Michio Kaku forecasts the future of space travel

Michio Kaku forecasts the future of space travel

During the first golden era of space exploration,
we went to the moon. Then we sort of dropped the ball. For 50 years, we’ve been basically spinning
wheels around the planet Earth. However, now we have the infusion of funds
from Silicon Valley billionaires. We have new energies, new strategies, new
plans to go back into outer space. New parties have entered into the game. And so I say we’re entering the second Well,
some people are a little bit hesitant to pass the baton to private enterprise. Because, of course, private enterprise is,
well, for a profit, by definition, not to mention the fact that there are egos involved. And some people like to go back to the old
days of NASA. The problem is space travel is potentially
very expensive, especially the way governments do space travel. Because $10,000 to put a pound of anything
into orbit around the planet Earth, just $10,000 to put a book going around the planet Earth
in outer space. That’s why we need to have an infusion of
public and private funds. And that’s where Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and
Google billionaires come into the picture. And of course, let’s be honest about it. They’re not in it to just wave the American
flag. They’re in it for a profit. They’re in it for ego. Also, they’re in it for a vision. And that’s what’s different. You see, you back in the 1960s, the vision
was beat the Russians, beat the Russians. That was our vision. Well, we did it. We scored a touchdown, and we took our football
and went home. Now we have a new vision. First of all, Elon Musk read Isaac Asimov’s
Foundation series, as I did as a child, and was thrilled by the idea of creating a multi-planet
civilization, a civilization that spans the galaxies. Because, of course, you have to realize that
the dinosaurs did not have a space program. That’s why there are no dinosaurs in this
room right now. How could there are not any dinosaurs here? Because they didn’t have a space program. And that’s why Elon Musk wants to create a
space-faring canvas. And then we have Jeff Bezos of Amazon. He has a vision too. Heavy industry goes into outer space. Pollution goes into outer space, while the
earth is kept as a part, as a celestial garden, as a jewel in the heavens. So he has a vision. Now, NASA, of course, today, unfortunately,
has no vision. And of course, you can’t expect any more,
because, of course, they are publicly funded. They have tremendous amounts of bureaucracy
to take care of, many regulations to obey. And that’s why the SLS booster rocket is already
way over budget Has so many cost overruns that it may never fly at all.

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  • NASA does not have the right leadership. Government can be effective in reducing costs for projects yet the funding has been reduced by our current president to enact these goals.

  • How could NASA get us through travel in space in a square with no edges and a gravitational field calculated as flat parallel lines with no center???

    If the geometrical shape of space is flat with no curvature, then where is the curvature of time space in the gravitational field????


    Parallel circles with infinite curvature=Accelerated expansion with flat parallel lines in the interior and a singularity at the center of the universe.


  • Agree. Private and public enterprise must cooperate. There is no good or bad. They need to work together to get this done. I'm super excited with thia new space era 🙂

  • Well it's obvious why billionaires will get us spacefaring before NASA because the government doesn't want to spend its money on space exploration the government would rather spend its money on the military industrial complex so they can go take over countries that haven't done anything to us and take their oil for big American corporations so thoes corporations will donate more money to the politicians

  • Billionaires are not inviting us. The only ones escaping this destroyed planet will be the very rich. The rest of us will be left on a broken world.

  • The fantasy of humans living in space like on the Movie 2001 A Space Odyssey is and will be science fiction for some generations to come. When we become AI then we will be able to live in space. But only till then.

  • Billionaires have been beating around the bush for the last 20 years developing the same capability we had for almost 50 years just cheaper, trump out of all people sneezes out "nasa" and "back to the moon" in the same sentence and things are getting fucking done… i feel the statements in this talk are just objectively wrong.

  • Uhohhotdog Gaming says:

    Sorry but wrong. What governments need to do is put more of a priority on reducing costs which is what private business does. Right now they just have no incentive to do so and if failures happen government officials over react while private sector failures are shrugged off.

  • Mister Nobody says:

    Well, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos have the right idea but going at it separately isn't efficient and NASA has lots of resources and staff with tech, same with the Russians, Chinese and Indians…hmm okay.

    [Sidenote to self: it's time we centralize our info, tech and infrastructure]

    Hmmm, Maybe I was wrong to pick a fight with all the billionaires.

    What y'all need is a Captain, your first Space Captain, like Kirk lol…think about it, if yall venture into space, let's say Mars, with the current technology, it would take roughly 5 years, to get there. That's a lot time to be in space, talk about fuel, food, water, not to mention conflicts that may arise within the crew, mutiny, fires etc

    Well, I'm your guy, as a nerd, lover of science and King of the Seven Kingdoms, count me in. I like doing shit for my ego too. But if we do this, We can't afford mistakes on this one.

    Bezos, Musk your bill is 2 million dollars each for the consultation.

    If you want me to be your Captain, I can plan and lead the expedition for a to and fro trip, but for that, the consultation bill will be roughly, lemme see, 100 million dollars.

    It is feasible, I can do it, in 5 years, to and fro. The question is, how bad do you want it? For people to go to Mars and live to tell the tale, eh Michio Kaku? In your lifetime hehe Don't worry, I'll bring my katana, any opposition from the Marsians and they will be first alien life to witness unlimited blade works in action!

  • Gajanan Nigade says:

    Define "us" Michio.
    There are 7.5+ billion people on this planet. A significant portion is struggling to make their next meal. Unless some of them are volunteering to be the metaphorical lab rats, they're not going to see this beautiful future on Mars that the billionaires are marketing.
    These @#£#&#s have enough to actually bring about a positive change but they're too busy jerking off to their own reflections in the mirror.

    I really respect you as a physicist. I understand the passion that these subjects bring out of you. But when it comes to evaluating social issues of philosophical topics, I'll keep my reservations.
    Let's face it. It's a dream of handful of people for various reasons. The one's who can't afford to dream are not even in any of the discussions.

    And that was my rant.

  • What's the element they need on another planet that is going to run out here from over mining the planet natural resources? billionaire bs, they're going to make a profit. A jewel, please Michio.

  • trabur metaheap says:

    0:12 "for 50 years we have been basically spinning wheels around the planet earth". Space exploration won't just be about going up and out. Try getting some traction on those spinning wheels and maybe you'll find Earth is not that bad after all. I'd recommend a car over a bike or scooter for you.

  • Billionaires are not inviting us. The only ones escaping this destroyed planet will be the very rich. The rest of us will be left on a burning world.

  • I think there is more frustration and hope in his wisdom here than is becoming of a true scientist. Embarrassing. He mentions two of the most prominent private space industry enthusiasts without even considering the vacuum that will be left with when they pass. Do you believe the CEOs left holding the bag will return their salaries and make the same sacrifice these men made (which of course is only possible from the fortunes they have had in other industries)? The lofty goals of these men are wonderful, don’t get me wrong. But you are penalizing a small government organization that didn’t betray the trust of the people- the people betrayed the trust of the organization. Don’t you know who largely funds the efforts of these billionaires? Not only in money but technical support? How can you be so ill informed? Again, it’s not their visions that are going to fuel man’s true ascensions to space, it’s the military advantage of high ground that will truly lead us there (unfortunately), as is how the story originally began in the first place.

  • He said a lot of words, but he didn't make an argument. He detailed more or less the status quo today, but gave no explanation as to why it is the way it is, or why it couldn't be changed in order for government to repeat its space race triumphs. He gave zero arguments to quell the legitimate concerns people have about private ownership of space.This was a very weak effort to explain, justify, or inspire. It was just free market dogma that has been said a million times in a million different context with nothing to do with space.

  • siegfried greding says:

    Elon musk Jeff bezos and tech Giants of Google . great the world's largest sociopath that steal the wealth of our people and their workers Michio Kaku you greatly disappoint me. You have to remember by the late seventies private property owners aka the rich had taken over the American government and they didn't care about space travel for the sake of science they wanted to make money. and ever since then we've been under a mass wave of privatization privatization and privatization. Take the power away from the people who actually make all this great technology of our civilization.

  • Billionaires will get themselves there using the cheapest possible methods, destroying the planet and leaving a shell of trash in orbit stranding everyone who can't afford their tickets in time; condemning them to almost certain extinction. If they don't spark a global catastrophe in the mean time that wipes us out first. Then nobody gets to die in space like rats in that floating plastic box.

  • I think Michio was a little too harsh on NASA here. Plenty you can criticise, but they're still the "Grandaddys" of space, know their stuff and have a mountain of expertise. Correct me if I'm wrong, but NASA is still the only organisation that has successfully landed a payload on the surface of mars, which Elon Musk has said is INCREDIBLY hard. It's beside the point to pitch SpaceX against NASA, since they have similar goals and are usually working together, not really competing. SpaceX is great, Blue Origin great, NASA great. If NASA can use some of its money more efficiently by contracting out to these private companies, everybody wins.

  • Daniel Harbor says:

    Why don't we instead implement a top marginal tax rate of 100% for everything over a billion dollars and fund a robust space program in addition to publicly funded healthcare, college, and a plethora of programs for the public good? No one person should have enough wealth to have his own space program.

  • Science Revolution says:

    Theoretical physics is totally fucked up since Einstein's relativity became mainstream.

    Science became a religion, relativity, quantum mechanics, string theory, the standard model, the big bang theory and cosmology are all based on imaginary made up word puzzles, impossible assumptions, misinterpretations, and false mathematical equations. No theory is based on fact and logic, no theory has a precise mechanism, cause and effect explained.

    There is no such thing in reality as photon particle, quantum state, quantum energy, quantum field, quantum gravity, energy level, electron shell, electron-hole, electron cloud, wave-particle duality, wave function collapse, uncertainty principle, black hole, dark matter, dark energy, graviton, virtual particle, space-time, time dilation, gravitational lensing, quantum entanglement and photoelectric effect. Space cannot tell matter how to move, the matter cannot tell space how to curve, there is no fabric of space-time, no ripples of gravity wave in vacuum space.

    For example, time dilation is a misinterpretation of timers reading charged at a different speed, gravity or temperature. Put the same clocks in the Sun, Mars, earth, flying plan and freezer for 24 hours, every clock will have a different reading but all spent the same 24 hours.

    Gravitational lensing is a misinterpretation of the hot gas on the Sun deflected light, not gravity.

    Quantum entanglement is a misinterpretation of Coulomb's force at work. All lines of sight charged particles are connected by F=Ke x PQ/R^2, therefore, act as entangled.

    No theory, no scientist can explain how 1 electron and 1 proton can form into a stable hydrogen atom yet. Look at the pictures of the hydrogen atom, what do you see?

    The standard model is absolutely incorrect, fusion is impossible and imaginary, the stars are not fusion reactors. That's why scientists wasted 80 years and lots of money to research and develop fusion without any success.

    Scientists don't know exactly what is energy yet. How could E=MC^2 be correct?

    What is energy?

    Energy is an electrostatic motive force carried by moving matter and vibrating electrons/atoms.

    Energy must coexist with the matter. Therefore there is no light wave, no photon particle traveling in space at light speed. All theories based on light speed in vacuum space is C are mistaken.

    All energy comes from atom formation. Oppositely charged particles attract each other and same charged particles repel each other to form an atom, atom carried charged particles kinetic energy and constantly vibrating.

    It is important to realize that in physics today, we have no knowledge of what energy is. We do not have a picture that energy comes in little blobs of a definite amount. It is not that way. -Feynman

    All these fifty years of conscious brooding have brought me no nearer to the answer to the question, 'What are light quanta?' Nowadays every Tom, D i c k and Harry thinks he knows it, but he is mistaken. – Einstein

  • TheScholar74 says:

    How is someone so smart so naive? They aren't taking us anywhere. They are going to a Mars or Moon colony and leave us here to die from the mess they caused and fought against fixing.

  • hyou zan ren says:

    ….? Not if the goverment is like China! They take soo much advancement thanks to their goverment efforts to reach the space!

  • Deep Ashtray says:

    They're in it in no small part because the future of this planet is fucked and they don't want anything to interrupt their standard of living.

  • Matthias Brumbaugh says:

    Okay, but lets all make an effort to prevent an Exxon Valdez like situation from happening in space please?

  • asleepyinsomnia says:

    the 'vision' is just to sell to the public. the actual billionaire plan is to use up all of earth's resources to be able to live on mars, and then leave to mars. if billionaires actually wanted to 'fix' earth, there would already be major steps to this. michio is right, they are out for a profit, but more than that they are out so they have a first class ticket to mars if earth gets fucked up before the fix. i think we all watched enough sci-fi to know what happens when corporations and industries inhabit space first.

  • We haven't been beyond the Moon for almost the last 50 years because it's too frickin Hard! For reasons to technical to explain, Human beings aren't designed for Space existence. We shouldn't be messing with the concept of space colonization for 10 million years.

  • joebloggsgogglebox says:

    They need to tax the carbon emissions due to rocket fuel production, otherwise we're all in serious trouble.

  • As good a physicist as Michi Kaku is, his social takes are always hot garbage. We shouldn't have to have thieving lazy billionaires run our space programs for us. Eat the rich, lets have our own space program.

  • When economics enters a field like space exploration it inevitably loses many of the sensible restraints that are placed upon it when it's managed by a sensible government oversight. The egos, avarice, get things done at minimum cost or irrespective of any damage, that may eventuate are set loose and it's disappointing that someone like Michio Kaku doesn't raise red flags about this very real possibility. The Profit motive is a valid motive – I don't deny that, but there have been too many instances historically where its control/regulation has been dismal, eaten by corruption or used as a tool for some megalomaniac adventure, causing untold damage.

    To me, with the controls – or more appropriately, lack of controls – we have over the excesses of the acknowledged drivers of free enterprise and the profit motive and corruption, the transfer of space exploration to free enterprise will turn into space exploitation and I would challenge any of the entrepreneurs to display a viable and comprehensive understanding, foresight or vision of the consequences of that exploitation. The reason for this is that Profit is for the short term – Exploration is for the long term.

    As for Elon Musk and others like him having their visions, how realistic is it for entrepreneurs to have such all encompassing views for the whole of humanity? I think that this is somewhat naive of Michio Kaku. I have much admiration for Michio, but this has left me disappointed.

  • punyo nobing says:

    Actually NASA had their time to improve rocket systems to make reusable rockets but they didn't, they used all funding to make more expensive rockets. It's because of their ego.

  • James Cooper says:

    I like Michio, but he is so outta touch. He's right about the money, but the Billionaire$ vision will get us killed or enslaved.

  • Sallie Skakel says:

    Michio, anyone living on the surface of Mars would die of cancer in short order, due to radiation. Mars has no ionosphere. The idea of colonizing Mars is boobishly fatuous. Michio, you're smarter than that, aren't you? Aren't you? Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, that Virgin Air guy… they're all fools, completely out of touch with reality. They could be using their money to slow down climate change, but they would rather be Space Cadets. It's so juvenile, it's embarrassing. And you, Michio Kaku, are their cheerleader.

  • Beaullah Lothbrok says:

    They are forgetting one thing…… Jehovah God…..his will his plan …his universe of whom he is the master…..

  • Your illuminati overlords who are telling u what to say mr.kaku are failing.

    Try what u may ur little rockets will fail because mother earth n her children are rising.

    You want to escape the earth while billions here die in a nuclear winter so that u can come to earth like fallen angels and resurrect the much awaited new world order u people have got in ur mind.

    Undoubtedly people like u are droids n have sold ur souls to the devil.

    The time is squeezing the devil n his "beautiful" garden of eden is falling apart.

    Watch ur breath.
    The Son will Rise 💐
    Love 💐

  • government enterprises are big fat inefficient wastes of money. private enterprise will always get the job done and done better. it's why socialism sucks and free market capitalism doesn't.

  • My theory:
    These billionaires are looking for new sources of fuels in space; particularly on Mars and/or the moon. Imagine how much more rich they would be if they own and control new sources of fuels that can be brought back to earth to sell all over the world.

  • The future is Unity says:

    Why the need for NASA when you have private companies doing it, and when they are done with it, the tech belongs to the government anyway.

  • Dr.Kaku is back with a bang.I like listening to such a great physicist,I feel inspired.Great love from Kenya.

  • In the simplest way possible very few people on this earth think of humanity as a species. Elon Musk being one of those people. He intends to use his power and push humanity into the actual “space age”

  • Dr. Kaku..

    We will make sure you see us become multi planet before you leave us.

    Thank you for everything, friend.

  • There wouldn't be billionaires with rockets without NASA's foundational work. Typical profiteering by private sources of the results of decades of investment of public money. Not my argument but Noam Chomsky's. Same deal as computers, automation, air travel, etc.

  • If billionaires want to waste their money they got by getting huge tax breaks from the government which is actually OUR money, by cheating their employees out of a living wage, creating useless junk that can't be fixed or recycled or by creating a world where there's no jobs for people cause they've been replaced by robots – what the hell, right? Our people, our society, our world is funding this idiocy. Blow money flying in space for what purpose? Until these ninnies can create a way to MAKE air and water – we CANNOT SURVIVE THERE. Got it? Do the work necessary first. Then travel when you've done that. (What a bunch of dumbasses!)

  • This is bullshit the public sector always takes much more risk then the private one. The problem is that NASA cant do much with that bullshit 20B budget. Allocate money from the military industrial complex to Nasa and see what innovations will vome from it

  • Kitty McRatSlayer says:

    “When deep space exploration ramps up, it'll be the corporations that name everything, the IBM Stellar Sphere, the Microsoft Galaxy, Planet Starbucks.”

  • Chance Robinson says:

    The technology to go to the moon, land safely, broadcast yourself, and return safely, did NOT EXIST in 1969 and does not exist today. There IS a dinosaur in the room Michio, pick up a mirror! That's as nicely as I can say it!

  • Celtic Revival / Adfywiad Celtaidd says:

    Should their be more democracy around how billionaires….especially inherited billionaries who got rich through land and assets…spend their vast wealth.
    Duke of Westminster son is only rich due to his family destroying Scottish rebels

  • Jerome Taperman says:

    It is the natural order of things that government does big, expensive projects first and then industry takes over. I remember when I was young noting that most other countries had one national government run airline while the USA had many airlines, none run by the government.

  • I don't agree with this. Without Goverment or Public support if something happens to these Billionaires, there is literally NO ONE to move their projects forward. To have such valuable Humanity endeavours in the hand of a few is a mistake. These are projects that will take decades (if not more), so this has to be in the hands of the People.

  • Rodney Carpluk says:

    Ok big fan of professor Kaku. For most of his work. But its concerning that the plan to make a Multi planet species will make a different species…this topic is very important…

  • Rodney Carpluk says:

    Its a very large concern that plan s to do space travel are not having more work on things like faster travel, better radiation shielding and motion and gravity dampeners…becuase with out those its not safe or healthy space travel and things like making different species will happen…likely less healthy…and the human species likely won't survive, unless Earth's climate is helped, and people can live on Earth, or if there are space stations with artfical gravity on them very similar to Earth's…so even if humans can make colonies on Mars, and the Earth is rendered inhabitable…with out the Earth or space stations or ship s with artifical gravity similar to Earths then in the best case scenario humans will not endure…

  • Dante Lectro says:

    Billionaires can't even run companies ethically. What makes anyone think they're gonna do better at running space colonies? https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/3k3kwb/jeff-bezos-is-a-post-earth-capitalist

  • ..without Nasa and the government money these billionaires wouldn't have a chance. they r still crying government giveaways..

  • Private companies are happy to send satellites up into orbit for a decent profit, but there's nobody on the moon to sell anything to, so don't expect them to do much beyond clogging low earth orbit in an impenetrable cloud of debris from defunct cheaply made satellites that traps our species on the surface for several thousand years. But until those satellites start crashing into one another, enjoy 5G I guess.

  • Jan Williams says:

    The reason to go into space is the same as it ever has been — money and technological advancement. It is also the ultimate high ground for any country's military. The long term reason again is the same as it has always been, the survival of the human race. Life on Earth isn't forever.

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