Things to know BEFORE you go to BARCELONA | Travel Tips 2019

In this video, we’ll cover all you need to know before traveling to Barcelona, including where are all the major attractions, best time to visit, where to stay and for how long, how to get around the city, how much things cost, best apps to use, best views of the city and other practical information. Don’t forget to […]

अमेरिकेतील शरद ऋतू | #Autumn 2019 | #FAllColors | where to see vibrant fall colors in USA.

Its second week of october 2019. Autumn season is started at east coast of north America. Before actual FAll , Trees changes their leave colours Which is commonly known as …. Fall colours. We are travelling to watch these spectacular Fall colours . At New York Upstate .. Which is Adjacent to New Jersey State. To locate …Exact […]

French Food Tour – 5 Dishes to Try in Paris, France! (Americans Try French Food)

Good morning, [adventurers]. We are spending the week in Paris Which is notorious for having some pretty delicious food, so we thought we’d spend the day going around and trying some local dishes So first up we really want to find some delicious crepes So we’ve come to the third district and we come to a market called […]