On the Road Outdoor Adventures Vlog#1860

On the Road Outdoor Adventures Vlog#1860

welcome to the outdoor adventures here
on this channel you can expect outdoor videos family videos all kinds of
goodies I got my big canon camera with me today
we’re going for a nice little walk in this little park right here where they
have some amazing looking trees up here look at that last time I was out here I
was here with my wife and we went for a nice little walk in the bush up here and
there’s actually a little bit over River a little bit of a lake and river down
here and we found quite a few Cardinals up here last time we were here and so
I’m kind of hoping we’ll be able to find a few of them as you guys can see a
little bit over a river up here there is another section of it over there so I’m
gonna go for a nice little walk over here and show you my outdoor adventures
whoo I see something over there that almost looks like a beaver that looks
like some sort of let me see if I can zoom in on it let me see if I can find
him I saw I’m somewhere there he is you guys see that there’s some sort of
animal right there I’m trying to be super super quiet not sure if it’s
actually a beaver or doesn’t look like a beaver I’m not 100% sure what kind of
animal that is if you guys can let me know in the comments below that would be
awesome well let me see if we can get a few pictures of them alright guys I want
to show you guys that bird right there I’ve been kind of looking for that one
for a while already I’m hoping I’m gonna be able to get maybe a few pictures of
it look at that that’s so it just caught a fish you guys saw that it just caught
a fish I’m kinda in behind the bush here hopefully it won’t get disturbed for me
too much but let me get a few pictures of him I would say so far I have gotten
a couple of really nice pictures of this guy and I’m surprised on how nice and
quieted he is over here I think I got a couple of really nice shots where he
actually found something in the water and captured it couldn’t quite tell if
it was a or what but he definitely captured
something this is the kind of outdoor videos you guys would be able to see
from me I’m hoping on a regular basis you guys see that that is amazing
got a little bit of a waterfall right here yeah I’ll like it nice and peaceful
just look at these big tree stumps beautiful beautiful trees up here I’m
hoping it’s gonna look as nice as I imagined it looking but yeah I think
it’s getting very close for me to get out of here but I figured I would show
you as much as I possibly could look at the really thick stump of that tree just
kind of walking along here I’ve managed to get a few nice butterflies I got one
that was like a bluish color it was kind of going after it looked like a female
like a regular orange kind of butterfly and I looks like I got a couple of okay
shots of them so hopefully that’s gonna work out but really not that many birds
out here haven’t really had too much luck with them but I got a really work
on it right but anyways we went for a nice little walk we all look at here
guys we have managed to crawl across this beautiful green frog over here
anybody hungry for a nice frog well let me see if we can get a couple of
pictures of them okay that guys that is a beautiful colored warm right there I
don’t know how good you guys are gonna be able to see it but it looks beautiful
from right here I know it’s kind of behind the leaves up there but hey it is
what it is I found me another beautiful beautiful area where they got like that
walkway into the bush right there as you guys can see and so what I’m gonna do is
I’m gonna go for a little bit of a walk in here are you guys ready this is kind
of what I wanted to do we have so many beautiful areas out here
America that I have never really shown you guys too much right and being an
outdoors man no you know I gotta show you guys this right look at this
beautiful beautiful while off nature I saw some berries already went for a walk
in here but I didn’t bring my camera yet because I wasn’t sure what’s in here
right so I figured I’ll go for a nice little walk let me see if I can find
this one berry that I saw up here and if I do it was a huge berry I’m gonna show
you I’m not sure what kind of berry it is or fruit or whatever you want to call
it but I like it that they have like a nice walkway in here a lot nice little
paths that you can kind of walk into the bush up here but here it is I guess it
fell off of this tree or something and so I am not 100% sure exactly what
kind of berry this is or fruit or whatever you want to call it but I was
just kind of laying here on the ground and I figured I would show you guys that
so let’s go for another little walk I walked it all the way as far as I could
there is actually a fence over there further down and so you can’t go any
further but other than that there was a tree branch or a tree that kind of broke
over here as you guys can see it’s broken off I’ll show you here on the
other side it kind of broke off from this massive tree right there as you
guys can see so it kind of blocked our pathway here a little bit but it’s not
too bad but yeah I I figured you’re only let me just go for a nice little walk I
did see some berries up here on one plant earlier too not sure what they are
but look at this tree over here I think what I’m gonna do I’m gonna walk around
from the other side you see on the bottom there there’s a big crack in
there I think what I’m gonna do walk to this side and I’m going to show
you guys look at that that is very interesting a yet it is a very wide tree
I bet you that thing is probably about four feet wide all the way across like
that I think that’s four feet wide you know
we got a big tree down over here well yeah so let’s go for a little bit of a
walk the further down the road here I know people are texting me no but that’s
alright yeah there is another oh there’s a there’s a couple of mushrooms in there
you guys see that there’s one right in there and then there’s a I know it’s a
little bit dark in there and then there is another one right there
anybody hungry for some mushrooms I don’t know these ones are eatable or
not but you got to be super careful on mushrooms I know that because some of
them are poisonous I’ve heard I have never tried I’m not like a super big fan
for mushrooms but that’s just been what I have been told and then you got this
other massive tree here there’s a bit of a crack in there as well along there but
this is a massive tree you can’t even see the top but it’s another one of
those that’s I bet you four feet wide I just saw a few birds over there flying
around they think they were grabbing some bugs let me see if I can actually
zoom in on him I’m not sure if I’m gonna have any luck doing this but we’re gonna
give it a try I’m not able to find him just yet I know they are over there
somewhere yeah they are definitely over there
somewhere but I’m not able to find them just quite yet I mean it’s such a small
screen on here it’s kind of tough to to really zoom in on it
right now they flew away but yeah this is just gorgeous I love going for a walk
you guys know that for the last little while that I’ve been kind of going for
walks and kind of lose a few pounds if I possibly can
and just enjoy nature right I love nature and I love showing it to you guys
and I hope you guys will enjoy this I know right now it’s still summer so we
can still enjoy it and here is the fence that I was talking about yeah I guess
this is somebody’s property line here or something but you can clearly see some
people how walk there so I’m not sure where you would enter to walk through
here but maybe I’ll go around to the other side maybe I’ll find it somewhere
but anyways I don’t want to climb over the fence if that is somebody’s private
property right I mean there is no trespassing signs here but other than
that just an absolutely gorgeous view up here and I didn’t see the other berries
yet I don’t know where they are but anyways I guess we’ll start heading back
to to the rest area and yeah hopefully you guys enjoyed these kind of
videos I know I am I know most of you guys that have subscribed to me over the
last years probably don’t really care but I just discovered a spider up here
you guys see it right there I don’t know if it’s even gonna want to focus on it
it doesn’t look like it yeah there’s a there’s a spider right over there I want
to see if I can zoom in on it from this angle here I don’t know how good or if
it’s even wanna yep it’s not one to zoom in on it I guess it’s because it’s too
dark or something it just wants to focus on everything else but that one
yeah I’m not having any luck with it but alright I know this I’ve discovered that
this camera is actually not too bad it’s actually pretty good it’s pretty good
camera but I want to come to stuff where it’s a little bit dark
it’s really really struggling I know it’s already a fairly good lens it’s
supposed to be enough 2.0 but still it’s still struggling in some areas so
especially if there are very small objects what should I understand that is
hard to focus on those but yes this was a nice little walk for me that is an
awesome view of that bird right there guys
that’s a woodpecker I’ve never seen this particular one before dad is a gorgeous
view right there all of it it looks almost like he’s got a hole in there too
but yeah he’s calling for for his partner or something I’ve been calling
him here a little bit with the app as well so I don’t think he’s able to see
me really but yeah yeah absolutely gorgeous view of him right now
I’m kind of sitting underneath some tree leaves up here and zoomed in really high
on him so hopefully you guys are gonna get a really good view of him yeah yeah
look at that I don’t know if you guys are able to hear it but he’s calling
he’s calling for for his partner right yeah there we go oh that that’s an
amazing view right there just ran across this rest area up here
and I decided you know what let’s go for a nice little walk because maybe you
guys can see right through them trees over there there is actually a lake
behind it look at this I hear all kinds of birds out here I don’t know if you
guys are able to hear it but let’s go over there and see if we can find any
kind of ducks er or geese tore anything up there in the water right you never
know they got a nice little trailer alongside the lake up here I’ve been at
this place before absolutely nice place it is they got some tables over here
over there is another one or you can kind of
sit down I guess and take a break maybe have a sandwich or something right one
right down there so let’s go down there and see if we find any kind of good
stuff up there in the lake let’s be real quiet so just in case we see something
we can maybe zoom in on them and get a good shot of them right let’s see it’s a
bit of a steep don’t climb in here I don’t see anything over there but let’s
see if we can go down here a little bit and it doesn’t help I’m wearing a
grayish kind of shirt so let’s see that’s even harder to see anything from
down here right but I know if you guys are able to see these blueberries up
here I don’t know what kind of berries they are they’re definitely not the
traditional kind of blueberries but yeah I kind of did that so that would
actually focus nicely on these berries no idea what they are but as you guys
can see it is quite cloudy over there and there’s a beautiful lake up here it
really is but and I’ve actually flown my drone up here before – like that
somebody lives right there on the other side of the lake there that must be so
nice yes so it looks like there’s somebody out there no that’s just just a
ramp I guess onto the water but anyways let’s go for a little bit more of a walk
and see what we can find right I love beautiful sights like this walking right
into the bush beautiful nice big trees like that this is absolutely lovely
walking right alongside the lake up there I know the lake is kind of hard to
see but just this view by itself is already gorgeous just so nice and quiet
peaceful may be that there is a hole right in the center of the tree right
there let me surprise if there’s some
squirrels living in there or maybe woodpeckers who knows but yeah just an
absolutely beautiful beautiful time of the year I love it I figured you know
this is what I’m gonna start doing when I’m out here on the road I’m just you
know whenever I take a half an hour break or whatever go for a little bit of
a walk and see what we can find right oh I see maybe we can kind of sneak out
here a little bit maybe we can see something over here who knows yeah
that’s kind of hard kind of hard you you guys see they got nice little like
people have been walking here for for a while that looks like probably going to
the shore here and do some fishing up here probably but my goal was to kind of
see if we can find any kind of ducks or anything like that it almost looks like
some branches have kind of broken off over there but yeah I don’t really see
any kind of animals out here on the water today
which that’s kind of sad but it is what it is right anyways let’s get back onto
the trail and go for a nice little walk yeah I like it regardless if there’s
animals birds or anything like that out here you guys can see beautiful walk I
love it oh there’s some mushroom it looks like growing right there on that
tree you guys see that yeah I like that that gives you a good perspective on how
big that tree is it really does but this is what it is outdoor adventures right
well I hope you guys enjoy me making little vlogs like these out here on the
road just you know showing you the nature out here all the beautiful areas
you can get to see when you’re a truck driver right but yeah somebody left a
comment and say that it looks like I’m not really
enjoying making these kind of videos but in all reality I am I love it yeah do I
miss making the trucking videos yeah I kind of do but I’ve been wanting to take
my channel in this direction for a long time and I finally got around to doing
it and I just spotted another another entrance here to the lake so let me go
see if I see any goodies over here I doubt it but at least it’s not quite as
steep as it was in some of these areas are you guys seeing what I’m seeing some
of these leaves are already starting to change colors which it is a gorgeous
color don’t get me wrong but what that is an indication of is that summer is
coming to an end I know it is but that’s part of life every year summer comes to
an end over here it’s no different this year oh yeah look at them beautiful logs
right they’re laying in the and the water broke off and but anyways we’re
done what pretty much would take an hour half an hour break already so I think
it’s time to go back and hit the road again yeah I do however hope that you
guys do enjoy these kind of videos I know not everybody is going to enjoy
them but I’m sure there is gonna be quite a few and it’s not always just
about showing you the outdoors right it’s it’s also my personality how I
behave and how I act and how I talk all of that plays a role as well right well
yeah so here we go just got out of that nice little path walking through the
bush there that’s really nice but it is starting to get a little bit cooler out
here it really is I can definitely feel it the temperature is dropping but hey
we enjoyed summer we had a really really nice summer so far we went camping more
than I haven’t so it’s been really really awesome year
so far I hope you enjoyed it so far and I will continue making these outdoor
vlogs whether you like it or not I will that’s the direction I’m taking my
channel that’s the way we’re going yes

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  • What a great video my friend-I thoroughly enjoy your outdoor nature videos because I think it’s great to just slow down and just to get off the beaten path at times and see how beautiful the outdoors really is and what all it has to offer. Keep up the great work on your nature videos and sending LOVE to your family,ok? GOD BLESS YOU my friend and take care 🙂🙂🙂👍👍👍many thumbs up on your videos!!

  • Yes sir Mr. Rudi, I as well enjoy the outdoors. Mother nature has so many beautiful things to see. I especially like the water , rocks ,birds and the terrain. I can't wait to see you in the winter with your snow shoes and skies on. I hope that you continue showing the great outdoors. Nothing personal as you well know I've seen my share of trucks. Keep up the good work my friend.

  • Some folks have a limited interest, but I love the outdoors and to be able to compare notes. That fruit is commonly known as a hedge apple, because those trees were used on farms to make hedges to prevent erosion. The thorns also protected property. They are actually Osage Orange trees if you look them up. The fruit is not edible, but some people say they will repel spiders in a cellar or basement. If you ever burn the wood, it explodes in a fire and shoots pieces of sparks all over.

  • .First, that creature, called, ground hog, whistle pig, gopher, woodchuck and other names. The round fruit is the Osage Orange or Hedge Apple tree, Still miss the trucking videos buddy. You should not have little that BS about "that" video stop you from making trucking videos!

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