Nothing can prepare you for Flathead Lake

– Growing up, water, whether it was a local hike or the ocean, was a place for my family and friends to – Now, wherever my travels take me, I know I can find that same sense of home and belonging out on the water. (bubbling) Coming to Montana, I knew that I would see iconic prairie land and
stunning mountain scenery, Cruising around on the glassy surface, or swimming in its crystal-clear depths, I was overcome with that
familiar sense of calm, of connectedness. Flathead Lake is more than
just a pretty place, though. (wind) You can be zipping around
on a boat one minute, and the next minute find
yourself face-to-face with a herd of bighorn
sheep, or even wild horses. That’s one of the things that makes Flathead Lake so unique. There’s this beautiful collision between recreation and
intimate wilderness encounters. but it’s here in Montana. (gentle splashing)

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