Plan your trip with Google Maps

Plan your trip with Google Maps

MAUREEN: Hi. I’m Maureen. I work at Google, and
I’m the mom of a young boy named Alexander. DEBBIE: Hi, I’m Debbie. I also work at Google,
and my little daughter’s name is Isabelle. MAUREEN: Today I’m going to show
you how quick and easy it is to use Google Maps to
plan your trip for you and your family. DEBBIE: And I’m going to show
you how to create a travel map, add photos, and
share it with your friends and family also. MAUREEN: First, type in your
destination address. You can also click on
Satellite View to scope out the area. DEBBIE: Can I see what hotels
are in the area? MAUREEN: Sure. And you can also check
out reviews. DEBBIE: Great. I can book my hotel as well. I wonder if we can check
out the San Diego Zoo while we’re there. Isabelle loves animals. MAUREEN: Let’s see how far
Disneyland is from San Diego. DEBBIE: Great. It only takes about an
hour and a half. MAUREEN: And if you want to take
the scenic route, just drag your route to whichever
way you want. DEBBIE: So I can plan my
itinerary ahead of time and save it to Google Maps. That way I don’t have to worry
about what I’m going to do when I get there. Now let me show you how to
create your travel map. Just click on the My Maps tab. Make sure you’re logged into
your Google account. Create new map. You can drag the place marker
icon to your desired location and add title and description. If you want to add photos, just
click on the image icon and copy and paste the URL of
your online photo album. Hit Save. MAUREEN: Can I add more than
one place to my travel map? DEBBIE: Sure. Let’s say you went to the San
Diego Zoo and Sea World from Disneyland. You can add all of them
to the same map with different place marks. You can also get your family’s
feedback on your map by selecting Collaborate. MAUREEN: So how do I
share my travel map with friends and family? DEBBIE: Just copy and
paste the link in your blog or email. Use Google Maps to make trip
planning quick and easy and create your own travel map. Go to

19 thoughts on “Plan your trip with Google Maps”

  • Henk van der Velden says:

    nice! but I'm still waiting on "real" planning webware from google..intergrating docs and calender with tickets and milestones would be so awesome!

  • Great Video, I love google Maps, but I don't care what the name of your kids are.

    To be honest I don't understand the significance of stating your kids names at the start of the video. I guess I view this video a corporate video, not personal.

  • Nice! Actually used this for my last roadtrip and it worked great. Love the drag-and-drop rerouting, and the convenience of saving your trip info for easy modification and access later on.

  • Great! But…"Find Businesses" is no longer on Google Maps…at least I don't see it. This is rather inconvenient, since I'd like to add locations on my vacation map. Is this hidden somewhere else now?

  • dutherightthing1 says:

    Appreciate your effort, but for me it would be nice to see one that simply shows how to create a Travel Map—without all the doodads like adding comments and pix. The clip barely touched on adding places on the map. Could you do one for dummies?

  • Seems incomplete. Where is the option to plan a route? For example, if one wants to see specific sites marked along a route, how can one print directions for such a route in Google maps? If I have 5 places I want to stop at, but want the map to decide the best route to take to see all 5 places, why can't I create a travel plan where the map is planned so that I see all 5 places in one trip? It would also be cool to estimate fuel costs.

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