Montreal Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Montreal Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Montreal is located in the middle of the St. Lawrence river in southwest Quebec. It is Canada’s second largest city and has the largest population of French speakers
outside of Paris. Montreal is a Canadian city with a French
soul, a big heart and a very hip attitude. A city that enchants visitors with an old-world
charm and an unpretentious love of good food and
festivals. The first Europeans to arrive here were from France and while the British later
claimed ownership, an elegant sophistication lingers like a perfume. Order un cafe, stroll the cobblestone streets of the Old City and soak up the history and
architecture of the area. Some of the buildings here date back to the
17th century, making it one of the oldest urban areas in
North America. The Old City is also a great place to discover
Montreal’s famous food scene. Visit one of the intimate bistros here and
order Poutine the locals love it. Or, follow your nose to one of the city’s
many wood fired ovens and try a real Montreal bagel. Walk off the delicious food with a stroll
around Place Jacques-Cartier, named after the intrepid explorer who claimed
Canada for France. When Mark Twain visited Montreal in the 19th
century he nicknamed it the “The City of a Hundred
Bell Towers.” The city’s churches are simply magnificent, especially the Christ Church Cathedral, the Josephs Oratory and the Notre Dame Basilica. But amidst all this history, Montreal is also
thoroughly hip. The city hosts more than 100 festivals throughout
the year but even if you happen to be here between
events, there is always something cool going on. Head to the Quartier Latin, popular for its artistic atmosphere, cafes
and clubs. Or visit Le Village on Saint Catherine Street
East which closes to cars in summer, making it
a great place to party. Another great area is Plateau Mont-Royal where you’ll discover groovy boutiques, funky cafes and colourful murals. For art of a different kind, head downtown to the the Golden Square Mile
and the Montreal Museum of Fine Art. Like Montreal itself, this museum combines
the old and new with great èlan. Admire exquisite works of the great masters as well as an impressive collection of local
and international contemporary art. In Montreal, even Mother Nature is chic. Get outside and enjoy the city the way Montrealers
do with a hike up Mont-royal, the 764 foot green jewel that rises from the
downtown area and gave the city its name. Or, discover the Montreal biodome, where five of the most beautiful ecosystems
in America have been recreated in what was once the olympic
velodrome. For more jewel-like color, visit the Montreal
Insectrium the largest insect museum in North America. Right next door is the Montreal Botanical
Garden. Stroll amongst the tranquil ponds in the Japanese
Zen garden. Experience the principles of yin and yang
in the Chinese Garden And of course, you can’t leave town without
a trip to La Ronde, the city’s beloved amusement park. Take a flume ride or brave one of the heart-stopping
roller coasters with names like Le Vampire and the Cobra. As the sun sets on your adventures, head back downtown and discover Montreal after
dark. Enjoy cool jazz, smoky blues or wind down with something a little more
quirky. European…Canadian….traditional…. cutting edge. Montreal is all of these things
but it is also so much more. With its french past and funky present, Montreal is a city with a certain je ne sais
quoi. A flavour and a feeling that is hard to define
but very easy to love.

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  • Dinesh Gunathilaka says:

    Hi there.I Planed to move to Montreal.I am from Sri Lanka.
    Is that a good decision? "no opportunities other" is that true?. "here is racism everywhere " is that true? please help me find true story about Montreal

  • Now, I don't know if you guys know anything about Canadians so let me tell you about Canadians. Canadians are liars, okay? Ever single Canadian I have ever met is a fucking liar. And they lie for no reason whatsoever. Now, don't get me wrong, they'll fucking tell you any number of epic unbelievably elaborate lies to separate you from your money and they will do it constantly. But they will also lie about stuff they don't have to lie about. Like if you asked one, What did you buy at the store? They'd tell you Oh, I bought some lettuce even though they bought carrots. That's the kind of people we're dealing with here.

  • We were vacationing 3 days in Montreal. It is a nice place to visit in Canada. There are lots of places to be checked, but there are two things about the city: be aware of parking, it is a tourist trap if you did not live in Montreal, since you can not come back to fight for your injustified parking violation there (they would never care if their agents made a mistake). Secondly, there are mixtures between old architechures and new ones, it should be kept in seperate zones like European countries.

  • Montréal propose deux types de cuisine: la poutine et un authentique bagel. Son métro est très efficace et possède plusieurs points de repère, notamment le mont Royal, le centre Bell et l'aéroport international Pierre Trudeau.

  • I just made a short one minute vlog from my trip to Montreal and it was beautiful. The culture and people are friendly and I am from Toronto so this place was like Europe

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  • only Manhattan and Montreal have that cool historic vibe – every other city in North America is a hogtown a la Toronto

  • Jackson's Travels says:

    These videos are so informative and I love it! They give me such a great guide before my travels to think about content and where I want to go with it!

  • I was in Montreal this year and is MAGIC, is like a small Europe in Canada, I made this video from my trip:

  • A Canadian city with a French twist. North America and France spent the night together and conceived a beautiful city named………Montreal.

  • This was really informative! I recently went to Montreal and made a travel video as well 🙂 check it out if you want <3

  • 🇮🇹❤️🇮🇹❤️🇨🇦❤️🇨🇦❤️City very clean, like all Canada, beautiful country and city. Great respect and admiration, from Rome.

  • If you ever have questions about the city I will answer you in both languages, french and english

    si vous avez des questions sur la ville, je vous répondrai dans les deux langues, français et anglais

  • Discovering Destinations says:

    Montreal … my hometown from the past 12 years! Great city to live! Cold and dark during winter, but with the underground city to scape! Fun and colourful during Summer and Fall. Great video!

  • ProTips:
    1. Don't visit in the winter (late November-late February).
    2. Don't visit during construction season (google it, as its always changing, also the city is run by Italian Construction mobs so don't be surprised if you see random streets closed off for no reason with no work being done)
    3. Get an OPUS card and use the Metro system, its cheaper compared to regular fares, if you're going to be staying within the island its sometimes faster to take metro than a car.
    4. There are really good food outside the tourist areas, go to St Denis street, rue Notre-Dame-Ouest, Gay Village or Griffintown.
    5. Don't spend money unnecessarily, you're here to see the city, not to do/buy stuff you could in your own city. There is always something going on, go to the free stuff too.

  • I prefer Montréal wayyy more than Paris its so beautiful with hints of north American life looks amazing love it and love esp old port area

  • Mtcservice2015 Mtcservice says:

    it looks really great ! after reading about it here and seeing ure video i will defenetly go 🙂 thnks for the work

  • Patriot 1776 says:

    It’s the city I’ve fallen in love with, it’s the city you’ll fall in love with too! Welcome to Montreal! – Bienvenue à Montreal!

  • Sania Hussain says:

    I just came back for a week vacation in Montréal… absolutely incredible. I highly recommend staying in old town, where you will be walking distance to the square and also the pier. An absolutely stunning city with so much culture and magic

  • My favorite country and my favorite city Canada and Montreal. I wished to live there from childhood n hope to reach there one day n get the citizenship. I really love Canada.

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