Naturehike Colchoneta Pad NH17T024-T  Ultraligera (subtitles)

Naturehike Colchoneta Pad NH17T024-T Ultraligera (subtitles)

Hi this is MelonBites Today I brought a sleeping pad The brand is Naturehike The size is 185x 54 cm It´s very thin and ultra light Opening the bag and we just need to extend it It has a no return valve so air does not came out When it´s full we close the valve The air from the pillow and pad are communicated So, you can see the approximate size The pillow is relly comfortable really comfortable! Maybe the problem is more when lying on the side The pillow is still comfortable but you can feel the hip touching the ground a bit As you can see these are communicated air tubes Now let´s see if it is complicated to pack it We open the valve and then the second valve and the air flows out rapidly It is faster than traditional air pads Now to get all the air out we fold it and we just have to roll it Just a last comment It is not a thermal or winter pad It is not design to keep you warm It is just the nylon you have seen I have tried it a couple nights and I like it And now as always, let´s have a coffee

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