MTB Ride with BKXC & The Singletrack Sampler  – RWS EP15

MTB Ride with BKXC & The Singletrack Sampler – RWS EP15

For the last week, my friends Brian and Alexander
have been in town as part of their road trip across the US. I couldn’t be happier to ride with them
again, and today that’s exactly what we’ll be doing. First, Alex needs to make some repairs to
his bike. His dropper post has had a mind of its own,
and his suspension fork needs volume reducers. The trail we’re riding today is a classic
Pisgah ride that you may have seen recently on Skills with Phil—Heartbreak ridge. The climb involves a lot of huffing, puffing,
and watching Brian recede into the distance. For
part of the year you can’t climb the Old Toll Road because there’s hunting going
on, but on this perfect June morning we’re the only ones out here. You may remember Alexander and Brian from
my Moab trip, and again from Bentonville. It was during that trip that Alex dislocated
his shoulder. His road trip with Brian was over, but they
vowed for redemption. After months of healing, Alex and Brian are
back on the road to finish what they started. They’re calling the trip Redemption 17,
and you can follow it in the link below. Anyway, Alex is eager to take the front and
ride this trail for the first time. Last time I rode Heartbreak ridge I was warned
about this patch of off camber roots and tight row of trees. This time, it’s me warning Alex about it. I hope they never repair this outsloped switchback. Just by looking at the fresh dirt, you can
see how regularly riders wash out here, but video doesn’t do it justice. It’s in a low speed section without any
hazardous rocks, so it just ends up being perfectly hilarious and challenging. For us, this ride ended with a train track
crossing and a short ride back to the Old Fort Picnic area. There were some falls, some mechanicals, and
some hostile wildlife encounters. When you ride into the woods with your friends,
that’s what you’re signing up for. Where are you riding this weekend? Are you bringing friends along or do you like
to ride solo? Leave a comment. Thanks for riding with us today and I’ll
see you next time.

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