna say go back back when did his back there’s a small
secondary off yes there was that finger there that was kind of got a sauna for
sure there’s two nothing that laid down in there might just be going right back
to the bedding came from you know wait a second man would walk right by this big
realm that the bride where he came up from right here something oh yeah a
little turn around again I don’t know if bloods dwindling off and maybe he just
took a couple steps in the direction we didn’t expect to but I got on this deer
trail where this big route this and jump out get back on what here so hopefully
just follows this path here now it doesn’t throw any loops in this thing bunch more rubs up here he might be
smarter than where he was better than gonna bet back down hopefully well it’s about 11:45 right now and but
it’s kind of piddled off it seems like it’s getting kind of washed away too
with the snow and we’re only kind of finding it on high or vegetation mostly
but he’s been following this same trail for at least 50 yards now and it seems
like he’s just going right back to maybe even the Betty came from there’s been
rubs pretty much throughout the whole blood trail along his path so we’re
hoping he’s either dead in the first better maybe bet it down a couple times
and we find him up here within the next hundred yards well it’s been seven hours now and since
last time we updated you we walked another forty yards maybe but kind of
had ran out and we were just got all stopped and back looked up and said stop
everybody there he is and he’s not in good shape
and legally we can’t do anything about it right now so we’ve been sitting here
for what a half hour at least this is the little point of bowhunting
right here’s I mean yeah we’re gonna get this dear he can not move he came over
standing ten yards on right now well I spent about a half hour and
pretty sure you just expire I’m just gonna go check and make sure here though
I think we’re good yeah thank you little did we know what we are in for
yeah I guess so like what you’re saying now like I think the biggest thing for
me it’s just you know it’s not what you want to go through but it makes you
remember what you’re doing out here and I think that you know as fun as it is to
strategize and stuff like yeah I think you are taking the life of a man of only
it really puts it into perspective and I could never never thought I would be sad
to come up to a buck that I shot and I was very very sad thankful that like the
meat is not gonna go to waste but well right and I think that’s the other thing
too is like it’s worth being out here so you know he he expired at whatever time
with 1:40 I mean if you wait till I mean first light that’s 7:00 in the
morning We heard like 6 coyotes howling
there’s kind of everywhere out here there’s coyotes pretty much across
whitetails range pretty heavily at this point so you know it’s I guess we take
lot of pride and trying to get to these things making sure they’re not gonna go
to waste and everything happened so fast and like I did think he was more
broadside than what it was when he when I shot but and that’s why it’s just you
know important to try to really really focus I mean like like that much
difference yeah two inches and he’s in he’s down and I’m yeah i mean more nice
when he ran off I was like get on him he might fall right there just my
vision of the shot is a hit right where I wanted to I never never had any doubts
that we were gonna find him I guess there’s just as time went on I was kind
of fearing that what was what happened was gonna happen or if we weren’t gonna
find him till tomorrow morning and a coyotes get him you know it’s just
guess it’s just won’t work what we’re dealing with out here just one up one
through the diaphragm I’m actually working out feeling here you just throw
up like I don’t feel good I’m super exhausted but hey let’s get back on it
ain’t gonna get himself out you know what I always say come on Myndi show us what ya got is trapped in hold up so luckily we have
him into here and she’s pretty much just great in the backside and I don’t know I
don’t know what exactly dead to him but he’s back there’s poor Myndi come on Oh no not but it does feel good that I can
actually degrees warmer and I’d be plenty happy he’s all over your trail camera wasn’t
it yeah I know and we just checked it again today and the most consistent buck
on there by far you and I we have a feeling he was the one leaving most of
that sign as we got back into the woods and started tracking him just pretty
much rubs steady all the way up through there kind of where we had scouted two
summers ago you guys kind of had scouted that Ridge side in the back and I were
on the other side but we knew there was good buck betting on both sides of it
I knew that we’d probably be in the cards last night yeah I mean it’s a
great situation a lot of times I think our default mode is to go way back in
yeah whenever we’re hunting but as we learned in Minnesota and as you found on
this particular piece of public land sometimes you don’t have to mm-hmm one
of the big things were always talking about is access creative access and
finding ways to get back in where these deer are at and to hunt them effectively
you know sometimes it’s kayak sometimes it’s walking two and a half three miles
and in this case it was talking to a landowner yeah and that allowed us to
just access right to the field there instead of having to walk through all
the bedding and it ended up just working out on the first sit which is what we
talked about a lot that first sit-in is I mean generally when you’re gonna have
the best shot and just kind of catching them off guard and that’s what we did
last night so everything worked out as far as finding bucks to hunt coming up
with the strategy to get in there and get close and one thing we always learn
from is the shots and the shot wasn’t exactly what you thought it would be or
meaning and what we we thought would happen after we reviewed the footage on
the computer I just didn’t realize that he was quoted to as much as he was and I
guess everything happened so fast in bow hunting and the lesson that we learned
it’s just I had time and the deer was still comfortable I could have just let
him take a few more steps wait for a perfectly broadside or quartering away
shot had I made the shot that I thought I made in my head that deer should have
fallen right there the deer kind of slowed down to a walk and then walked
off so there’s clue number one for somebody that doesn’t have video and
then of course clue number two is the arrow itself
you had good bright blood on it but then also there was some stomach matter in
fat in fat so that tells you that it was back obviously and then a little bit low
so you have those clues you know you need to proceed with caution you know so
like we talked about last night it was a little bit of a reality check as
bowhunters to make 100% sure when you release an arrow that it’s a high
percentage shot and then you can put the animal down quickly yeah I was
definitely a learning experience for me and I think a lot of the guys in the
group and hopefully you guys home even and I hope next time I’m
definitely just going to take that extra couple seconds there let them take that
those extra couple steps to make sure that the shot is perfect yeah I mean bow
hunting is a game of inches and often times a rollercoaster of emotion mm-hmm
that’s exactly what it was last night yeah we’re all happy for you and you
know we started off the deer tour with three bucks down in one week in two
different states and here we’re hunting our home state of Iowa and it took a
couple weeks before Jake finally got us on the board but Aaron’s in Missouri
hunting right now doing some scouting for the Missouri leg of the deer tour
and then we’re just gonna keep on rolling yeah about this weather today I
know Blue Bird day you guys better get running you’d better get to the stand
I’m ready to get back out with the longbow and see if I can get a deer like
this I hope charge just like you did I know
awesome man Congrats yep thank you guys

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