PA Recreational Marijuana Bill

PA Recreational Marijuana Bill

THEM IN THE FUTURE. “the fact that they are listening to the students is a good step in the democratic process, I think every student’s voice should be heard. ” “so we decided to pull together students from collegiate and erie high to CLOCK WE’LL BE TALKING TO DEAN OF THE COLLEGIATE ACADEMY. LEGALIZING RECREATIONAL MARIJUANA IN PENNSYLVANIA. IT’S AN IDEA THAT SEEMS TO HAVE BEEN GAINING SOME GROUND IN THE COMMONWEALTH. AND NOW… A BILL HAS BEEN INTRODUCED AT THE STATE CAPITOL TO DO JUST THAT. MATT HECKEL REPORTS. IF THE NEW BILL PASSES, PENNSYLVANIA WOULD JOIN TEN OTHER STATES AND THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA IN HAVING RECREATIONAL MARIJUANA. Sen. Street: “The majority of Pennsylvanians, I believe, across the Commonwealth, will IN PENNSYLVANIA. THE SENATOR SAYS LEGAL WEED COULD RESULT IN ABOUT 600 MILLION DOLLARS OF ANNUAL REVENUE FOR THE STATE. Sen. Street: “That makes a difference in our ability to reduce property taxes, fund education, fund infrastructure, and other things Pennsylvanians care about.” SUPPORTERS ALSO SAY RECREATIONAL MARIJUANA COULD HAVE A POSITIVE IMPACT ON THE STATE’S OPIOID EPIDEMIC… AND CLEAR UP PENNSYLVANIA’S CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM. Robert Rudnitsky: “People’s lives are destroyed by this medicine. And then they can’t work, they get felonies. It’s bad. It’s really bad.” Sen. Corman: “I think we’re premature. I think the evidence from other states that have done this is certainly contradictory, at best.” SENATE MAJORITY LEADER “JAKE CORMAN”… HAS SPOKEN OUT AGAINST THE IDEA OF LEGALIZING RECREATIONAL MARIJUANA… CALLING IT “RECKLESS” AND “IRRESPONSIBLE”… SAYING “I WILL DO EVERYTHING IN MY POWER TO PREVENT LEGALIZATION OF RECREATIONAL MARIJUANA.” ROBERT RUDNITSKY WITH PHILLY NORML, THOUGH, BELIEVES THIS BILL COULD SOON BECOME LAW. Robert Rudnitsky: “I think we’re getting a lot of momentum. I do believe this is finally getting the voice of the people.” “In Harrisburg, Matt Heckel, JET 24 Action News.

2 thoughts on “PA Recreational Marijuana Bill”

  • RANTHEEMAN says need I do a song and dance for you says:

    That is bull. They drag their feet I am appalled to be in this country of weak people, your weak!!!!! Psychotic!!!! Your the bosses people how about you be the heroes and not the the hoes because the military sure as hell isn't going to be they will get you killed.

  • frank datank says:

    Maybe that dude that opposes it so powerfully should remember he represents the will of his constituents and maybe he should do some research to see what the people of Pennsylvania want. He’s not our father, lol, he’s or representative and if he can’t do the job then maybe it’s time for the winds of change

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