6 thoughts on “My Fun Life review? MyFunLife reviews never tell you…”

  • That's the beauty of the new pay plan, you don't need to sponsor hundreds to make rank.  You just need to sign up 3 and help them do the same.  http://bribahner.myfunlife.com

  • Unfortunately Myfunlife changed the compensation plan recently, so we had to move our team to a new company. In Myfunlife we had a program at 21$, then they increased it to 25$. It was offering discounts to Condos all around the world. It was a very good idea… but unfortunately something went wrong. Thanks to our quick actions we moved to a company that offers similar 3×8 compensation plan, with 28$/month subscription but it offers discounts to EVERYTHING. It's in prelaunch for the next 1 month so if anybody was a previous Myfunlife distributor you will go crazy on what you can do with Olympic Idea. Search for it and skype me if you wanna learn more. My skype: mike.mingos

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