Off Grid Log Cabin Built by One Man / My Other Summer Projects

Hello friends this video is about my most interesting summer projects at my secret log cabin camp I worked on a lot of different projects at once but the most prominent was my log cabin I’ve been building it for a few years in this remote location near Ladoga Lake and this season I finally got to the […]

Top 10 Things to do in PHILADELPHIA | Philly Travel Guide 2020

In this video, we’ll show you ten best things to do in Philadelphia. We also created a mobile-friendly .pdf document covering Top 10 things to do in Philadelphia plus 10 other attractions, including additional tips and maps. And don’t forget to like this video, subscribe to our channel, and enable notifications. And share your own Philadelphia experience in […]

겨울 장태산, 메타세콰이아 숲, 장태산 자연휴양림, Metasequoia

Hello, this is Mi-jung. Let’s go to Jangtaesan, a metasequoia forest loved by Daejeon citizens. Changtaesan Recreational Forest is located in Jangan-dong, Seo-gu, Daejeon From the entrance you can see a large metasequoia tree Metasequoia Tree Forest is the biggest pride of Chang Tai Mountain You can feel the coolness of winter just by looking at the light […]

Genesis 3, Romans 5 Born in Adam, but Not Doomed – Heaven and Hell #5

It doesn’t matter at this point whether you want to tell yourself you are a good person; you are born into the state of Adam, wearing Adam clothing. That will not change ever, so when people talk about sin, this is why I said it, it’s so hard to get that, and it is a damnable tradition that […]

The Making Of The Notorious B.I.G.’s “I Got A Story To Tell” With Buckwild | Deconstructed

I already had my relationship with Big you know, from before. We came in the business around the same time. ‘93, ‘94. I met him in a session doing a song for Red Hot Lover Tone we did called “4 My Niggaz.” And he would always tell me, “Yo, you make dope beats, but you don’t have nothing […]