Mass. Ballot Question On Recreational Marijuana, Explained

Massachusetts will be one of five states to vote November 8th on legalizing marijuana. Here, it’s Question 4. A yes vote means you support making marijuana legal for adults aged 21 and older. A no vote means you want marijuana to remain illegal for recreational use. If Question 4 passes, stores could open in early 2018 in any city or town, unless voters approve a ban during a municipal election. Supporters say it’s time to tax and regulate marijuana the way we do alcohol. They say marijuana laws are used to target too many young people of color. Opponents say making cannabis legal would give children easier access. They say it would be difficult to police, especially among drivers, and they say the proposed tax rate of 12% is too low. This question is not about medical marijuana which Massachusetts allows. Your vote on Question 4 will not change that.

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