Part1: Blue Tornado RecreationšŸŽ¢ {Planet coaster SLC}

hey guys its Zekin I decided to take
a little break from main park building series in this episode I’ll be starting
work on recreating the blue tornado coaster located at gardaland Italy this
is a vekoma slc coaster with a regular SLC layout the only difference is did
this coaster features a helix at the end overall it came out nicely personally
I’ve never been on a SLC before but from public feedback I’ve
heard that they can be quite painful surprisingly there are 41 installations
of the coaster globally I guess people just love to hate this
coaster the first loop element was quite hard to figure out as well as the
Heartline role but overall I was satisfied with the end result
now I’ll be leaving the commentary to you guys see you in next episode until
then enjoy rest of the Timelapse you you you

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