MASTI Time @ BIGG BOSS | Children’s Day Special |  #BiggBoss13 #Travel #Peppapig #DIML #MyMissAnand

MASTI Time @ BIGG BOSS | Children’s Day Special | #BiggBoss13 #Travel #Peppapig #DIML #MyMissAnand

I am going to get into Biggboss house And going to meet guests If you do find it interesting then hit likes Let’s keep new target of 3,00,000 likes Good Morning guys And we are doing swimming Let’s start morning with swimming And the pool is so awesome that I an willing to try it This pool is so interesting But my height is somewhat bigger for the pool My Favourite ice-cream Because my brother says: That coke is not good…ice-cream is good thats why I am fond of ice-cream Now I am ready to go for Niclodean’s #khul k bolo event And there we will have fun with the characters of Niclodean I am so excited So let’s move Don’t delay cameraman…Come fast This fountain is so amazing The fountain water is recycling And where are you going now? You even don’t know So we are here in the set up of biggboss And I am here with Samreen didi And here we are going to rock And I am so excited for it Areyou going to get into biggboss house Don’t know.. Or you are going to get out off the house No idea… Every thing is surprise We are so excited And i am a big fan..Even you too Right? We are just thinking to enter inside Are you excited to get inside or to meet Salmaan Khan? For Both And If you have only one option then? Will enter inside house…because after that salmaan… He is sitting for you only… Myself Gurmeet chaudhary..And your name? And I am in Biggboss set and is here with Gurmeet sir I am great fan of her As it’s Children’s day and you are in the set of colors So I will ask you few questions related to children’s day Will surely ask?…So I am coming after a while okay! Which character in the biggboss is kidish except sana? I need Audience Poll sana…is.. One of the kid said Bhau Kids are true to mind Who said? It’s Question Kids are true minded..But what happens when they grow? They become raw then I feel very bad of being grown up..Thought why I grew up so early? In childhood we get lot’s of fun to do But we get duties when we grow In childhood we enjoy a lot Like I feel like a kid with you Would you like to enter into the biggboss house? And If yes then why? I definitely would not like to go in

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