Narita Airport to Tokyo – Complete Japan Travel Guide

Narita Airport to Tokyo – Complete Japan Travel Guide

so in this video I’m going to show you guys how to get to and from the narita airport with my local tips and advice you can’t go wrong so basically there for ways to get to and from Narita Airport there’s the express train which has two lines Narita Express and the Skyliner there is a regular train there’s the bus which actually has LCC and limousine bus and the fourth option is taxi out of the four options we across off regular train because it takes two hours to get their taxies really don’t make sense if you have less than five people because cost twenty thousand yen which is roughly 275 dollars so that leaves us with two options express train and the bus LCC also known as low-cost carriers cost 1,000 yen roughly nine dollars the limousine bus costs three thousand yen which is roughly twenty-seven dollars this is equivalent to the Skyliner and narita express so LCC is the cheapest solution for what I’m low on cash i prefer taking this so let’s talk about the express train so when you arrive at Narita Airport you have the two options of taking the narita express or skyliner if your hotel is in the southwest of yamanote line narita express is your best choice if you’re staying near ueno or nippori and you should take the skyliner if you have JR pass and you can use that with Narita Express because that’s included Oh so when you arrive you pretty much have two options when buying a plane ticket you can either go through the automated ticketing system boots or you can get to the fans usually the automated ticketing system is a lot chapter because people don’t really like these machines personally I like to go to the booth I don’t mind waiting a little extra longer to talk to someone just to make sure that i’m going to arrive at the destination i really want to go to when you arrive at Narita Airport you’re gonna need to take the elevator down to be one soon as you go out of the elevator you’re going to have Narita Express on your right which is red and then skyliner blue on your left just after the man booth you’ll see the automated ticket as you can see there’s a lot of people lining up for the man booth alright so now we have to get back to Narita Airport if you’re riding the Narita Express just go to the closest they are stationed find a man booth or automated ticketing system if you’re comfortable with the ticketing system go through that if it’s not so comfortable and you don’t know where you’re going then go to the man booth and find you the right direction something to know the keisei line you can only buy tickets at Ueno or Nippori¥ so be sure to go there when buying tickets oh I would they arrive there between 20 minutes before because there might be a long- depending on where you arrive at the station could be like the 10 to 15-minute walk to get to where you’re trying to go to the platform just keep that in mind there are stairs sometimes you have to go around the station and elevated different and maybe going to the ticketing booth is probably machine at the station you don’t have to go online only takes about five minutes all the menus are in English so quickly just pop your credit card or you can use cash so here’s another tip for you to do in front of the cart and trying to the train there’s not a lot of room for the baggage and gets really really concept this is why you want to be possible sit at the front or close by quick little note when you are buying your ticket you’re going to get like four basically you’re gonna get your tickets here which you need to pass to the train attendant and then 2 you’ll get the reciept and 4 if you use your credit card credit card receipts you don’t show that he ones so you decided to go the cheap route should take the LCC bus there are a lot of choices but the two major ones are keisei bus also known as Tokyo shuttles and second one is access Narita take either of these and you can’t go wrong so you may ask where do i get on the bus let me tell you for the keisei bus you get them on at tokyo fish for access Narita you can get on at Ginza Station or tokyo station for specific direction check the description below and we’ll leave some links and feel free to check out our website on our website you’ll be able to see all sorts of information like discounted tickets and raised and everything else you need while traveling around tokyo in japan so LCC it’s only located in a few stations on the other hand limousine bus is offered all throughout tokyo at many of the major hotels so if you’re staying at one of the major hotels then you might want to take the limousine but is it a lot easier to get back or to get to the hotel from Narita Airport if you check out the website will have a list of all of the location where they offer service all the link below so that you can check out the website at narita airport on the first floor you’ll see automated ticketing for the airport limousine bus as well as the case a if you look around you’ll be able to find bad so Access Nairta there’s no reservation required all you need to do is pay when you get on the bus for more detailed breakdown on how to get to and from Narita Airport feel better check our website it has information on discounted tickets as well as things to do and see it while you’re in Tokyo or Japan for that matter and that’s pretty much all you need to know if you like the video that might be fun if you want more details on stuff we didn’t cover in the video feel free to leave a comment below we really want to hear from you guys feel free anything you want in the comments section below if you want to subscribe and subscribe

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  • Hi Paolo, you mentioned that you can only get tickets for the Skyliner in Ueno and Nippori. Does this mean I cannot ride the Keisei Skyliner from Narita going to Ueno? Just want to clear this. I'm planning to take the Keisei Skyliner from Terminal 2 going to Ueno. Is this possible? If not, would you recommend to purchase the tickets online instead? Thank you!

    And please keep the Tokyo videos coming! My friends and I are learning a LOT! Great work!

  • I am traveling from lax and both haneda and narita have the same flight ticket price. Do you recommend going to narita than haneda? thank you

  • Frinchika Lamanda says:

    Hi Paolo, thankyou for your video. If I would like to go to Kyoto or Osaka from Narita can I used the narita express? Or do yoh have any better suggestion?


  • if my hotel isn't on the limousine pickup list, but a nearby hotel X is, can i just use hotel X to book the limousine and just wait there?

  • Really like your informative videos! Traveling to Japan in April to do two things: Visit Ashikaga Wisteria festival, eat at the best Ramen place, and eat all you can Wagyu beef!! Well, three things!

  • Thank you for the information but it would be better if the video is without music. I am trying to listen what you are saying, if I want to listen to the music I would listen to the music channel.

  • Bitter Sweet 必達士 Coffee & Dessert Macau says:

    Hi Paolo, how are you?
    I planned to come tokyo again….yeah!Feb.18 to 21
    but i am having trouble which hotel to book.
    Shinjuku is the place me and my bro choose..
    The biggest trouble is from Narita airport to Hotel and back.
    We want to have a hotel where shuttle bus can be easy taken

  • Hey Paolo does it make sense for us to take the limousine bus because we're staying at a major hotel in Tokyo plus we have a lot of baggage since we are going to Manila and just doing a stopover in Tokyo for a week. I've been following most of your Japan videos and I think it's very helpful especially for first timers like us. Thanks and more power

  • Hi! Trying to figure out the best way to get from Narita Airport to Shibuya Tokyo Rei Hotel. Would you recommend the limousine bus or the train?

  • Paolo from tokyo…… its nice that you tell us the best way to get to tokyo. but can you pls tell us what platform and what train to take from narita airport? there is a lot of different trains and platforms you know

  • Hi can anyone teach me the specific route for Narita airport to Asakusa? First time travelling to japan and want to make sure everything goes smoothly! THANKS <3

  • Hi Paolo… we are seniors, and shall be staying at Shinjuku in April. We shall need a bus from Narita, can we book it before we leave home to be sure we have the correct bus ? Also we shall be taking a cruise a few days later, and our cruise is leaving from Oi wharf Tokai … can we get a bus or rail from Shinjuku ….

  • Rosa hernandez says:

    Hi Paolo, I really enjoy your videos! I didn't see Asakusa as one of the destinations from Narita. what is the best option that's not JR…I dont want to use my pass on the 1st day.

  • Informative video, thanks. I have a 10 hour layover at Narita, and want to go into to Tokyo to Ameyoko Market to eat and browse for an hour or two. What way do you recommend I do that? Do either of those express trains stop nearby? Thanks!

  • Could you explain how to use the JRP if I am traveling from USA….do I have to active the pass once I get there or we can stay In Tokyo for one week and then active the pass to begin the traveling for the 5 days

  • victor carrera says:

    When I saw this video and I realized that it was you I felt so relieved because you are very clear when you explain something, thank you for everything, I love your videos

  • Hey Paolo, I hear you say the ticket of Keisei Line can only be bought at Ueno. Does it mean a new comer is unable to take it to Asakusa when first time arriving at Narita airport?

  • Ken Chandrasena says:

    This is the most helpful video. My wife and I love your videos! Thanks Paolo! Please consider making a video that demystifies how the train system works when navigating around Tokyo. There are so many companies! How is the easiest way for us to think about it?

  • Niko Yokohama says:

    One semi-important thing to note for people traveling with 2 big suitcases (because my airline allows 2 bags without extra charges, I'll take advantage of that), Access Narita only allows 1 suitcase per passenger. Limousine bus allows 2 per passenger.

  • Paolo, I'm going to Japan in September and I'm… Probably get lost and will die at Narita.

    Do you know how much wifi pocket is and how much GB it has per day? Also, do you know if there's some stores in Akihabara which sell Fire Emblem merchandise?

  • Paula すき says:

    I'm going japan with my mam in a few months, I can speak some japanese and can read most stuff since I've been studying it since I was 13 (im 15 now) I'm so excited but nervous because my mum has no clue about Japanese but is bringing me since I love japan so much haha hopefully we don't get lost

  • what do i need for immigration at narita airport? i am from norway and i
    know i do not to apply for visa. but do i need some kind of immigration
    card or something? if yes, pls send me a link. thank you 🙂

  • what do i need for immigration at narita airport? i am from norway and i
    know i do not to apply for visa. but do i need some kind of immigration
    card or something? if yes, pls send me a link. thank you 🙂

  • what do i need for immigration at narita airport? i am from norway and i
    know i do not to apply for visa. but do i need some kind of immigration
    card or something? if yes, pls send me a link. thank you 🙂

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  • urcurcurcurc says:

    well regular train does not take 2 hours more like 90 min from NRT to Tokyo station and its a cheap option also

  • Hi paolo before I went to Japan last June 4 ‘19 I watched this video and followed your advice, and it’s help me a lot. Thank you so much.

  • Very good information, some people dislike because you turn music too loud. Most important is people want to hear what u saying.

  • Hello Paolo, I would be travelling to Japan Tokyo, being an outsider can you please let me know what all things would be expected and required from me.
    Hoping to get a reply
    Thank you.

  • Thank you for the video, I actually followed your advice and took the bus to Tokyo Station. Today there was a long line waiting and the driver gave priority to those that had already bought the ticket. So, don’t wait until you get on the bus to buy it.

  • Manon Leblanc says:

    Lost me after the blue line and red line. I get that I have to go to red for Nexpress but then what the heck is the green booth if I already bought a ticket? That was super unclear!!!!

  • Or take express on the Keikyu Line, especially traveling towards Shinagawa and Yokohama and it also serves Haneda Airport.

  • Nik Ryan Irzal Omar says:

    Wow, this is the best info ..but just to be sure… i will be travelling to tokyo this november and will be staying at APA hotel Asakusa Ekimae. Do i need to stop at Ueno or the train can go direct to Asakusa Station. TQ

  • We reserved a car service to pick us up and then back. It’s $450 usd for the 4 of us. It costs more but eliminates all the headaches!

  • 💜💙I can't believe I've never seen any of your videos till today, YouTube needs to step up their recommended game. Your videos are so informative, and it's not the same stuff I already know. I love how you go so into detail, it's really helpful. I'm getting overwhelmed with how much I didn't know 🤯 and I love your merch, so cute ☺️

  • Actually the Skyliner is faster and cheaper than N'EX to Shinjuku… get off the Skyliner at Nippori and transfer to the JR Yamanote… saves at least 20 minutes and about 700yen unless your accommodation is quite close to the Shinjuku New South Exit.

  • Hi Paolo.. loves your videos. I am planning to visit Japan next year. My big concern is how to handle my big luggage. My tentative itinerary is Tokyo>Kyoto and Osaka > Tokyo, is 10 to 12 days is good enough? And also, how to connect trains and how to book a hostels in between cities? Thank you in advance.

  • Maria L. Estrella says:

    Thank you Paolo for your tips… However, shinjiku was not mentioned. We will be arriving in Narita airport going to our Airbnb in this address: 5-13 Shinogawamachi, 101, Shinjiku, Tokyo-to 162-0814. What do you suggest — express bus (Keisei) up to what point? Our nearest station iidabash Station, but we will arrive late at night (8:00pm) by the time we have finished paperwork, that would be about 10:00pm. So very tired. Give us the best way. Can we take a taxi in iidabashi station? We are sr. Citizens ( Filipino). Hope to hear from you soon.

  • errr,… I just take the sloooow local train to Chiba and stay at Chiba Roynet Hotel,… it's a really easy, convenient place to relax before heading to Tokyo,… then too, Chiba Park in June is beautiful; lots of lotus blossoms and no foreign tourists.

  • Hi There sir! Quick question about limousine buses, is there any time table that the bus runs and pick specifically at Park Hyatt Hotel?

  • We are going on a cruise in Yokohama but we are coming from Narita Airport and staying overnight in Narita Tobu Hotel. Any suggestion on how to go to Yokohama Cruise Terminal?

  • Hi! we will be in tokyo in a few days via Narita, may I know what train should we take if we are going to Shinkoiwa Station?

  • How to get to cheaply Tokyo from Narita Airport by Train
    (After October 1, 2019)
    Narita Airport
    ↓Free Terminal Shuttle Bus
    Higashi-Narita Station
    ↓Keisei Higashi-Narita Line
    Keisei Narita Station
    ↓Keisei Main Line Limited Express or Commuter Express or Rapid
    Keisei Tsudanuma Station
    ↓Keisei Main Line Local Train 750JPY
    Keisei-Nishifuna Station
    ↓On foot
    Nishi-Funabashi Station
    ↓Tokyo Metro Tōzai Line 290JPY
    Ōtemachi Station
    ↓On foot
    Tokyo Station Total 1040JPY

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