Origins of the Universe 101 | National Geographic

Origins of the Universe 101 | National Geographic

– [Narrator] The universe is everything. From the tiniest particles, to the largest galaxies, to the very existence of
space, time, and life. But how did it all begin? The origin of the universe
is the origin of everything. Multiple scientific theories plus creation myths from around the world have tried to explain
its mysterious genesis. However, the most widely
accepted explanation is the Big Bang theory. The Big Bang theory states
that the universe began as a hot and infinitely dense point. Only a few millimeters
wide, it was similar to a supercharged black hole. About 13.7 billion years ago this tiny singularity violently exploded. And it is from this explosion, this bang, that all matter, energy,
space, and time were created. What happened next were two major stages of the universe’s evolution. Called the radiation and matter eras, they’re defined by key events that helped shape the universe. First came the radiation era, named for the dominance of radiation right after the Big Bang. This era is made of
smaller stages call epochs that occurred within the universe’s first tens of thousands of years. The earliest is the Planck epoch. No matter existed in the
universe at this time, only energy and the ancestor to the four forces of
nature, the superforce. At the end of this stage, however, a key event occurred in which gravity split away from the superforce. Next came the grand unification epoch, named for the three remaining
unified forces of nature. This epoch ended when one of those forces, called strong, or strong
nuclear, broke away. Then the inflationary epoch began during which the universe
rapidly expanded. Almost instantly it grew
from the size of an atom to the size of a grapefruit. The universe at this time was piping hot and it churned with electrons,
quarks, and other particles. Then came the electroweak epoch, when the last two forces,
electromagnetic and weak, finally split off. During the next stage, the quark epoch, all of the universe’s
ingredients were present, however, the universe was
still too hot and dense for subatomic particles to form. Then, in the hadron epoch, the
universe cooled down enough for quarks to bind together
and form protons and neutrons. In the lepton and nuclear epics, the radiation era’s last two stages, the protons and neutrons
underwent a significant change. They fused and created nuclei. And in doing so, they created the first chemical element in the universe, helium. The universe’s new
ability to form elements, the building blocks of matter, queued the matter era. Much as the name suggests,
the matter era’s defined by the presence and predominance of matter in the universe. It features three epochs
that span billions of years. The vast majority of the
universe’s life span, and includes the present day. The first was the atomic epoch. In this stage, the universe’s temperature cooled down enough for electrons to attach to nuclei for the first time. Called recombination,
this process helped create the universe’s second element, hydrogen. This hydrogen, along with helium atoms, dotted the universe with atomic clouds. Within the clouds, small pockets of gas may have had enough gravity
to cause atoms to collect. These clusters of atoms, formed
during the galactic epoch, became the seedlings of galaxies. Nestled inside those
galaxies, stars began to form. And in doing so, they queued the latest and current stage of the
universe’s development, the stellar epoch. The formation of stars then caused a tremendous ripple effect and helped shape the
universe as we know it. Heat within the stars
caused the conversion of helium and hydrogen into almost all the remaining elements in the universe. In turn, those elements
became the building blocks for planets, moons, life, everything we see today. This ecosystem of
everything was only possible because of the many stages in
the universe’s development. While countless questions
about the origins of our universe remain,
it’s only a matter of time for some long-sought answers to emerge.

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  • National Geographic says:

    Helium and hydrogen are the base for most of the elements, which serve as the building blocks of planets, moons, life and everything we see today. What new facts did you learn about each of the epochs and their crucial roles in the development of the universe?

  • Our teacher told us that the singularity didnt explode. "Bang" was used indirectly. The singularity expanded, not exploded.

  • How can something be created from nothing how was that weak energy first created just from space ? But what was even considered space back then ?

  • allkatatawanan video says:

    If we only got a infinitely dense point before and just explode then how it happens when there is no such space before??? If the science tragically dont believe in the bible because of its superstacious. then why is the bigbang theory sounds like also a superstacious??? Wait what?? It is bec of the tiny densepoint why now we all got this??? If you dont believe the magical creation of god dont believe science bec also science has the magical term we also called time.. Bec their aliby is bec of the time why all are just done…

  • steven stallings says:

    r&t are measures of distance size change & duration m&Q are the objects…we are falling into an infinite black hole…with an infinite number of singularities relatively the universe is seeming to expand

    r^0/t^0=1. r^1/t^1=v. r^1/t^2=a
    r^2/t^3=Q. r^3/t^4=I. r^3/t^5=O
    r^4/t^6=m. r^5/t^7=m*v. r^5/t^8=F

  • مدح غير الله شرك says:

    The big bang mentioned in the holy qur'an:
    Have not those who disbelieve known that the heavens and the earth were joined together as one united piece, then We parted them? And We have made from water every living thing. Will they not then believe?
    Al_anbiya : 30

  • jefferson archival channel says:

    13.7 bya The bigbang exploded and created the whole universe thit you guys notice?From a single singularity that is a milimiter in wide expanded to billions of lightyears Today!

  • Okay, let me try and get a brief understanding of this explanation…. The Universe created itself from nothing because nothing was there but a BlackHole, which is nothing. Yet, a floating hot dense point exploded?

  • If you accept that there can be no such thing as “nothing”, then this theory makes sense. Accept that right now, in this moment, there is everything. The number 13.7 billion years ago comes from the rate of expansion of the universe. At the moment of the Big Bang, “everything” was condensed into as small as can be.

  • king of kings Avenger says:

    Oh the BIG BANG ok then what created the big bang?what created the black void something had to of which is called GOD ALL MIGHTY

  • If after the explosion of highly dense Point => Matter, Energy, Space & Time created, then where that Point was, in Space or ??
    Plz clear my point.

  • “Have those who disbelieved not considered that the heavens and the earth were a joined entity, and We separated them and made from water every living thing? Then will they not believe?” Quran (Surah Al-Anbiya, verse 30)
    [Quran 51.47] And the heaven, We built it with craftsmanship and We are still expanding.

  • Goutham s Prakash says:

    Everyone saying big bang is the beginning. Two black holes collision . Then in which place it's happened ? In where ? If nothing , To say nothing there must be a place or something . Because to say there is nothing then what about that "there" ? 😔😔 I'm getting anger for these all things like simulation, parallel universe and other dimensions, aliens , and time traveling. All we have just hypothesis that's all just theories, and fake news

  • When u say it is created by God no question arises but when u give scientific explanation lots of doubt/ questions arise bcz we all heard from our childhood that God can create anything.

  • Ajay Chakrawarti says:

    Human only create theory.can only humans have brain inside this universe .Which is formed after the creation of this universe itself.

  • FreedomYourGirl .-. says:

    So, I’m just thinking, don’t get mad or anything.

    My sister thinks I’m smoking crack because of this.

    So first off, what if. There was NOTHING no galaxies no universes. nothing.
    I’m so confused about it. Anybody else feel the same?

  • Aadarsh Lalchandani says:

    3:14 how can helium be created before hydrogen!? Why then hydrogen was numbered as first element and helium as the second?????? Please explain this fact @nationalgeographic

  • What was before that dense and huge point which had bursted out for the creation of universe???
    Was there a black sheet, if yes then how??

  • There is no 1 universe
    There is billion of billion of billion universe exists. which is beyond our imagination beyond of mesureble. beyond of infinity.
    We discovered currently universe only 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001%
    The universe is made of matter, water, fire, air, space

  • And universe is not everything there is always something beyond that although it is yet to be discovered but you cant say that the universe is everything come on being biggest channel choose you words responsibly.😒

  • john lemuel santiago says:


  • it could be an alien experiment … think blank space and throw molecules into it, lets see what happens (more know what's going to happen on an evolutionary scale) …………. there's a hope of understanding somewhere ………………… ask 'god' (scientists)

  • i cant understand ,if space and time were created after bang then where was this few millimeters sized supercharged black hole ?

  • Just don't agree with the big bang theory, nothing makes any sense, just no way it could of happened like that.
    1) What created the space that the big bang was able to explode into?
    You cannot just say that the big bang created that as well.

    2) You said that everything started as a big bang, does anyone know if all the mass that was produced by this went out in space in equal dimensions? Such as when you drop a stone into a pool of water.
    No mention of how all the energy was dispersed.

    3) Does anyone have any idea what area of the universe this so called big bang started?
    No mention of that.

  • NO, IN THE BEGINNING GOD CREATED HEAVENS AND EARTH. There's no way otherwise the perfect round could have formed. The people who talk about bing bang theory with the small brain should realize there are planets out there that they cannot reach or think with the small brain in there lifetime for a milliion years

  • Who created that dot that atom. Every thing has its creater so does this universe has. Just read quran once the Big Bang that explained by scientists few years ago already written in Quran 1400 years ago. At that time who knew that. Please just read Quran once even just for knowledge and you will realise that how beautiful our lord is and how he has made all of this.

    Verse about this
    "Have those who disbelieved not considered that the heavens and the earth were a joined entity, and We separated them and made from water every living thing? Then will they not believe?
    Quran 21:30

    it’s not a coincidence and neither somebody made a fluke these are words of your lords sent upon prophet Muhammad PBUH there are lots of other things in Quran explained 1400 years ago that scientists proving now. I’m not forcing you to accept Islam but Please read just for your knowledge and then do what your mind and heart says 🙏

  • 01:08 this theory that from the big bang time, space, and energy were created is in direct conflict with the first law of thermodynamics. Note that the big bang is a theory that is not supported by a scientific "law". Also, as theorized by some in the scientific community that a neutron earth would be the size of roughly 186 meters in diameter, how could EVERYTHING IN THE UNIVERSE fit into a space of only a "few millimeters" wide? If this seems like the incoherent ramblings of a child forgive my only high school level education. I'm just curious.

  • can make me amazed but not to make me believe, what causes the big bang? … Ow still non sense trash talks wasn't it? I'm not religious but
    Still the Bible seems to have a lot more sense than this, when says
    "in the beginning(time) God created the heavens(space) and the Earth (Matter) "
    Make sense right?
    Time, matter and space…
    What about the design?
    The DNA?
    The information?
    The standard of right and wrong?
    Where did all it came from?

  • Eustace Theodoro says:

    OMG, OMG, OMG, oh no, Big Bang! Creating Something out of Nothing!! A mysterious change of energy state without any other energy to change "IT" ! And they get paid for this!

  • God created the universe from nothing. These days it's very easy to see for ourselves how objects can come into existence from nothing by supernatural activities.
    Watch some videos of demon magicians on youtube, you will see how the sorcerers {Magicians}
    are able to make objects to appear from nothing by demonic possessions.
    One outstanding video is Titled. {Magicians prove the spirit world exists, demonic activities caught on Video}.
    The objects which didn't exist in those videos didn't come into existence by themselves but through the spirit world.
    Likewise, the universe did not come into existence by itself, but from a very different spiritual world to that of the sorcerers.

  • Since the universe, was born from nothing, then the big bang theory is irrelevant since there was nothing to trigger off the big bang. But, If there was such chemistry that fed the big bang in the first place, they still need to explain, where all of that chemical activity came from since nothing means nothing…0.Zero.Nothing.

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