Midwest Riverfront Adventures | Visit Fort Wayne, Indiana

As you walk over the bridge and you walk
into the treetops area you see it’s just like you’re in a different place
completely. There’s just a lot of energy a lot of fun going on downtown now. This
park I think is great specifically because you have things for the adults
you’ve got the benches but then for the kids you have the creek area that
is just so fun for them and then you also have the playground across the
bridge which when my kids came the first time they were in love with it and
they’ve been begging to come back ever since. What many people don’t think of when they think of Fort Wayne they just think no
that’s somewhere in between Indy and Michigan but they don’t really think
about us as a destination but it really is, and it’s grown to be. It’s
incredible there’s a lot of energy in the city now and tons of people that
we’ve never seen before downtown and enjoying all the great things that we
have. Anything related to water just instantly draws children.
I think if you’re looking for a family-friendly budget-friendly
fun vacation for your family a little time away to just enjoy each other and
enjoy a city that’s on the rise then this is the place to be. Every weekend we
come down here on our date night we find something new that has opened some new
place some new restaurant whether it be shopping, entertainment, festivals, minor
league sports there’s just something to do at every different block if you will.

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