Our Petrified Giant Past – Petrified Titans, Giants & Huge Ancient Trees – Short Version

Our Petrified Giant Past – Petrified Titans, Giants & Huge Ancient Trees – Short Version

some of the things that we’ll be talking
about the ancient petrified world the world
that existed long before the world that we know today a world that’s more like
Wonderland than what we’re used to see a world where there were titans giants a
world where the gods walked about and ward against the titans a world that was
terraformed and destroyed and taken over a world where there was war between two
different races the largest of them known as the titans turned into rock and
they fell now before the rock titans fell there was a magnificent garden
paradise where everything was much bigger everything was fantastic and
amazing and terrible to behold for us today we had giant trees shooting up
into the skies beyond the clouds reaching up into the heavens that world
was terraformed and cut down by the titans and then the waters were
introduced into our world the oceans as we call them and
everything turned into rock we walk around on the rocks today we take looks
at the mountains we see the boulders and strange rock formations all over the
place but we always take it for granted
we never second-guess we never question our geography our geography is one of
the biggest clues that we have today as to what happened in our ancient past see
that’s something that could not be stripped away from us all of the clues
and all of the evidence the only thing that the powers that that be could do
was they had to brainwash us they had to cast these spells so that we didn’t see
the things that had turned into stone well I believe that the time is coming
where many people around the realm are waking up we’re able to start picking up
on clues and as we pick up on one clue we think about the implications and it
leads to other clues and we find ourselves looking around in a brand new
world that was never introduced to us we were never taught about it in schools
and was never talked about it wasn’t even known but it was known in our
collective memory our collective subconscious we have group amnesia as a
people now the thing about this is we can’t
truly forget those memories aren’t there the way the ancient world once was is
still there in our minds and as we pick up on these clues moving forward and the
truth reveals itself to us bread crumb after bread crumb then we can start to
see the world that we live in with new eyes and we can see things with new
insight we’re gonna be talking about the world that once was the Garden of Eden
our perfect place as it started off and how it turned into rock everything
turned into stone and we’re left with that today two classes of beings that
existed in an ancient world which were the Titan race which did exist there
were titans a mile or more high gigantic beans beings that shaped our world they
they tore it apart how they torn apart I’m not entirely sure but they were
destroying it now this isn’t just speculation on my part
this is comparative mythology this is comparing the records all around our
realm from historical to religious to mythical they all agree everybody agrees
Titans existed these gigantic monsters these gigantic beings once existed in
the garden paradise that was once our realm that we live in today in the Book
of Enoch and Jubilees and things like that when it talks about the Titan race
and says that they were consumers they just started eating everything there an
appetite was insatiable there were Titans and the Titan race Ward against
the Elvin race or the elf’s or the L or the whatever you’d like to call them you
know various people call them various things
but they were the supermen of old they warned against the Titans now they were
giants themselves being much bigger than we are we would call them giants but
there were much smaller than the Titans which were their father’s factions were
created and they went to war with one another and this ended up the end result
of all of this there were incredible weapons that were thought of and created
in order to take out the Titans I mean it’s very hard to take out a Titan of
being the size of a mountain as you can see this mountain coming to life imagine
if that were real that is our subconscious making its way into the
forefront of our conscious mind everything everything was coming to a
gigantic close as far as this war against the Titans goes one of these
weapons was to flood everything out to drown the race of beings that they were
fighting against not just the Titans but the gods who were on the side of the
Titans as well because you know with both ways on both sides a huge flood was
introduced what happened was Giants Titans like this guy right here they
were washed over it’s not just like the you know the floodwaters just slowly
went up and the Giants could only doggy paddle for a certain amount of time and
they drowned no it’s not like that have you ever seen the videos of you know the
tsunamis that have hit Japan and other places the devastation is simply large
amounts of water but the debris that’s mixed in with the water that washes over
and pushes things around and drowns out things now that debris is simply going
to be referred to here on out as mud okay but like I said before the Titans
of old terraformed our world when I say Terra formed Terra means land and then
they formed the land they cut it out they cut it away and we can see evidence
of this everywhere the Grand Canyon and other geographical formations
were formed as quarries by the Titans it was a it’s like the story of Paul Bunyan
you know they say Paul Bunyan who is a Titan by the way dragged his axe along
and he created the canyons of whatnot that is our collective subconscious
moving to the forefront of our mind in order to remind us hey your geography
was created by the gods the gods made the world that we live in today well
maybe they didn’t make it but they formed it they helped to shape it into a
world that we see and experience today as a part of this ancient world that was
terraformed and cut down and washed away and flooded over with that much debris
mixed with the salt water after the ancient world was washed over and
covered in the debris or the mud the waters receded and that what I think is
a weapon in the sky or the sky light that we have today warmed everything up
it basically baked everything and fossilization or petrification became
permanent you can see the things in the ancient past were petrified it looks
like something because it is something you know what it’s not it’s not some
naturally occurring geographical formation because the earth you know
just patterns itself and moves due to tectonic plates and erosion and wind and
things of that nature there are actual things that look like stuff rocks and
boulders and and all of this geographical formations they look like
actual things because many times they are actual things that have survived an
ancient world that have gone through the Cataclysm and have become stone they
have petrified and turned into stone many people have come across the know
forests on Flat Earth theory or no forest on earth if you’re not a flat
earther okay that basically says if you look at the mesas around the world you
can see that the mesas are gigantic tree stumps
now we call them trees I call them silica pillars okay there
are these ancient pillars that shot up above the clouds reaching up into the
heavens into other realms that we can’t even get to and they were chopped down
cut down the world was terraformed and that evidence in the form of maces
survives today now something that I’ve come across that I see all the time are
mushrooms gigantic mushrooms the ancient world had
gigantic mushrooms had these huge fungus all over the place and you can see
hundreds and hundreds of examples of mushroom rock formations all around the
world what are the odds that all of these rocks would look exactly like
mushrooms isn’t it interesting because isn’t it
isn’t it a really interesting coincidence that these things just all
happen to line up just like this and look at it you can just say that’s a
mushroom I know what a mushroom looks like in the same way you can look at
something like this don’t let the fact that there’s people walking around
underneath it bother you or change your mind about it
that’s a mushroom you know it’s a mushroom you know what a mushroom looks
like we’re all very much aware now here’s something interesting and Alice
in Wonderland the mushroom is also prevalent and they say if you eat one
side you’ll grow taller if you ate the other side you’ll grow smaller right
you’ll shriek so we have the concept of small beings and Titanic beings having
something to do with the mushroom presents it in Alice and one
now another thing that I thought about too was Super Mario Brothers right why
is it that the creators chose to have Mario little tiny Mario eat a mushroom
and all of a sudden he grows to gigantic size right these are all truths and
breadcrumbs that have fallen to us from this ancient world where everything was
much bigger it was wonderful we were in wonder we would be in wonder
if we were back in that world today it would seem like the Avatar world to us
it would seem like Wonderland to us it would be terrible it would maybe be
frightening to many people but it would be fantastic it would be a fantasy world
which it was this is where we get our concept of fantasy from it’s very hard
to just make up things out of thin air to just make up gibberish all of the
best fiction and fantasy books and movies stem from truth they all come
from truth and that’s why we like them so much because there’s something about
it that’s just eating away at us where we say man there’s there’s just
something that feels truthful there’s something that feels realistic about
what I’m seeing here oh and another thing like the Smurfs right the Smurfs
are the little beans and they live in the mushrooms they live in and amongst
mushrooms the mushrooms were their houses gigantic mushrooms now Gargan
Garg Oh gargoyle Gargamel the Gorgon the giant the titan he comes in and he wars
with the Smurfs and there’s still these giant mushrooms everywhere and it’s just
symbolic of the world that we once lived in so the ancient world was flooded over
it was destroyed it was terraformed and all of that mud washed away and baked in
the Sun and everything in the ancient world turned into stone as we go from
revelation to Revelation on this wonderful journey let’s try not to make
the mistake of applying something we have learned so far to everything for
example if I say that turned into stone I can’t just go and
say every everything I see that stone is a Titan part of me the whole world was
turned into stone the whole world was fossilized and petrified that includes
any type of technology that once existed it includes plants and animals and
beings like this one right here and it’s it applies to everything so we have to
use wisdom and caution before we’re too quick to say oh that’s what that is oh
it’s it’s that you know what I mean now we we let these things marinate we let
the truth marinate within us it’s good to take our time and to be patient I
know many of us are in a big fat hurry because we’re so excited you know and
that’s what makes us kind of like children because the human race is
really a bunch of babies we’re we’re babies weird like children you know we
don’t live for very long so can you blame us for getting so excited whenever
we sees whatever we come across a revelation man we want to share it with
everyone we want to declare it from the rooftops and say oh I found the truth
but you’ll always be finding the truth the truth is a continual path and we
happen to be in a time where the truth as we’re picking up on it is gaining in
momentum like I said at the beginning of the video people are starting to see
these things all over the place look at that that is a snakehead I mean okay
like I let me take a dose of my own medicine let’s not be too quick but come
on it’s not just all a rock that was formed by mud and shaped by wind and
rain give me a break and I threw that one and they’re just just for fun
because that does look like the prior image of the luckdragon turned into rock
and this is another image you know the giant trees like I was talking about
look at all the debris around it it was cut something cut that look at that what
does that look like to you you know the Elle race devised horrific
weapons and eventually decided to go ahead and destroy everything in a
gigantic flood that brought about our oceans that we have today
now those flood waters had all of the mud rolling around in it the mud was
covering everything keeping things from oxidizing or having oxygen and or
whatnot and petrifying and turning it into stone petrification is a very easy
process if you know if you understand how it works the ancient world turned
into stone it was covered in mud it solidified it densified and all of those
minerals that are mixed up in that mixture of the ocean water and the
debris from the terraformed world those minerals made their ways into the pores
of the bodies and into the plants and into the technology and everything and
when the floodwaters receded that what we call the Sun or the skylight in our
realm baked everything and solidified it even more making the process permanent
and today we have wonderful pictures in our world wonderful images statues
basically all over the place that we cannot explain their existence why do
they look so strange why do they look so out of place mainstream science can’t
explain it this mud fossil theory explains it
perfectly and our world is full of things like these whales right those are
gigantic rocks but look at them they look just like whales I mean they may
not be whales this might not be a bird but it these things are not what we’ve
been told it’s not just rocks I mean look at that thing I don’t know if
that’s a giant brain but what I can tell you is it has no no natural place to be
there in that field look at this guy this looks exactly like the Titans or
the Fallen Angels on the movie Noah if you’ve ever seen the
movie Noah the recreation of the flood story those those fallen angels they’re
rock they’re made out of rock gee why are they made out of rock oh I don’t
know our world was petrified it was turned into stone it was turned into
rock and this perfectly explains the world that we see around us today
it explains perfectly all the strange and out of place rock formations that we
see around us where science fails mythology legends cultures religions all
of these stories that have been passed on to us
and that’s why we do this by the way that’s why we come up with fiction
novels and movies that are fantasy and story form because we don’t live for
that long humans have a very short life span so we’ve developed a way which
according to legend was actually taught and commanded to us by the gods who were
immortal compared to us they told us passed these things down in story form
the stories will live on myths are not fiction myths are not lies myths are
truth told in story form it’s my belief that we’ll be able to look at the world
around us and we’ll be able to understand and piece together our
ancient past it will give us identity it will give us purpose and understanding
of how we came to be where we are today and why the world looks and is ran the
way that it is today it’s because some of those elven races
survived and they went underground and they became dark elves and they control
our world today that’s a whole different video which it gives our lives actual
meaning and purpose as to why we are here who we are what is the meaning of
life all of these import tenth age-old questions I found the
answers to in unraveling our esoteric past that which has been hidden from us
but it can’t be hidden for much longer because we’re piecing it back together
be sure to check out other fascinating subjects brought to you by Jay dreamers

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    The world is asleep, they love darkness. Sad reality is that this darkness may consume them. Wo true wisdom and knowledge they are lost.
    Therefore all who are wo the light which is Christ turn from your worldly ways and seek him and his Word

    Be ye wise in the Lord be no longer confounded by men and their craftiness.
    Let not pride swell up in thee.

  • My "awakening" began around 10 yrs ago. I've done lots of research on almost every aspect of our history & I'm very comfortable w/the conclusions I've reached, not only based on my research but my experiences & observations as well. That being said, this video addresses one of the few topics that I haven't researched, not because it doesn't interest me but because I honestly never considered there might be other explanations for these strange rock formations, canyons, etc. Thank you for pointing out an entirely new part of our world's history. It's absolutely fascinating to me & like I said, it's something I never even considered looking into but I will now.

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    I think that some of those stumps are legs from the giants just think about stuck standing in water and mud.

  • Noah's flood was not about Sin but DNA. First prophecy was to the devil that Eve's offspring would crush his skull while bruising their heel. So the first thing the devil did is try to make Eve's Offspring his own. Genesis 5 says the Fallen ones came down and came unto the Daughters of man. The next verse says there are giants in those days. Noah's flood was the male water from above the firmament when it came down it turned everything with a pulse to Stone that's why I Noah had an ark and not just a boat. What we are told is the Milky Way is the crack in the firmament where the male Waters came down. It is the SCAR Where they sealed the firmament backup. They hide the truth in the music and the fairy tales. For example The Beatles Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds they're actually talkin about Lucifer which is Venus in the sky with the diamond firmament. Or like in the fairy tales for example Paul Bunyan and his axe with his purple Locs cutting down the trees. He was cutting down the trees that went up into the portals of the firmament. Some of the mountains are dead bodies of Titans and Giants others are the remains of the huge trees. Like Jack and the Beanstalk.

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    There is nothing beside him…and he is not dead and can not die…
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    If your able to see it, I'll send the Nephilim Giant nearby. He's badass!!! Love your videos, been subscribed for a while now. Thanks

  • God of Enoch and Noah caused the flood, falling angels and Satans are the sources of all titans kind. They had children with daughters of man and bared titans they even screwed with reptiles plants, they gave men the teaching of the heavens and the science of God's creation even the writing of ink. They revealed wonders to men nothing is new under this sun we living in. All this happened in the days of Jared father of Enoch through Noah's days and the Great Flood, that turns all Titans Kind into stones. Many are afraid of God and truth.

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    Nephilm and fallen angels the titans were the fallen angels children and the mighty men were the children of the giants they produced. It seems like this has been suppressed mainstream doesn't acknowledge it at all this was before the flood.

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    We lived longer back in the day too and were probably a bit larger and magnificent and could probably run forever without running out of breathe.

    If you study the Bible it talks about similar stuff, and in Avatar when the Navi had connection with they're creator, remind me of what Adam and Eve had before Satan deceived us in the garden.

  • steven stephens says:


  • You are not telling a new story but an old one, one that was written about 3500 years ago in the Scriptures, and in the book of Enoch. There is only one beginning and one end, and both are recorded in His Word, the Holy Scriptures.

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    I used to think this was rubbish…but the more I learn the less I know the less I know the more I learn…
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    Thank you JESUS for revealing all for those with ears to listen and eyes to see…

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    The Giants of old are true. The word of God speaks of their existence. God, not elve, caused the floods. The enemy always tries to twist the words of our loving father, who is spirit and truth.

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    It possibly could be that the Titans we're baked out of existence from the emerging Sun from behind Saturn. Apparently the atmosphere had more of a firmament back then, and imagine the life-giving manner of the earth back then compared to now

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    Most rocks were molten when earth was young, had more heat, more energy.

    These mushrooms are the permanent position a convection current 'froze'in. Not a big surprise when we look at mushroom clouds, or time lapse mushroom growth, it is the most efficient 'natural'growth.

    Some strata of the rock were less hard, and eroded away…

  • They weren’t baked by the sun, they were flash fossilised, but this is where it gets tricky, dinosaurs, giants, and humans like us all lived together ages ago and the meteor that wiped them out was an extraterrestrial race coming to harvest our planet, somehow they crashed and as they did it caused the earths crust to rupture and ripple in waves of fire, as the tectonic plates shifted from each other, there where later mass floods and temperature fluctuations which plummeted the world into an ice age which caused any surviving creatures and people to head underground (origin of the hollow earth theory), the thing was it was mainly the smaller humanoids that survived, the ones that could hide, most giants died, but to this day if you really look you can still find some, but us humans, our ancestors, flourished after the world had recovered and we restarted, but after a few centuries of our kind underground we didn’t want to remember the tragedy so once we came out of hiding, no one of the recovered world talked about it, so we forgot.

    Modern history:
    For the past few centuries of the modern day (not really now tho) archeologists cut corners, didnt have enough money so rather than follow up with the continuingly increasing list of new questions (with every discovery) they grasped at strands and hairs to create an easy, and wrong, answer for it all, and now even with new technology and discoveries telling you our taught history is wrong, a lot of present day day scientists refuse to admit that what they know is wrong, and that they waisted years of false history!!!


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  • I recently went to the chalk pyramids in Kansas and was blown away at the amount of sea shells and mud at the base of these huge washed out plateaus I guess lol…why are they not petrified? I dug some out and kept them…they were only a few feet from the base of these things…and some strange spots on the tops of some that were completely eroded that we could walk on…they looked like cut down trees that had the stumps drilled out or the stump had been cut flush with the ground then started turning to rock…or piles o petrified cow shit…so it makes me question how long petrifaction really takes…cuz the things on the surface were petrifying but the shells in the base of the big hills or whatever..were still intact and not petrifying at all…they’re very brittle and some turned to dust when I tried digging them out…and when u go there…u drive along these miles of flat plains then all the sudden these big structures just appear out of nowhere and they’re all over on these plains…very strange

  • Good topic. I wanted to do something similar years ago, but I lack motivation. You should do one on the percentage of people on Tera/Earth know our true past with our collective memories. and don't forget our first inhabitants, the Demon/Daemon race.

  • It's a CONSPIRACY! Geologists are LYING to us so we won't know THE TRUTH!
    You people crack me up. Igneous rock can be easily identified by eye, with loupe, with microscope, and via chemical analysis. It is way different from petrified wood. Using your logic, any stone that reminds you of a peanut must be petrified peanut, if it resembles a duck from one angle it must be a petrified duck, and if it impresses you as an encyclopedia volume, Hell, it must mean that encyclopedias are REALLY ancient artifacts. The phenomenon here is called Pareidolia. There are people who venture out into the woods and snap cell phone pictures, then go back home and study the photos, finding one, two, sometimes a whole family of Sasquatches that were hiding in the foliage peering at them. They look at a shaded spot and believe they can make out eyes, nose, a mouth, and even the sex and age of the sasquatch. I don't say that every sighting of something strange is pareidolia. The world is probably much stranger than we know. However, we should strive to rein in our wildest interpretations of what we see. Not everything we imagine is true.

  • wols wildcamping says:

    Either this is a wind up using pareidolia to try and con the gullible or you're definitely a sandwich short of a picnic.

  • Like spongebob said use your imagination,,,,imagination lol,,oh well at least it keeps people happy everyone has to believe in something imagination..lol

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