New Owners RV Camper Gear Supplies Top Item Essentials For Newbies

New Owners RV Camper Gear Supplies Top Item Essentials For Newbies

welcome to the great outdoors RV company
my name is Ryan Spect today I’d like to talk to you about some items you
might want to have for your new camper first we’ll go over items that are
must-haves then some stuff that would be kind of nice to have and then some stuff
that you might want to just put on the wish list okay let’s go over a few things that are
gonna be essentials that you’ll definitely need to have when you get a
new camper so one of the first things that you’ll have to have with with any
trailer out there is what’s called a brake controller this allows you to set
the tension on the brakes of the trailer from the tow vehicle and it could be
adjusted on the fly while you’re going down the road there are a few different
levels of it what I’ve got here is the p3 this is one of the higher end ones
can be set up for several different trailers and you can just adjust or hit
buttons to adjust the stuff or you can have some width dials or there’s a
variety of different kinds of brake controllers out there but it’s
definitely something that you’re going to need when towing a trailer some other
items that I definitely would recommend having a pressure reducing valve for
your water inlet because whether you’re at a park with a hookup or if you’re
filling up your tank at home you don’t know what the regulated pressure is
coming from the connection that you have and you got PEX lines for the piping and
the plumbing in the RV and so in order to not blow that out you want to put on
a pressure reducing valve or a pressure regulator water regulator another thing
and this is something we include in our starter kit for folks this is a 30 amp
service – a 110v adapter so you can plug your 30 amp service coach into a regular
110v outlet another item a lot of folks will get is an adapter to go down from a
50 amp service coach to a 30 amp service because not all parks offer 30 amp
service this will also allow you to adapt down from the 50 amp to a 30 amp and then
you can go from the 30 amp to the 110v so definitely something that you’ll you’ll
want to have and I always recommend getting a surge protector because a
surge protector I mean they’ll spend a thousand dollars on a computer and
you’ll go spend 150 bucks on a surge protector for that thousand dollar
computer I think you’d want to protect your RV
investment as well so a surge protector again there’s a lot of different
varieties out there I’ve got one of the more basic models here but carry them
from the the basic ones all up to the real high-end ones here in our parts
store at the great outdoors another thing a lot of people don’t realize that
you’ll need special RV toilet papers so this is made to dissolve really
well in your black tank so it doesn’t muck up your sensors and stuff you you
don’t want to use just a regular toilet paper because it doesn’t have the design
that the RV toilet paper does have and of course probably one of the the worst
parts of the camping experience is the dumping of your tanks so you definitely
don’t want to get you a nice hose we do include one in your your RV starter kit
if you bought from us but I always tell folks to save that as a backup because
it’s not the nicest one and of any place in the camping experience dumping the
tanks is not the place you want to skimp a couple other essentials that I think
to have would be a a few different types of chemicals for your toilet or your
black tank we carry a variety these as well there’s also ways to freshen up and
clean your freshwater tank so that the water tastes good coming out of it and
things to clean your gray water tank or your waste water tank we offer again a
variety of different products in our parts store to help you take care of
that and then some other things that are I think essential to have are going to
be some wheel chocks you can go with this basic plastic style wheel chock
that you just pull the tire right up to and you stuff it under or you can go
with a little bit more high-end this is what’s called an ex chock it actually
will go between the tires on a dual axle unit and and keep it from rolling and
then also links Levellers what these are are basically like giant Legos that
you’ll use to kind of build up the area so you pull your tires on and it’s going
to be nice and level to help you level out your RV because the jacks on your RV
are usually just for stabilization not really full up leveling one final thing
I wanted to mention that’s a must-have in your new RV is a fresh water hose you
don’t want to use a regular garden-variety hose because then you’ll
get that weird hose rubbery taste in your water so they do make special hoses
for fresh water and filling that tank now let’s go over a few things that are
kind of wanna haves not necessarily something that you have to have but
definitely going to be a nice thing to have along on the camping trip we sell a
lot of these RV outdoor mats this ones here is 8 foot by 11 foot again another
thing we can get them in a variety of sizes but this is just gives you a nice
clean area right in front of your camper entryway so you can traverse in and out
of the camper I’ll bring in dirt in and speaking of
traversing in and out of the camper they also make special covers for your RV
stairs these are great to obviously wipe your feet off and they are also really
good for pets because RV stairs aren’t really pet friendly when it comes to the
the dogs or the animals feet going up and down so these will definitely make
it more of a pet friendly experience some other things that you might want to
consider having especially if you’re going to be doing some early season late
season camping this is a heated hose so this is going to be for your fresh water
it is a special hose made for freshwater but it’s also got to be able to be
plugged in and keep you from freezing this is actually rated to keep from
freezing down in negative 42 degrees then another thing especially if you’re
going to be staying somewhere for extended periods of time and you have a
dump right there on site this is what’s called a slung key basically what it
does is it allows you to hook up your black hose and then you can set these in
a way that it just slowly angles down just like when you’d be running pipes in
a house you always kind of want to head towards the drain and that would allow
you to do that with your grey hose few other things that are just nice to have
so when you go to fill your freshwater tank it’s just a gravity fill so this is
a great tool to have to help you with that you can have the on and off switch
right here this slides right into your fill spot on the side of the camper so
it just makes it a lot easier to fill your freshwater tank this is a pretty
neat item too so after you dump your your waste tank and then you dump your
grey tank to kind of rinse your hose out you can also hook this up to a regular
garden hose and then it hooks up to your waste tank hose and you can rinse it out
again so another nice feature to have here and then what we’ve got here is an
RV water filter there are some campers some coaches that even we carry they
have built-in water filtration systems on them but if you get a coach that
doesn’t have that built-in water filtration system the inline filter is a
great option it’s something you just attach to the spicket and then the hose
would hook onto this and go to the camper and that’s just going to make
sure that all the water is filtered down to a residential grade whether you’re at
a campsite you don’t know what their water is like when you’re hooking up or
if you’re filling up at your house and you’re gonna be putting it in the tank
it’s always good to just through that filter another thing I
think would be a nice one to have if you don’t have a black tank flush already
built into your camper this gadget here is gonna help you to rise out your
grey tank or your black tank I should say you
simply hook a hose onto this the other end will drop down into your black tank
and if you look here there’s actually a little guy that will spin around and
kind of spray off the sensors and help rinse out that black tank another thing
that is definitely nice to have to help you level your coach out you could have
our service department or you yourself could install some levels on the coach
one usually up on the tongue to give you side-to-side leveling and then one
usually somewhere on the side of the coach to get you front to back leveling
and there these are pretty simple just peel off and stick on applications
there’s tons of different kinds of RV levels and again we offer a lot of them
here in the store and we’ll help you find the one that is right for you
another convenient thing nice thing to have this is a lock for a tongue a
tongue pull or a travel trailer coach so that you don’t have to worry about
someone hooking up and heading out with your stuff they also make one for a
fifth wheel this just goes right onto the end of the kingpin locks it up and
just secures that as well a couple other nice things to have mirror
extensions this is kind of a basic more generic mirror extension I can get you
customize for your specific tow vehicle the the mirror extensions that you want
and I’ve got tons of different options again with these items to get you
exactly what you want that’s gonna make towing more comfortable for you and some
things that I definitely recommend getting for your camper a cover for your
AC shroud this is gonna help it from getting beat up by the weather and
there’s things on the side of your AC that are called fins and those if those
get damaged the AC is not as efficient as it can be here in Colorado that
plastic can oxidize and get real brittle so definitely would recommend getting an
AC cover for when you’re storing and then also would recommend a tire cover
when it’s time for storage because the dry rot on the tires is something you
need to be concerned about it’s not so much tread life because you’re not
driving this like you would your regular vehicle but you do want to worry about
dry rot and stuff so another thing to get for when you’re in storage is a tire
cover you probably want to get five of them if you’re in a dual axle one for
the spare tire and then one for each of the tires on the vehicle and there are
nice upgrade if you don’t already have it in your coach all LED lighting they
make LED bulbs for a variety of different coach light styles and it’s
just gonna help you save that battery life and it’s gonna be a lot more
efficient than a regular contestant bolt all right let’s talk about some items
now that you might want to add to the wish list for your future RV some things
that a lot of folks will do is obviously vent covers we do have unbreakable vent
covers because those are the one of the things that probably get damaged the
most with hail storms and stuff like that other your vent lid covers and
that’s where your max air fan covers really come in handy because with these
guys on top you can actually even leave your vents open while you’re heading
down the road and they also make a thing called a max air fan that you can
install on your Vents so that you can have air pulled through the camper
another nice thing with this if you have that vent lid open and you’re out at the
lake or something and it starts to rain you don’t got to worry about that water
getting into your coach another item that might be nice to add to your wish
list or tech even get from the beginning if you’re gonna be doing a lot of dry
camping would be a generator I carry the Briggs & Stratton as well as the Honda
and Yamaha all of these generators are super quiet they actually are quieter
than your average household vacuum cleaner there’s about a half a decibel
difference between the Briggs and Stratton and the Honda and Yamaha and
what you’ve got here is a parallel kit so you don’t have to get one big
generator you can actually get two of the smaller more portable generators
hook them together to give you enough power to run all the amenities in your
coach right behind me this is something I definitely recommend getting for any
travel trailer there’s what’s called an equalizer hitch so it’s going to do a
couple things for you it’s gonna equalize the weight off of the bumper of
the tow vehicle and it’s also going to provide sway control I carry two
different styles of them I’ve got the e to fast way this is going to give you
400 pounds of sway control and it’s a two point sway control so back and forth
wiggle above that we’ve got the 4-point sway control this is called the e4 and
that’s not only going to give you back and forth sway control it’s also going
to give you a little bit against the pivoting of your trailer while you’re
towing it down the road some other things that some folks like
to get as they realize how much more they’re camping and they’re you know
starting to do this no bird thing where they’re in it six months of the year
down south a couple items here we’ve got what’s called a Wi-Fi Ranger so this is
basically gonna pick up any wireless signal that’s around and rebroadcast it
to your camper so that you have a stronger Wi-Fi signal for any of your
devices your laptops your phone what have you you’ve also got the ability to
install now this one here is set up on its own little tripod but it can be
installed permanently on the top of the coach they make a few different styles
of the satellites for you to pick up TV Dish Network Direct TV those are a
couple of the providers that you would work with after you have your satellite
installed on top of your coach so you have full HD channels no matter where
you’re at in the country a few more items that you might want to add to the
wish list is solar panels most campers these days are coming pre-wired and set
up for solar if they’re not any service department can get you set up for solar
panels there’s a couple ways to do it this here is a portable solar panel
that’ll actually set up on its own little tripod and it just plugs into the
side of the coach to keep a trickle charge on the battery and then it folds
up its own little neat briefcase carrying case as you see right here
actually we’ve got one of them and we carry them anywhere from 40 watts to a
160 Watts here in our parts store a great way to just extend the camping
trip by keeping the trickle charge on your battery with solar panels then
right behind me something that a lot of folks would like to have on their coach
is a backup camera so this will actually go on the rear of your RV so when you’re
going down the road or you’re back in your trailer in two places you can see
what’s going on behind you final few things I want to talk to you about
protecting your investment after you buy in your coach there’s a few different
ways to do that here at the great outdoors there are things like RV covers
that a lot of people will go with but here at the great outdoors we actually
recommend a product called first-place finish because we’ve seen covers
actually do more damage than good so we offer a product that actually unlike a
wax will form a chemical bond with the fiberglass or the aluminum on your
trailer and it’s going to help that from oxidizing and the badge is peeling off
and all that though it has actually got a five-year warranty against any of that
happening and we also offer a protection for your in
both your your furniture as well as the carpet will be protected with a
first-place finish that is going to be a stain resistant oil-based water-based
stains ink markings things of that nature that’ll be a lot easier to clean
up if you get that first place interior protection and then just want to keep
the coach looking good for a long time get the first place finish exterior
protection for your new camper now all campers that are new at least come with
a manufacturer warranty one thing that we recommend here at the great outdoors
is protecting that investment a little bit more with an extended service policy
the company that we use protective is actually the only one that’s endorsed by
the RV dealers Association they’ve been around since the early 1900s they’re not
some fly-by-night warranty company and they are accepted anywhere in the US and
Canada they’ll reimburse you for techs who can even do mobile services for you
comes with $100 deductible but to replace a $1500 AC a $100 dollar deductible is nothing to protect your investment with an extended service policy from
protective that we offer here at the great outdoors there’s gonna be several
items that are covered from slideouts to appliances refrigerators the leveling
system all of that is protected and your investment is protected as well thanks
for spending some time with me today here at the great outdoors RV company we
briefly touched on some of the items you’re gonna need to have for your new
coach hear after you purchase it some of the stuff you may want and some of the
stuff to add your wish list if you have any questions about any of the items we
discuss today don’t hesitate to give us a call 970.313.4337 or drop me an email [email protected] or you can simply swing on by and if you like our videos make sure to comment subscribe and join our youtube channel because we
put up videos of all our new units and we have several really useful videos on
things like winterization roof maintenance all kinds of stuff just to
make your RVing experience a little bit better

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    Nice job. A very comprehensive list. Two things I would add since few RV's come with one is a lug wrench or breaker bar with socket that fits your tire lugs and a jack in case of a flat tire. A torque wrench to check the lug tightness wouldn't hurt either.

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    You don't need to buy RV toilet paper to use in your RV,,Costco Toilet paper breaks down just like RV toilet paper so you can save money on that, and yes I do use the Costco Paper and have tested it out,, Simple test,,Put RV toilet paper and Costco Toilet Paper in a glass, just a sheet or two, shake them both up and they will break down so just a tip to save on the Pocket book, Kirkland Signature is the brand,,at Costco

  • clyde alspaugh says:

    Hi Ryan. I'd like to pick your brain about the black tank treatment chemicals. I know that many RVers use them and some others don't. I belong to the latter category. Maybe somebody who has knowledge of the chemistry will chime in also.

    The RV black tank chemicals that I have seen are a combination of a deodorizer and some enzymes. My understanding and opinion is that if your RV's wastewater system is functioning properly, (i.e. toilet bottom seal, check valves, and P-traps in good working order.) that you won't need a deodorizer except for the air freshener that you probably keep in your bathroom at home.

    As to the enzymes, I am familiar with their use in septic systems. Enzymes help to "digest" the solid material so that it doesn't just keep building up and up. The thing is though, that this process takes time. The wastewater system in an RV isn't a septic system. It could be fairly accurately described as a system of "collect, hold and transfer."

    The limited size of the black tank means that except in the most extreme circumstances, the waste won't be held in the tank long enough for the enzymes to significantly transform the solids. RV dump hoses, valves, etc. are built of large enough size to handle pretty much anything that goes into the black tank without clogging, so there isn't really a need to use enzymes from that aspect.

    In addition, when the black tank gets emptied, the waste goes into a system that will eventually provide approved treatment (either by a pump-out service or by a municipal sewer system) for both the liquid and solid material, thereby further negating the need to add enzymes to the black tank. As such, I see no reason to add chemicals to my black tank.

    I view these chemicals as being a band-aid measure to be used only until you can get the RV repaired properly, and sometimes as an up-sell item at stores. Maybe you can update me with expert knowledge about why these black tank chemicals are really needed? Thanks.

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