PCT Ep 01 – Mom’s First Backpacking Trip | Campo to Mile 65 | 2017 PCT Thru-Hike | Hack Your Pack

PCT Ep 01 – Mom’s First Backpacking Trip | Campo to Mile 65 | 2017 PCT Thru-Hike | Hack Your Pack

I’m Scott I’m hiking the PCT This is Mom She wanted to know What my trek Would be like So she decided to join me For the first 65 miles Oh, and she’s never backpacked Let’s see if she makes it But first… Let me take a selfie Alright, at the Southern terminus of
The Pacific Crest Trail. That’s the the marker… And there’s mom. And we’re getting started. It’s just after 8 a.m. And we’re gonna see how many
miles we’re able to cover We’re around Mile 7. We started somewhere beyond
that little bump on the hill that I believe is called Castle Rock. Mom’s
with me. I haven’t been able to lose her yet Mom: Enjoying the scenery What you doing there Loomazoom? Mom: Taking pictures of plants. Oh look at this one.
The tree is all gnarled and burnt. Mom: Look at the hollow Alright it is nearing the end of our Day 1
We’re at Mile 9. Here’s camp I just made us some food.
This is the dining room. Mom is already getting started on her Orange Mush Oh mom finished her Orange Mush.
Mom has an appetite. Mom: You were slow
Scott: Well I had to stop and document the moment Mom: What are these perfect shapes? Mom: What do you think those are? Scott: No clue Mom: Alright, well sit down and eat your dinner. Mom: That was good. Was that a burrito? 38 years old and she’s
still telling me to eat my dinner Day 2: We’ve broken down camp. Mom’s still alive. Mom: I’m grouchy. She’s grouchy. The mosquitoes are getting us like crazy. Someone told me there wouldn’t really be… Uh oh, Mom is grouchy. I believe this
is mom without coffee. Cheer up. Your bag should be
a lot lighter than yesterday Mom: Why would my bag be a lot lighter? Scott: Because you are carrying less water… …and one day less worth of food We around Mile 16…16 maybe.
Going up quite a bit of a climb. We came down that. In that valley is Hauser Creek. There’s some nice water flowing
right now cause it’s early in the season We had some condensation problems
on the inside of the tent last night so… We found a nice place to siesta.
And we’re just gonna burn off the hottest part… of the day and then wrap up with three more miles Over my shoulder you can see Lake Morena Which is where we’re going
to be camping tonight But first… Let me take a selfie Heh heh. That was a video. Today’s gonna be an 11 mile day.
Wanna say anything for the camera? Mom: Hello Camera! We’re looking at the remains of a
through hiker who just didn’t make it to Lake Morena Campground Which is just sad because
Lake Morena Campground is right there Good morning. Day Three. It’s about seven o’clock in the morning. It’s freezing cold. Last night was really cold.
We had condensation that turned to frost on the inside of the tent. Gonna have
to do another siesta to dry everything out. Desperately waiting for the Sun to
come up over this hill to my right… So that I can get warm Had a little break at Boulder Oaks campground. Dried out our feet dried out
the tent and the ground sheet. And now we’re gonna do the final four miles and get to… Oh! I already forgot the name. Mom: Yellow Rose…
Scott: Yellow Rose… Mom: Spring!
Scott: Spring! Mom: After Kitchen Creek
Scott: After Kitchen Creek Boy, memory of a goldfish There’s no shade. It’s hot. We’ve been
slowly climbing for the last 45 minutes Took some of mom’s food and a liter of
her water to lighten her up a little bit and I gave her the chrome dome so that
she could take off her hat air out a little bit Mom: I was too cheap to buy this
umbrella and he’s letting me use his And it has saved me It’s hot. I am dead tired. But, in another quarter mile
we’re gonna intersect with the road And then I hope it’s about three hundred
yards to the campground. And I really hope there’s some shade We camped down by Yellow Rose Spring.
Finally learned the name. It’s about 6:20 in the morning. Before we get going, I just wanted
to share this with you guys. Mom: Oh wow…What is that? I believe that’s where they found Thor. We are at a mile of elevation closing in
a mile thirty nine where we are gonna camp. Not bad. We’ve been doing about ten miles a day. Mom: We’re mile high.
Scott: Yeah but not the mile-high club. Scott: An important distinction.
Mom: Yeah, definitely. This is Lower Morris Meadow.
Let me show you where we’re camping… It’s just a hop, skip, and a jump off the trail and… while you wouldn’t want to camp in any of this… Cause it is really dry and crunchy. There are
plenty of nice spots including this one over here Next to this nice tree under which we sat for a good two or three hours burning off the afternoon heat. before deciding to actually pitch the tent Enhance! Analog Zoom! Mom: This didn’t stay in, so… Mom: I feel like a balloon Mom: Oh… You asked me to get a recording of you
screwing around with your backpack and I did. Mom: You bad… kid. Day five. Getting a slightly later start
today because we know we can make some really good mileage we are going to go
up to Mount Laguna and then maybe get a bite to eat or sit at cafe for a little while. Burn off the hot part of the day and
then we’re gonna push on another four miles A bug just flew my mouth We are in the Mount Laguna Recreation Area. This is the site of the controlled burn
that was going on yesterday. It’s still smoldering. Hi Mom Hi Hon After days of constant practice, Mom is
about to demonstrate the most efficient way to get her pack comfortable Mom: Ta da! That was good! Mom: Ready to go?
Scott: Yep. Alright. First snake! Mom: He heard you. He doesn’t like to be on video. Good. That guy wasn’t moving and we almost stepped on him. Yikes. You stay far far away snakey-poo. That is soooo windy! We’re almost having trouble standing up. Look at Mom… She’s still blowing all over the place. We’re a couple miles out of Mount Laguna.
Straight ahead there’s a mountain with snow on the peak wondering if that’s Jacinto. We made it to Mount Laguna Campground We’re conveniently located
next to the restrooms. Which I’m going to take maximum advantage of because they
have an outlet. And if there’s cell signal I’m gonna post Instagram all
night long. Because I have an addiction to the Internet. Good morning day six it is cold. Look behind me. That’s storm Canyon, Mom tells me. Because she reads plaques and I don’t Storm Canyon has some windy nights. We slept at a campground just up there
and it was windy. Whispers: It’s soooo windy. It was raining and possibly snowing at the same time. Who knows. But it was cold and I’m very glad that the sun’s gonna come up today and that we’re gonna do some hiking to get the body heat up And I hope we don’t have too many more
nights like that. Apparently last night there were
90 mile an hour gusts of wind All right we just finished up a break.
We’re hiking out of Pioneer Mail Picnic Area and as you can see the view is spectacular.
I’ve no idea what the elevation difference is between where I’m standing
right now and what’s down there but I’m gonna go ahead and say it’s a lot. I’m wrapping up my hike with mom pretty shortly. Tomorrow, actually. Mom: Don’t talk and do that Mom: While you’re crossing places like this. Mom: I don’t want you to be a statistic Is this where I just go “uhaah!” and
scare the living daylights out of you? Mom: I like what you said the other day about
you’re one footstep away from the end of it. Not me I’m about two or three foot steps away from end of everything. So I got that
going for me. Which is nice. So this is the campsite. We managed to back this tent
into the tightest little parking place. We pitched it through a bush. Damn I did not think about this
when I decided to go with A double-wide tent. There’s a big tent. Day Seven Mom’s in a rush. She’s excited to meet her boyfriend We just left camp. We’ve got a beautiful view. You can just sort of make out San
Jacinto again. It’s still got snow on it. I’m gonna be there in a couple weeks.
Pretty cool. It’s gonna be a short and easy day because we’re gonna meet mom’s boyfriend… And get some brunch in Julian and then… I’ll get my first resupply,
and my pack will be heavy again. But, survived the first week. Mom: I bestow upon you the pole that you loaned me all week. Mom: You are now officially bipolar. Thanks for coming out with me. I love you Mom. Mom: I love you too, Scott.

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  • Awwww your mom’s so cute! You’re now bipolar 😆😆. So cool that you got to experience that with her. Awesome vid, can’t wait to see the rest!

  • How nice that you and your Mom go to share that experience. I look forward to seeing the next installment two years from now! (Also, I don't trust Future Scott. I think he's up to no good.)

  • Definitely subscribed, .. Wish your Mom was thru-hiking with you… You two are awesome together.
    "Sit down and eat your dinner" 😀 LOL

  • Jodz Harrison says:

    Mate that's so cool! It's nice to see your mum experience this with you and can see where you get your humour from! Hiking poles joke your now bipolar awesome he he….. Happy trail man I will be following your journey for sure! Peace 🙏👍

  • Love your mom. I have a 37 almost 38 year old son. I still tell him to eat too. Lol. Also he gets on to me when we travel and I ask him if he needs to go to the restroom before we head out. I always get the "look"

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