My Subs sent me Mystery Chests… with instructions…

So I asked my subscribers to send me a
chest. They could put anything they
wanted in it and they could ask me to do pretty much whatever they liked with the
contents inside. And you guys answered! So
here we have 10 mystery chests each contains something completely different
from the rest but they all have their very own mystery challenge and we’re
gonna complete all of them. So subscribe
yourself if you like what you see I’m SimplySarc and let’s get started. you
have to make art out of NoAI floating sheep of various colors. Ok so this is
fairly straightforward, instead of using wool to make some art… we’re gonna use
sheep which makes total sense, we’re gonna use Sheep as a canvas . Bit
silly but kind of fun as well okay so there wasn’t actually any NoAI
sheep or any dye in the chest so we just had to do everything myself but like I
said the idea is actually very simple we just got the canvas and we can just paint
on it like so and you know what actually as
weird as it is actually does look kind of cool so now we just gotta figure
out what we’re gonna draw on here. Ok so
here is my painting of sheep on sheep you know I gotta admit, it actually does look
pretty cool. My PC
is not happy about this many entities on screen but it looks kind of interesting
and it’s it’s a way to do things I suppose. Sup Sarc, build your youtube profile
picture with these materials so here is a picture for reference it’s a blue guy
with a pickaxe pretty simple we got these materials
now there’s three ways you could do this you could either build pixel art, you
could just recreate the model or what we’re gonna do, is we’re gonna create a
perspective recreation. So like I just
said we’re gonna try to create an actual recreation, so I’ve gone with some light blue
wool for the highlights and some light blue concrete for the low lights. Ok so
here is the finished recreation I will admit the pickaxe is a little bit dodgy, but
not terrible not absolutely terrible. Let’s view this from
perspective and see what it looks like. There you go. It’s a little bit messy but
I’m actually quite happy with it. It’s cool to
make large structures in Minecraft but where builders really scratch their heads
is building the small things, so for my challenge you’ll have to build
the most compact medieval horse-drawn carriage you can build. Ok so I actually
really like this one because it’s pretty much exactly what I had in mind
when I set the challenge. A lot of people
weren’t really following the rules but this guy, this guy gets it and we’re
gonna do this one in survival and use the finite amount of resources that he’s
given us to build a carriage. The timing,
the timing that this guy should show up on this challenge just right now is
almost comical. So this guy has actually
been really really stingy there is not many resources here it kind of looks a
bit like a bear right now. A bear, a bear
drawn carriage. We have some wheels
these ones are real the rest of the corners are like imagination wheels at
the moment. Alright guys, so this is what
I’ve got… it’s not too great, it’s not too great.I ran out of building materials,
it kind of looks like some kind of weird motorbike
or something, I don’t know these are the
wheels there’s something attached to it so don’t if it can actually go anywhere. That’s the
best I could come up with. Very limited
resources, that was actually really tricky and we used these guys ’cause they just
showed up and I thought it’d be kinda funny. Dear SimplySarc, I challenge you to
recreate any scene from the great classic, ‘The Odyssey’ using the blocks in
the chest. I’m being forced to read this for school
so now you must relive it as well, good luck. So it’s been a while since I’ve
been in school and I can’t really remember that Odyssey, I think there’s
a cyclops in it, but I’m not sure if this is in the Odyssey but I know that in
Greek mythology there’s Medusa, so let’s do Medusa. So here is our girl Medusa, now her thing
is kind of like being very snake-y, so I’ve made her very serpentine
in fact she almost looks a little bit like a mermaid and given her
some snake hair, also made her a bit sassy ’cause I just feel like
she probably would be a little bit sassy, now Medusa is very snake-like but she
also has the other thing which is… She
basically turns any guy who looks at her to stone which is a little bit unfortunate,
this guy he’s not having a good day he’s turning into stone because he looked at her. So Johnny hotshot has challenged me to
build a device to shoot a firework rocket 32 blocks horizontally to kill a
cow. You know what I reckon I can do it. So we’ve got a cow over there, now I
thought this was gonna be really really simple because I actually made this
exact type of mechanism like six or seven years ago, so I figured, hey you
know what it probably still works exactly the same. Unfortunately… it does
not work exactly the same it is completely and utterly broken. Ok so
this is what I got for you, it’s quite simple but it does get the job done. Not
in one shot, it takes two shots I don’t know if that was the rule if it needs
to be done in one or two, but it does kill the cow eventually. So I kind of
cheated a little bit here by putting a wall up there because something I was
finding is that it’s actually really hard to slow fireworks down. Like it’s
easy to make them go horizontal like so, but they just kind of go forever and with
the materials I got I wasn’t really sure actually how to slow them down. So kind
of a half victory, kind of a half cheat, guess it’s for you to decide. Hello Mr. Sarc, my task for you is to create
a three-way battle between the overworld
the nether and the end. Cheers Eddie I will
definitely give that a try. Ok so this
is what I came up with now because we’re doing a three-way battle between the
overworld, the nether and end, I thought an invasion type event would be the best
way to go about it, now I chose this kind of
like beach setting because I thought it’d be
quite cool as you can see we have quite a few portals doing stuff around here. So
got this one which is just firing fireballs destroying the terrain over
there we’ve got some lava seeping through and even this nether fortress
over here is trying to get into the overworld. Over here we have a gigantic magma
cube trying to jump in. Now because the
end portals are actually horizontal we had to go with something a little
different, so instead the end portals are actually trying to abduct the
overworld back into the end, so you can see this chunk is actually being lifted off
into the end. Same over here and over
here here we actually have an obsidian pillar which is trying to plant itself
into the overworld. So very ominous. I declare the challenge of boats only the
materials in this chest can be used to build as many boats of as much quality
as you want. Ok, so we can make as many
boats as we like using a fairly generous amount of materials now instead of just
making the same boat over and over again, I
think we’re going to try to create a few different variations. Alright so here is boat number one
just a very simple little sailboats, very cute. Now we are actually allowed to use
crafting derivatives so banners and fences are totally fine and that’s
number one. Next up is the kayak or a
canoe. Never really sure the difference,
but it’s got multiple seats and it’s quite slender. I actually used these little trap
door trick here to kind of give it a bit of a pointy end on both sides and
you know I think it looks pretty cool actually. And finally we have a raft which I think is
fairly decent, I tried to go for like a tribal look and I think I did an okay
job. I used some trapdoors to create this
kind of offset effect with the logs and I think that looks kind of cool too. Hi, you need to build a new and improved
mineshaft. So XboxLlama wanted a naturally spawning
cave that is absolute fine we’re gonna pick this spot right here ’cause clock it’s
got a cool little fork in the road. Now ww’re probably
gonna try to stick with the default mineshaft experience so lots of cave spider
spawners, etc. Ok, so let me show you what
I come up with. Now because the cave is
quite chaotic it’s quite hard to build like symmetrically so we kinda went with
the flow of the cave, every so often we have these support pillars and I’ve also
tried to kinda like create this like barrier like maybe it was sealed away at
some point in time, who knows. I actually
put the spider spawners dangling from the ceiling like this, I actually thought
that looks better than how they normally, naturally spawn in the game,
in fact over here I’ve actually created a little of a trap like, “oh gold”, but up
here there is actually a spider spawner which will spawn spiders on your face. One of the challenges was to incorporate
a little bit redstone into the build so I left these un-detonated TNT blocks
throughout the mineshaft as well. Your mission, should you choose to accept
it is to construct a Rube Goldberg machine
using only the provided resources the goal is to open the provided spruce
doors. Alright so these were the
materials that we had at our disposal. And this is what I came up with, it’s
pretty small scale but it should work but I haven’t actually tested yet. Let me
explain how it’s supposed to work, alright so the door needs to be opened so we
press the button this pushes this piston with redstone down here, triggers this
signal to go down here unleashes this redstone torch which has a
sword in here, in this hopper. This
travels down the hopper chain which arrives in this dropper. This triggers
the comparator, activates the dropper, it falls into the bubble stream and it should
get shot all the way up here, which lands in this stream up here, it then
travels down the icy road onto this pressure plate, each of these pressure
plates, (the dispensers) have villagers in them and this will create a chain
reaction down here these will trigger this lamp down here which will
eventually melt this ice, then we have all this sand here which will eventually
fall once the else ice melts and this final sand over here will actually
complete the circuit here which will turn off the redstone and open the
door. Ok, let’s give it a try and hope
for the best. It might not work, we’re just gonna have
to hope for the best. Sword goes up here,
travels along the icy road, reaches… the plate, triggers a chain reaction, melts the
ice, triggers this and the door is opened! Just
about. Hi SimplySarc, first I want to say
that I love… the way think! And I would like
to see you build some kind of forest or something with the materials in the chest. Dude I can totally do that for you, so
this is what we’ve got in the chest and what we’re gonna try and probably do is
we’re gonna do something in this swamp and I’m thinking maybe
like a big tree. Alright so this is what
I came up with it’s a giant tree, I think I did an ok job trees a pretty
tricky to do and giant trees are even harder to do, so all things considered I
actually think it turned out quite well. I’ve added a little of decorations like
roots and stuff, some lanterns and there is the tree, I hope you like it. But that is pretty much all there is to
it, I hope you enjoyed this kind of more community focused video and if you’d like to see some
more in the future, just let me know. But anyway guys that
is pretty much all there is to it, cheers for watching, I have been SimplySarc
and I will catch you… in the next one!

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