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  • Please stop telling people to come here. Ptown is full up. No more Californians, Texans, newyorkers, or Floridians. Please go back to your states and trash them, we dont want it. All tourists bring is trash. Ya yall bring money but that negates from the damage yall do to our states environment when you visit. Just stay home.

  • https://www.theverge.com/2019/12/17/21024837/away-luggage-work-environment-headaches-nausea-sick-osha-monogramming-retail-stores?utm_medium=techboard.tue.20191217&utm_source=email&utm_content=&utm_campaign=campaign

  • Did you get to meet any of the local ANTIFA liberal Nazi's or homeless camps, also a must see when in Portland… -5th generation Oregonian

  • Rockybutte . Good view of Portland & parts of Gresham. Go there all the time to smoke a blunt n just chill and enjoy the view and fresh aiiir. Lmao

  • Need to add getting a drink to the list for sure, in my opinion the best bar in Portland is the Rambler, love the vibe and the drinks are amazing and the chicken strips and tornado fries are delicious!

  • what's the max distance you can hike with your kids? Mine are 5 and 2 1/2 and we still struggle to find something perfect that they can both do. I know as they get older it will be easier, and they can go farther.

  • this isn't portland this is tourist portland. blah eat shit. please don't come to my city. it is very very small. your tourism makes life hell for us

  • You forgot to mention the large quantity of independent high quality coffee roasters and coffee shops spread around the city. Stumptown is actually pretty meh compared to the others.

  • Sad that people think Portland is a nice City. It used to be a nice City. I know I grew up there. Now it's a liberal shit hole complete with sidewalk tents, and heroin addicts on every corner.

  • yesss you hit the points that I would recommend too! but please ppl, don;t move here, other places have hipsters and food carts and trees too, go there 😂😂

  • I have unknowingly followed your formula on all my travels! Lovely. Cafés and bookstores across southwest Ireland were especially… humanizing. Comfortable culture

  • I'm not sure why this video was being promoted to me so hard, but I took the bit and really have to express how disappointed with myself for having taken the time. Seems the content is more about the vlogger than it is about Portland. Recommendations are obvious and generic at best, dressed up with slick production value (but also generic for youtube content). The picks could be find in ANY tourist guide about the city. If you are looking to explore the really interesting parts of Portland, leave the city center and pick up a copy of "Fugitives and Refugees" by local Chuck Palahniuk

  • Fantasy Animates! says:

    Welcome to Portland, Oregon! If you look to your right, there’s a whole neighborhood of homeless people! And if you look to your left, there’s a naked man taking a bath in the water fountain! 😁

  • Beautiful Rosemary says:

    Went home to visit last week and it's been completely taken over by transplants. It's still and always home, but wow. I wish it hasn't become so popular because it's losing some of that magic it's known for by all of the residents. Traffic was never that bad! Prices were lower. It's crazy!

  • Diamonique Taylor says:

    The video was very nice, I'll give you that. We thank you for the love, But PLEASE, FFS, can people stop moving here! As a native portlander, I'll tell you rn that it is NOT that glamorous and friendly 💀 yes, the nature is beautiful. yes, we have a crap ton of coffee shops and food trucks. But thanks to the mass migration of people coming to live here, the rent is through the roof and its ridiculous at this point. The city is over crowded and public transportation is a nightmare 90% of the time. I'm shocked that you didn't capture any homeless cities, which are literally everywhere. Pretty sure you avoided that to get your "flawless and lovely" video of here. Even though downtown has astounding buildings, the homeless and needle findings are worse. If you try to go anywhere on the freeway during rush hour, good luck with that because you wont be getting to your destination any time soon. And I might as well just throw in there that people cannot fucking drive to save their lives, all knowledge on rules of the road and driving are basically just thrown out the window with 98% of the people who drive. Mm, and If you plan on crossing on a 2 way street, be extra cautious because some people will look right at you and keep driving as you're trying to walk across a designated crosswalk. Not to mention the Gentrification getting noticeably worse, but we wont talk about that since alot of people seem to be blind as bats about it. But yeah, its gorgeous 🙂

  • ok so the first one made me laugh she just in Hong Kong they do french toast the best hummmm then she says but oh in Portland they have a number of things they do the best what kind of backwards shit it this like what!!!! hahahahahaaaaaaaa…….

  • then on top of that she doesnt even know the names of the places shes been in these cities that means shes just the follower in these trips and not the planner of these trips so its not really her travel formula smdh

  • im glad that i travel and im not a first time traveler bc this list is lame as hell hahahahaaaa good luck if you are getting into travel and this is your reference…..then if Portland is home why dont you know the names of things interesting!!!!

  • Are you guys interested at all in anything besides the food 24/7? Or is your life so empty that this is an only way to fill it up?

  • Nick De Augustine says:

    I live in Portland and haven't done half of these, haha. Also, bad pun incoming… @4:29 Could it be that your son Henry is the grand or high king of hiking…? high king/hiking… sorry, that was bad, unlike this video, which is great!

  • I just got back from a trip to Miami where I journaled my "Recipe for a Good Vacation" because I needed to process. I love how this video articulated something so close to that through your lens.

    Also, if you are ever in Harrisburg, PA (Capitol building is objectively the most beautiful in 50 states!) you should check out Midtown Scholar–largest independent used book store on East coast (might need to fact check that stat) and Little Amps–fantastic local coffee shop and roaster that is delightfully cozy. Finally, we have so many hikes, but Eagle Rock will give you that view and is just a quick drive out of the little city on a river. Plus you could connect with Cody Wanner. Seems like a perfect match for your formula–just sayin' 🙂

  • An Alternate Perspective says:

    We have a really similar formula. 1. Find the best food. 2. Find the best scotch bar. 3. Find the best coffee shop. 4. Area with locally owned shops.. 5. Best bakery. 6. Ask the locals what is not to be missed in that city.

  • inspirational entrepreneur says:

    portland is beautiful and all – for a vacay… but for living….. its terrible. boring boring Boring. most activities are outdoorsy, and it rains like 24/7 so I am just really really bored of it. I'll get a house for when I retire to come back here, but as of now its time to live !

  • Immortalsidathara29 says:

    – Hikes in forest park is brilliant
    – Casa Diablo…for the bored
    – Wine tasting is great
    – Departure for dinner
    – Mcmenamins
    – Salt and straw ice cream
    – there is shaved ice place by Burnside across from powells.

  • Don’t move to Portland, very left and out of touch, now The over all state is beautiful and I would recommend it, But not Portland.

  • Funny how you forgot to mention all the Terrible Things That Go on in Portland. Drug use rampant homelessness and up ticking in crime and a police force that is too small to deal with all of it. Not to mention the incompetent city government that we have running this place

  • Great video. I grew up and lived in Portland for many years. My romantic book, "Salt of the Earth a Portland Story by Dr. James Asparro captures Portland in novel form. It's available at Amazon in ebook, paperback, and audiobook. Portland is a great place.

  • rebecca gerringer says:

    DON’T come here….it’s really really bad…high cost of living, they don’t like outsiders (not from here), it’s dirty and people aren’t friendly!!! Be warned!

  • I got screamed at today in Portland by some crackhead then he started screaming and punching a fence. Shittiest shit hole EVER.

  • I am thoroughly enjoying you channel. It’s so well done! Do you guys color grade your footage or do you shoot with particular picture profile on the a7iii?

  • Born and raised in Portland. Still here. It sucks now. It’s getting horrible as far as prices for living and the homeless population is out of control and the city isn’t doing anything to help them!

  • Barbara Scarbrough says:

    Loved this makes me want to explore my city even more! Back after 15 years away in Seattle.. Kristen Hannah fan here too!🙌🌹

  • I've been traveling for 28 years but I love the idea of your formula! What a great idea. I wanna try it. Also I love that your example is Portland. My husband grew up in Oregon so we go every year. And even if we've traveled everywhere, Portland will always be in my top 3 fave places in the world, of all time.

  • Wannabe Portlandy says:

    It's 2020 and people who call themselves Portlanders are still complaining about the homeless or that people are moving to Portland. I've heard of these complaints for nearly 9 years now it is so immature. First of all, if you get out of your bubble, literally almost every single city in the world has issues. Paris for instance, has so many issues that make your complaints look amateur night and yet they embrace tourists with open arms. There are countries who are at 90% below poverty like the Philippines who, despite their circumstances go over and beyond to be hospitable to tourists. My husband and his family are all from Oregon, some were born there, others grew up there and my husband has a ton of friends from Oregon who guess what–have all moved out of Oregon. People move in and out of States. People will come and go. Get over it. Also, can you not over exaggerate the number of people who visit Portland? Like seriously. I love Portland but literally only a few people in the whole world and in the whole of the United States who actually want to visit Portland. I have friends who have traveled the world and have zero interest to visit Portland. Portland is only a big deal to Portland fans but not a big deal in the global scene. CHILL. It will never have the number of tourists New York or California will ever get.

  • Kayla Schregardus says:

    im from here I always wonder why people want to come LOL. I hate it, hardly and sun and mostly rain for 9 months. Traffic and housing is crazy, best food is food carts. Diversity seriously lacks, portland loves gentrification, any more reasons NOT to move?!

  • Looved this Iz! (I saw Johnnys travel formula video too and I have to say yours is my fave 🤫) If you ever go back to Toronto and want the best city views I lived there for 12 years and always recommend visitors take the ferry to Toronto Island and ride it back at sunset, you’ll get the perfect city views backlit by sunset – it’s dreamy!
    Ps have you read the Great Alone yet? It blew me away.

  • Great video! I’m a few-years-ago transplant to Portland living in Mt. Tabor. One more suggestion to add to your list of things to do: visit a local farmer’s market or supermarket. My family loves seeing what’s grown locally and how much it costs, especially when overseas.

  • Christine Sheldon says:

    I actually live very very close to portland actually in seaside and I'll admit in portland yes theres many homeless but realize many of them chose to me homeless cause of how high rent is but over all it's a very fun place there and going ice skating is awsome also there food is great the hospitals are really nice and very good at their jobs it is fun to visit for vacation aswell as going to seaside to see the beach,etc so many fun things I love it. Also so many fun events as well as lots of celebrities come here and do special events etc infact I met Jeffree star at the Washington square mall for the morphe store grand opening

  • U just got a new follower!! Plus forwarding this to my sisters they moved to Portland 4 days ago🥇🥇 love how u travel with your family

  • Dont move to Portland oregon it sucks the place is a Nightmare not to mention way to expensive and big homeless problem people are sleeping on the streets.

  • Portland Oregon bad area to move to. Hillsboro Oregon bad area to move to. rude people to. dont move to thease parts of Oregon at all. look farther out in Oregon.

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