NBC Parks and Recreation in 3 Minutes! | (Parks and Rec Summary)

– [Narrator] This is the story of Parks and Recreation in three minutes. Let’s begin, or should
I say, treat yo’ self to three minutes of
friends, waffles, and work. Leslie Knope, deputy director
of Parks and Recreation, lives to make a difference
in Pawnee, Indiana. Ann Perkins demands the
pit behind her house to be filled in, after her boyfriend, Andy Dwyer, fell in and broke his legs. Leslie vows to turn the pit into a park, and seeks advice from Mark, a city planner she has a romantic past with. Leslie and her staff, Garry
Gergich, Donna Meagle, Tom Haverford, Ron
Swanson, and April Ludgate try to ramp up support for the park. Ann discovers Andy
postponed his cast removal so she’d keep pampering him. Leslie and Mark share a drunken kiss. Ann leaves Andy for Mark. Tom’s green card marriage ends. Andy threatens to sue, and
the city fills in the pit. Ron’s ex-wife, librarian Tammy II, tries to seduce Ron into building a library on the filled in pit. April takes interest in Andy. Ann breaks up with Mark,
who leaves City Hall, never to be heard from again. A budget deficit shuts
down the local government. State auditors, Chris Traeger
and Ben Wyatt, are called in. Andy develops feelings for April. Conflicted, Ann kisses Andy, causing April to leave for Venezuela. Tom catches Ron dating his ex-wife. The government reopens. Leslie revives the Harvest Festival, which is a tremendous success
thanks to Li’l Sebastian. Ann and Chris date until he
goes back to his old job. Tom dates Tammy II to get back at Ron. Andy wins back April and they get hitched in a surprise ceremony. Leslie and Ben keep their
relationship secret, due to Chris’ workplace romance policy. Tom quits to form an entertainment company with pal Jean-Ralphio. Ron learns his first ex,
Tammy I, has come for him. Leslie runs for City Council, ending her relationship with Ben. Tom and Jean-Ralphio’s company goes under. Ben and Leslie get back together. The scandal causes Leslie’s
political advisors to bail, so the Parks Department steps in as her new staff under
Ben as campaign manager. Leslie is met with stiff competition from her fellow City Council members, particularly Councilman Jamm. Andy trains to become a cop. Ron help Diane fix a pothole,
and soon they’re dating. Ben turns down a campaign
gig to return to Pawnee, and propose to Leslie. Tom founds Rent-A-Swag, renting
high-end clothing to teens. Leslie and Ben plan a fundraiser
for the Pawnee Commons, and have an impromptu wedding that night. Andy fails the cop test. An anonymous person rips
off Tom’s business concept. Angry locals led by Jamm petition for Leslie to be removed from office. A pregnant Diane and Ron hold a shotgun wedding at City Hall. Ann and Chris are also expecting. Andy takes a temp job in London. Eagleton goes bankrupt,
and is absorbed by Pawnee. Leslie loses a recall vote, and returns to the Parks Department. Tom reluctantly sells Rent-A-Swag. Ben becomes city manager when Chris and Ann move to Michigan. Leslie breaks ground
on the Pawnee Commons. The Parks Department puts
on the Unity Concert, to help ease the unpopular
Eagleton-Pawnee merger. Ron’s son is born, but
he doesn’t mention it. Leslie is pregnant with triplets. Tom’s Bistro suffers a
disastrous soft opening, but bounces back after hosting the Unity Concert after-party. Ben wins Pawnee free Wi-Fi
from tech company Gryzzl, by beating them at a
board game he created. Jump ahead three years. Leslie has triplets, and runs
the Midwest regional office of the National Parks Service. By 2017, only Craig remains
at the Parks Department. Ron’s construction
company builds apartments over Ann’s old house, upsetting Leslie. Gryzzl engages in data mining, forcing Ron to reconnect with Leslie, and convince Gryzzl to change their ways. Tom hires his old girlfriend, Lucy, to manage the bistro,
and soon they’re engaged. Tom experiences financial
ruin, but finds success publishing a best-selling
book on his failures. Ann and Chris have a second child, a daughter named Leslie, and
plan to return to Pawnee. Ben appoints Garry Gergich interim mayor. He is re-elected until his death on the night of his 100th birthday. Ron tires of his company,
so Leslie appoints him as superintendent of Pawnee National Park. In Washington, Leslie and
Ben are both approached to run for governor of Indiana. Ben chooses to manage Leslie’s campaign. Leslie is elected, but eventually leaves the role for an
even bigger opportunity. And that’s the story of Parks
and Rec in three minutes. Bonus, this is the story of
Eagleton in three seconds. Eagleton, birthplace of Lord Voldemort, was sold to a bunch of rich snobby jerks who went bankrupt bathing in bottled water until the greasy
denim-clad angels of Pawnee bailed out their HBO-subscribing asses by reabsorbing them back into
the greatest city in Indiana. Pawnee forever. Hit those like and subscribe buttons, and we’ll see everyone down
at JJ’s Diner real soon. Except maybe Mark. I wonder what ever happened to that guy. (upbeat music)

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