NC TRAC – Therapeutic Recreation in action

(soft acoustic music) – All right, so this is Buddha Board. We use this as a mindfulness tool to remind us, in practice,
the art of letting go. So by practicing this, we remind ourselves that
nothing’s permanent. That every day’s a new beginning, right? It just reminds us that some things might take longer to pass. Others will remain a little bit longer. (soft acoustic music) So my roll here at the center
is to create a facility with different recreation
programs that we offer. I also oversee our placement students. And just overall, connecting with the different departments within the college, to expand and extend our services, and to promote and
create more opportunities for students to focus on their well-being. – [Girl] Three, two, one. – So, the Snoezelen room,
it’s a sensory room. At the center we have two. One it’s an interactive one and the other one is a calm, dark room. Students that are feeling overwhelmed or just want to have a quiet space where they can clear their
minds and just relax, they can use the calm room for as little or as long as they want to. And for the interactive sensory room students can explore the
different prompts that we have. (upbeat soft techno music) – Being in the NC-TRAC,
participating in the programs, and learning how to
facilitate the programs, is helping me to become a better recreation therapist in the future. And all these different
programming ideas that I’ve learned is just helping broaden my skill set that I can take with me into the field. – Will you match me? – They have ping pong right here. – So NC-TRAC has given me
the possibility of practice TRA in a different way. Serving the student body
has been challenging and exciting at the same time. Understanding the students needs and delivering program
to satisfy their needs have been really positive
to me as a rec therapist. And to our students as our participants. Basically we paint with the water. With time you will see that… (mellow acoustic music)

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