Norwich University Sullivan Museum & History Center’s Citizen & Soldiers Exhibit

For Norwich to have a museum of this size,
it’s incredibly valuable to the students, to the faculty, staff and to researchers. Sullivan Museum and History Center is the
outlet we have to present 200 years worth of very interesting history that has national
and world-wide significance. My name is John Hart. I am the Director here at the Sullivan Museum
and History Center. The Citizens and Soldiers traveling exhibit
really takes a small sampling of what we have in the museum and brings it to a much larger
audience. We are going to be taking some of our artifacts
that we have collected over the years and bring them out to 10 different cities. Some of my favorite objects include a daguerreotype
of Captain Alden Partridge taken probably around the early 1840s. This World War I helmet is particularly fascinating
because it’s painted to show where the soldier had been in the war. This banner was put together by Roberta Mascus
Cooper, Class of 1976, one of the first women to graduate through the Corps of Cadets. To put together a show of this size, it’s
a monumental undertaking. We’re so happy to see it come to fruition
and be out on display for everybody to see.

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