My Little Reviews: Marks and Recreation

My Little Reviews: Marks and Recreation

Welcome to the episode when we start the CMC daddy daycare thing Okay then This episode brings up an important point of like how cutie marks work and as much as we’re tired of talking about that? I think it’s really important to bring up how exactly you can fit your destiny to your cutie mark and what control over it you can have and from what the show has taught us before you don’t have Too much control of it, but you still have enough and you probably know what you like at this point and you can probably lean towards that. I guess? This episode does a good job exploring that a little bit, but not enough to personally fit my tastes But we’re gonna talk about it as I talk about the episode and hopefully you understand my point of view relatively soon But anyway we start off as I guess the CMC got their cutie marks and business as they are coaching a hopeful artist in her First attempt to get her cutie mark. “I call it bold and brash” ” More like belongs in the trash! Ha ha!” The CMC then get the idea to mainstream their successful business by making it more marketable and more accessible and is this business talk getting old Yet, or what? “Business, business business Numbers.” [whispered] “Is this working?” Yes We find out that the CMC have chosen camp friendship because that one episode Had it. I guess how did these three take over our whole summer camp who’s in charge of this thing? I can’t believe we got a cutie mark on the first day! Stop right there criminal scum here Here we find Rumble who’s pissed because he has to live in the shadow of his brother and doesn’t really want to go to cutie mark camp or get his cutie mark I want you to draw me like one of your french girls Rumble is really against being labeled, and I was kind of waiting until this got adressed I mean in the real world people aren’t necessarily assigned to a job for their whole lives and does their cutie mark change Like it just seems in this society ponies have a much more linear role additionally what happens if you don’t like your talent Are you just SOL? I’ve decided I’m not gonna be a tinker fairy anymore, I mean what’s to say it wasn’t some big mistake Maybe I could just switch my talent Meanwhile Rumble is trying to keep this motion up after talking to Thunder Lane. Is that his name, sorry I can’t Wonderbolt and tries to convince members of the club to leave citing cutie marks are stupid and they define you but more on that later Everypony wants to know what they’re meant to do! Hmph! Cutie marks are silly and they just force you into one thing your whole life! Witch! Arin! You gotta draw the line somewhere! Arin! you gotta draw the fucking line in the sand, dude! And they sure seem to be having exciting time doing nothing I don’t even know why they even bother to show up to camp that day one by one though the CMC are able to bring Back their campers by enticing them with things they like to do what makes Rumble change his mind is bribing him Don’t look at me like that. That’s what it is They also bring his brother along to have him cooking to show that even if you’re destined to do anything that you can still cook Anyone can cook and I guess the camp after that is still open. I’m still not clear If these kids are charging or like what is happening how can they afford all this stuff if they aren’t like my brain hurts So this is one of the common complaints with the Cutie Mark ID in general like one image on your butt that defines you for All your life, what if you don’t like your cutie mark? Or don’t know what it means. What then? Well, I applaud this episode for finally addressing some of those issues about the whole concept cutie marks , but at the same time It doesn’t really address those problems because in the end as much as Rumble wanted to make his anti cutie mark camp a success he Was only running from his own truth? Which is getting in cutie mark in something that is flying or wonderful eccentric so it’s like this episode had this really great idea But instead of really exploring it. They just kind of write it off as a character flaw of Rumbles I really like this premise, but I think it’s a shame that we don’t really explore it more in a pure way What happened to the pony instead of having an alternate motive just thinks cutie marks are stupid. Maybe even an adult blank flank I’d like to see more stories that explore concepts like this who knows I think we can get some meaningful Commentary out of this subject matter. I don’t know comment below and yell at me what you think and subscribe if you want to That’s all folks except its that time for the ending gag! No way he’s as good as his brother oof! Ow! whoops [Ending theme music]

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  • As for an adult pony with no cutie mark. I think Tempest Shadow from the movie is lacking one due to her growing up outside of equestria.

  • 97chocolatebananas says:

    Isn't it a flaw to be deadset on pursuing something you cant do? Not everyone can become good at something just because they want to.

  • I'm sorry I hate when people say "what if you don't like your mark" or "what if it's not what you're into" because we are anthropromorphizing the this world of mAgic and the concepts there in. Your mark isn't just destiny, chance, or some forced task… it's you, you're reason for existing, what you were made for and what you love and hold dear. I hate that they retconed that and all this shit about not knowing. Why didn't the cmc get their matks before then!? If all you have to do is do it like that rodeo clown guy, miss understand basic concepts of it like a lot of the ones they helped, or not feel drawn to it. This was the rule and it made sense, you are made with a reason and you are happy to do it cuz it's what you enjoy. Honestly I've always believed there was some good or greater force because of all that. I found the concept soothing and beautiful, I'd kill for a cutie mark! The idea I know what I love and are good enough at to make a career of and to know I matter because of it? That's all I'd ever want. Now it's this stupid shit that makes no sense of people arguing an implicit fact, making it some sad ordeal that you are forced to bare. I hate that because it just neither works nor makes sense. Think about it? If that were the case why aren't there real anti cm groups, more people training to get rid of them and make it acceptable, why isnt there fear of that possibility before this with wise philosophers talking about it, why would everyone show how happy they are to do it, if 99.99% looooove their marks and it really want to do what it says…it also leaves an underpinning of the idea that you're a defective if you don't or something's wrong with you

  • Fuzzy Stripetail says:

    Obviously, the cutie mark day camp is able to stay in business due to the finances brought in from Rumble's amazing horseshoe tossing abilities that astonish not only the animated world, but the human world as well.

  • ComicBookMovieGamer says:

    The concept of cutie marks still alludes me, but all I know is if I was a pony I would be happy with any cutie mark I get.

  • Brandon Williams says:

    I will never understand the mass confusion with cutiemarks. It’s something you like, I’m not even sure if it’s physically possible for you to dislike your talent.

  • How the CMC paid for the camp? They did a fund raising campaign during the Fame and Misfortune Episode with the published Journal as a huge PR boost.

  • Thing is a cutie mark is simply a visible representation of a major part of who a pony is (as Luna summed it up once), that also supports/reinforces that aspect. An adult blank flank should be impossible unless said pony never figured out much about themselves.

  • Something that I like about KP's reviews are the clips of another movies and shows that appear.
    I really like this episode.

    Fun Fact: The circle drawings and the cutie mark haiku are related each other.
    It's a reference to somekind of Japanese writing. It's called Enzo.

    Thanks for the review KP.
    Have a good day!

  • Superior123 Productions says:

    The premise is a very logical one that should have had a more powerful lesson and mabye paved a way towards a plot where blank flanks attempt to overthrow the rest of Equestria and start a war where many non-blank flanks join the blanks' cause, but then blank flanks and their allies are driven to extinction and a new law is enacted: If a child doesn't receive a cutie mark by 8 horse years of age then they are to be executed and their parents arrested, as that would fall under child neglect/abuse.

  • This episode actually raised a point I had toward the show, long ago.

    If your mark represent ONE skill. Are all other talents lost to you

  • Daniel F Velazquez says:

    Rumble turned like starlight I still hate her though IF in season 8 she does something that makes her an alicorn I will no longer hate also in in the episode with gabby she was really stupid like super really dumb only ponies can get cutie and Griffins cant's

  • mr100dragon100 draconequiss says:

    to me it's simple you get a cute mark at something your good at even if yo don't like it at first or at least knowing it would help others but it does not mean you have to stop doing everything else

  • I think cutie marks are less forced than you think, yes cutie marks can be misinterpreted, but they're never something a pony doesn't want to do. For example, if Rumble got a cutie mark in something besides flying, it would be in something he actually wants to do. You get a cutie mark when you discover your destiny, and your destiny is something you enjoy doing even into your later years of life.

    I don't know if I explained it right but hopefully you get my point

  • Yeah. I'd like to see an episode where a pony wants to change their cutie mark. But I do notice that cutie marks aren't always tied to their steady jobs.

  • I think a cutie mark just represents something about a pony. It can be a talent but it can also be a character trait. It often seems to influence their future career but not necessarily.

  • TravellingStoryteller says:

    Personally, I don't even get the perspective of one somehow getting a special talent in something they don't like to do. I mean I guess it's possible for someone to have something they are really talented in something they don't like to do, but in my eyes that's not how cutie marks.

    For me, the Cutie Mark is simply a visual expression of something that one enjoys and has a very special talent in.

    Also, I found that argument that a pony be stuck doing just that one thing to be kind of silly as well for the fact it's already been proven multiple times that a pony can be good at many different things. I mean just consider all the many different ways that Pinkie Pie is so talented.

  • to me having a cutie mark seems like having a job (only permanent) and just because it's something you end up doing for the rest of your life doesn't mean you can do other things you enjoy doing during the times you're not doing that one thing

  • I've always figured a cutie mark is more a symbol of WHO you are rather than WHAT you are. There are many ponies whose cutie marks have nothing to do with their profession, but it symbolizes something that defines them personally. It strengthens their innate abilities and reminds them of who they are if they lose their way (as we've seen in prior episodes).

    On another note, whoever did the thumbnail art is a terrible artist and you should never ask him for help again. Man, what a hack!

  • Didn't they kinda do the "cutie mark you don't like" thing in Applousas's Most Wanted and you're kinda just SOL if that happens and you kinda just have to make it work for you?

  • I don't think not getting the cutie mark you wanted would mess up with your plans for the future so much, I mean have you ever seen Sapphire Shores do anything dolphin related? Yeah, me neither…

  • Live young look young says:

    does kp know about the tales of Canterlot high trilogy? Because I think it's fairly new and less know about, but I hope kp can watch it and review it soon.

  • What i think, is that Rarity is a cheating and lying horse! Every pony. EVERY SINGLE ONE. Is ONLY good at their cutie mark. Twilight is good at magic, like her cutie mark. Pinkie Pie is good at parties, like her cutie mark. CMC are good at sticking together, like their cutie marks.

    Rarity, however, is the ONLY pony in the ENTIRE show that has a talent, that is NOT her cutie mark. She has 1 spell for finding gems that she uses 1 time in 1 episode. But her talent and what she is good at is making Dresses.

    Even in this episode, there is a girl that gets a cutie mark in Haiku. But she wants to draw. In the end, she always fails at drawing, and she can not stop speaking in Haiku. Her 'Talent' becomes uncontrollable that she can not stop, and she can not do what she WANTS to do.

    This episode, above any other so far, shows that Cutie Marks are a curse. That Rumble is correct. That you CAN get a cutie mark for anything, and once it infects you, you're infected with it for life and will forever be doing that. Even if you hate it, you won't be able to stop.

  • Anyone remember the days of being pegged that one person in your class who could "do art", or was the math "whiz kid", or was the "major athlete"? I really don't like how K.P swept this under the rug so quickly, but we're not just ponies / people with those cutie marks / tags. We can still pursue what we love, but we can still grow and explore other things, which is what I liked about Thunderling's message. Imagine how one noted your life would be if all you did was "do math", when you can do a mixture of things.

  • in ym fanfic AU, The Rainbow is Magic universe, I addressed this, first by making rarity a proud adult blank flank, and another by making a main villain turn to villainy due to being driven insane by his hatred of his cutie mark

  • I get that the episode is told through the eyes of children, so I'm sort of okay with Rumble being the way he is. But unless Thunderlane doesn't live with Rumble, I don't see a reason why Rumble would have this issue if he's ever seen his brother at home, as his brother could've COOKED the meals Rumble eats.

  • I want to see Tempest in the show, if only to explore Adult Blank Flanks. Because I'm 100% convinced she doesn't have her Cutie Mark.

  • I don't think you can dislike your cutie mark, that problem was already addressed in: Bloom&Gloom by Applejack.
    In my interpretation, you literally can't dislike you cutie mark, and even if that happens destiny will make sure that something happens that WILL change your mind.

  • theprofessionalwizard says:

    This is one of the things I wonder about Zephyr Breeze. What the heck is that guy's Cutie Mark talent? What does a feather on wind marks signify, and how does that play into what he's meant to do with his life? It seems to signify he's good at just floating along, being carried by something else, but eventually Fluttershy puts a stop to that. So has she just forced him to go against his destiny? I need answers, DHX!!

  • Something I think would have helped this episode is if they brought Starlight in to talk to Rumble about her own experience. The two situations are similar enough that I think she'd have some interesting things to say to him.

  • You ask what if you don't like your mark or don't understand it, but that was addressed in Season 5. A cutie mark is a reflection of who you are, you'd have to hate yourself to hate your mark, and that's a counselling issue, not a cutie mark issue. Also, if you don't understand it, or use it improperly, you end up like Trouble Shoes, Diamond Tiara, or Countess Coloratura.

    Bloom and Gloom
    Appleoosa's Most Wanted
    Crusaders of the Lost Mark
    The Mane Attraction

  • Cutie Marks don’t give you a job. Rarity got her cutie mark for finding gems not making costumes, Rarity’s cutiemark basically means she is a geologist, yet she isn’t.

  • brigidtheirish says:

    Um, the "what if I don't like my cutie mark" question was addressed in Bloom and Gloom. Remember all those nightmares Applebloom had and the talk with Luna? Not liking your cutie mark is the same as not liking yourself. It's a representation of not only your destiny and special talent, but of who you are as a pony.

    Take Kettle Corn's cutie mark, for instance. It's about haiku but she likes circle painting. It's not obvious to those unfamiliar with haiku, but the two are connected. Specifically, the circle paintings are enso, circles drawn in one or two uninhibited brushstrokes to express when the mind is free to let the body create. Haiku can also be written in a circular format with no clear beginning or end. So she may have a career in writing, or she may paint sumi-e with haiku integrated into the piece. Or maybe she'll be a calligrapher. There are lots of possibilities.

  • Sapphire Shores was an adult blank flank, unless that was just an animation error. Celestia and Luna, according to the journal of the two sisters, didn't get their cutie marks until they were adults.

    As to not liking your special talent. That's pretty much impossible, since your special talent isn't necessarily what you're good at (though it does seem to work out that way), but what you love and enjoy most in your life. If you aren't happy using your special talent then you either don't properly understand it (Trouble Shoes) or you're not using correctly (Diamond Tiara). It doesn't define you, you define it, so by definition it can't be wrong for you.

  • Buttercupkat Productions says:

    Sorry, but I can't cook, if I do, I might burn down the house again cuz I got to aggressive! 💸 Or was that Undyne..? 🍳 Nevermind… 🔤

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