Oahu Travel Tips: 10 Things to Know Before YOU Go

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  • Yellow Productions says:

    Watch more of my Oahu Hawaii travel series in this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=28KhEfk8sGo&list=PLOVadUHX1B-LfVzW8EnRP8zenklj3Vz85

  • Storied Worlds says:

    Thanks. Another enjoyable, informative video.
    One thing: Golden Week in Japan is the first week of MAY. (but it does often overlap with the end of April).

  • Travelman Podcast says:

    Chris, you know I need to get to Hawaii. It's a dream of mine to visit Oahu and the rest of Hawaii. What a tease you are!!!!! Lol

  • Scottman895 Travel says:

    These are some great tips! It is cool how Oahu has its share of touristy areas such as Waikiki as well as other cool areas. I definitely need to get out to Hawaii sometime although I'm not sure when yet.

  • I love your videos but with Hurricane Lane hammering Hawaii right now. I would have waited till at least the storm passes to Post the video.

    Just for a future reference, keep this in mind.

  • Great video as usual. My daughter and I were there in Sept last year. we found that the public bus services were great, we used them to get to Diamond Head, Pearl Harbor, the north shore, the Dole plantation and Kualoa ranch. Some trips were quite long but the scenery is interesting. They were advertising that the following week after we left that they were changing the bus pricing and that you could get an all day ticket for $5.

  • Damascus Steele says:

    Pretty spot on details with everything! You did comprehensive homework on the matter not just as a tourist but local level understanding.

  • The Vive is a great clean place to stay. A block in from the Duke statue. $20 a night for parking, no resort fees, free beach gear like towels, umbrellas, boogie boards, and mats. I have stayed there twice for $155 a night. They are very friendly. Smaller rooms, but love it there.

  • Just went to Hawaii in May ! We watched your vids before we went & those were some really good tips and we had such a fun time ! Keep it up dude !

  • Long's Drugs = CVS in all but name. Owned by CVS, you should be able to access any prescriptions you have with CVS at any Long's.

  • Really enjoyed this! Thank you for all the tips. My family and I are headed to Oahu in October so we’ve definitely found this helpful! Thank you! 🙂

  • Great information about the transportation in Waikiki, I also would like to add that there is a station-based car service in Honolulu area called HUI, whether you needed for just few hours or for the entire day I think is better option than UBER. Basically, you download their app and make reservation off your smartphone and then walk up to a vehicle and if it's available, hop onto Hui's vehicle and go! and the best part about it is that the gas and insurance are already included for an incredible price.

    And talking about Hanauma Bay I think is one of the great areas to go to. However, it gets really crowded, and also the lines to get to the beach can be very long. I like North Shore better, it is less crowded, and more places to go snorkeling, Aloha!

  • You didn't mention Biki for transportation! They're bikes in Honolulu (mostly around Waikiki) where you can rent them straight from a bike stand using an app. I haven't used it myself (I don't spend a lot of time down in town unless I'm going down there for a reason) but I've heard people like them.


    Fantastic Chris! This place is on my bucket list. I'm not a surfer or really even much of a water guy. But if I'm anywhere in Hawaii I would have to go into the water at some point. What is the situation with wildlife like sharks and jellyfish?

  • My tip is to get out of Waikiki quickly and head towards the North shore. Maui was better than Oahu. Best public thing we did was snorkeling.

  • I volunteer to be your editor. All I want is a steak dinner at Duke's. "One million residence…" on your video. Your description below is correct. Sorry. Ex-teacher. You mean residents. You're welcome. That one is for free.

  • Tip one- don’t use wet suit,if you want to wear something for your torso get rash guard or just wear a shirt. Tip two- don’t learn to surf on north shore,learn in Waikiki north shore can kill you even in short season. Tip three- if you see turtles keep your eyes peeled for tiger and hammer head sharks, they feed on sea turtles but if you provide them the opportunity they will take a bite.tip four if your looking for gifts and goodies to bring home find Wholesale Unlimited, multiple locations and they will ship thing over seas. Tip five look up bus stops and schedule,you can get anywhere you want on the bus,talk to locals while you ride and find even more hidden gems.

  • I lived in Oahu Hawaii since I was born but I have never went to Waikiki beach. I go to a beach I call sand island. And go fishing. Bradah can you pronounce Hawaii or Honolulu correct. Nice job with da vid

  • Bob Westmoreland says:

    Thank you Chris! Fantastic and very informative video. My family and I just visited Waikiki for the first time and I watched your videos before our trip. Your reviews are spot on! We can't wait to go back soon! Also, ABC stores are the best! Mahalo.

  • Thanks for your well put together video, it was so informative…..

    I'm planning to spend six to seven days in Hawaii and visit Big Island, Oahu and, Maui ….do you think three islands is too much to do in 6 or 7 days?……. Your advice is appreciated.

  • Headed to Oahu Sunday! I love working for an airline and being able to travel as much as I do. I took a circle the island tour last time I was there. Got to eat at fumis shrimp farm near the north shore and it was some of the best shrimp I’ve ever had.

  • noah takes hawaii says:

    I live in Hawaii and LIVE BY THESE TIPS! I also have my own tips (from past fails) you might find them interesting….

  • Have you mentioned anything to the Haoles (tourists) of how not to act and to be very respectful of their surroundings ? Most people travel here and don’t get the “Wake Up” call till it’s too late! “Don’t come and Think you Run anything or have any say in anything and how things go down in Oahu… Come with respect and leave with it… “Maybe”

  • Elizabeth Cozma says:

    Hey Chris,great video,just wondering about the Japanese golden week?we will be there after Vegas,Good Friday is our first day I’m hoping it won’t be too busy then? Keep up the videos,I’m so excited about our trip and you’ve given us some great tips for Disneyland Vegas and Hawaii!👍🏻😃,

  • Naomi Blackerby says:

    Great updated video! You may want to toss in saving your abc receipts to turn in for free stuff, it makes you feel better after spending all that money 😂

  • Dominican love says:

    I really appreciate your video I was a little bit kind of nervous because I'm getting ready to go up there in April so thank you I got enough information

  • We spent 10 days in Oahu in January this year it was great loved it until the second last. One tip don't shop at Walmart it is not safe there I had to put my backpack in a combination lock locker when I came to get it it was gone but they let us take a bag big enough to put groceries in it with a zipper on it I don't get it. Don't know how they got it out cause the lock wasn't damaged the staff and especially the security guys at the door were dam useless didn't tell us anything about the camera footage for two hours and got nothing. Dam useless and hopeless they are. Go to the ABC Stores you get good souvenirs there.

  • Abel Alencaster says:

    Thank you for the great tips my friend I was little nervous because on June I will travel to Oahu inland and I like the way you give a good information about to do things in that beautiful inland 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Im sorry, but I hate this video. A few thing for your next video if you do one on hawaiʻi. First of all, speak our language right. When you say a name of a place, say and pronounce it right and if you donʻt know how, then learn em off the people. Second, teach tourist something that is actually helpful for them to survive in hawaiʻi. Like how to speak the second most spoken language on hawaiʻi, itʻs called "pidgin" (Ex. "Eh, wach out, bumbye you go make" which means watch out or else you might get killed or hurt. another example would be "ho unco, howzit. eh, can go fo one ride, or what?" which means "hello sir/uncle, how are you doing? Can I catch a ride with you?"). or teach em how the locals act, and what we expect from the guest who are coming to our homeland (things such as respect and aloha and malama). Third, tell people to take time to learn our history. One thing that us locals no like, is the fact that people think they can come here on our island and act like they did nothing to us and our people, when there is a rich history of how foreigners came to hawaiʻi and took everything away from us. Yes, we know you tourist did NOT do it, but that we still feel wronged by the fact that people; just like the ones of the past, are coming to hawaiʻi and they too donʻt know what has happened to us, its like disrespect for us. And we donʻt need an apology, just show that you know our past and that you care and donʻt think that it belongs to you. And lastly, tell people to go around the island. Tell others to look at how my people are living, have people learn the hardships of living on this island. We donʻt enjoy outsiders because you donʻt know our life but so many of you outsiders think you guys do. We donʻt care if you come to hawaiʻi or not, we do care when what you say things that are not correct and you make us look like fools. I am extremely sorry for this outburst, itʻs just that sometimes people donʻt understand us and our history. What was done is done, of course but we donʻt feel rightfully compensated and so we live this hopeless hell of repetition and hurt. I like your video as far as teaching about things you can do, but people need to know more about the hawaiianʻs and our problems. Thank you for reading this.

  • Hawaiian Sea Turtle says:

    Another thing you should’ve mentioned: heed all warnings given by lifeguards at dangerous beaches where tourists still insist on entering the water. They’re giving warnings for a reason, not to waste their breath.

  • I would never swim at Kuhio beach at Waikiki or at Ala Moana…..the water is so dirty due to the amount of people in the water…..I would go to the beaches on the North Shore if swimming in the ocean is in you agenda….

  • I saved hundreds before going to Hawaii oahu by Becoming a Groupon Plus Member it takes off 25%-50% on top of already great deals Groupon is offering. Membership is $4.99 a month and after visiting Hawaii I just Canceld my Groupon Plus Membership🍻🍻🍻🍻 was Epic! Did all the sunset Delux packages and bought a 4k camera before I went to Hawaii best time ever!

  • This is a very informative video. One thing, you said not to rent a car at the hotel, but I’m staying at Hilton Hawaiian Village where parking is ridiculously expensive. Do you think I should rent the car at the Hilton or pay for the parking? (I calculated it, and paying for the parking would be a bit more expensive)

  • Truth Reigns Forever says:

    One free tip on me: Waikiki Beach 🏖 is made up via countless and countless of tons of sand dredged from the island of Molokai which is part of “Maui County” as is Lanai. And they don’t have a million but 900 thousand people.

  • Thank you! I’m going to Hawaii in 6 days for 35 days, so this helped me not get bored and to find and know stuff to do. Thanks, again! 🙂

  • Elizabeth Cozma says:

    Perfect information about Oahu,I love it there!and you are so right about the traffic!omg we are from Australia and we went to Disneyland ,Vegas then Hawaii,we stupidly thought the driving in Hawaii world be so easy!hired a car there,managed to drive on the other side of the road but what a nightmare!!!!!thanks for the great videos Chris!

  • Braydon Bailey says:

    So I'm staying at the Sheraton in Waikiki in a week, and is it more of a calm hotel or is it loud and can you hear all kinds of people when you're trying to sleep?

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  • Great videos they really help. I'm staying on the island of Oahu next month and was wondering would you know any good hiking with waterfalls or any big cliffs where you could jump off of. Me and my wife are trying to find some things to do that don't cost or don't cost too much. Any advice would be good thanks.

  • Enjoyed these tips however, you should take the time to actually pronounce the names of the areas correctly. Butchering the names is not a good thing bro

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