National Veterans Summer Sports Clinic interview – Jymie

Interviewer: Is this your first time here? It is my first time at the Summer Sports Clinic. Interviewer: How has today been for you? It has been an incredible sense of accomplishment that I never really thought that I could do after all of my injuries Interviewer: Tell me a little more about that I have my knees are injured from a missile accident I have a traumatic brain injury from a missile accident I have a back injury from a bomb accident And I have nerve damage in my hands from a non-conventional bomb accident Interviewer: So how long have you been coping with all those injuries? I think the last injury that I received was in 1993 Interviewer: So what’s your hope for the future?
What do you want to accomplish? You know I want to get back out I want to do things I want to get my life back I have spent over 20 years just sitting in my house figuring my life was over And I came out here for the first year I really didn’t think I was going to be able
to do anything accomplish anything And I really thought my life was over And after a couple suicide attempts I decided I would give a try Just, just try one more time And today I have accomplished a lot including ringing the buzzer on top of that rock wall

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